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    My brother reduced his tenant's rent and made her sleep with him as compensation.

    So my brother recently developed his basement and rented it out to a girl and her younger brother. She's 18 years old and her brother is only 11. Their parents died last year because of a drunk driver. The girl is very friendly, intelligent and attractive. Her brother is a good kid as well. Both of them were raised very well. She just graduated from high school and was planning on going to university. She was actually accepted into McGill University right before her parents died. She decided to put that aside and just work for now because of financial reasons. She's currently supporting both herself and her younger brother (he's in grade 6 right now).

    So my brother is 29 and works as a chemical engineer. His own financial situation is great and so he decided to reduce the girl's rent if she were to do some "favours" for him. He agreed to reduce her rent by 60% if she slept with him once a week. I wasn't there when he asked her this but from what my brother told me, she was very reluctant. She's a very sweet young girl who doesn't approach sex casually. Eventually she agreed to doing this because of her financial difficulties.

    My brother just told me this yesterday. He says its been going on for the last month and he doesn't plan on stopping. He apparently enjoys his time with her but I don't think that feeling is reciprocated. I noticed that recently, she has been feeling very uncomfortable around my brother. Whenever they are in the same room, she doesn't look at him and appears very nervous and awkward.

    I can't help but feel bad for her. As I said, she's a very nice young girl and has gone through alot in the past year. Having to stay strong for her brother after her parents died must have been really difficult. Having to sleep with my brother who isn't exactly an attractive guy (He's almost 300 pounds and hasn't had a girlfriend in his life) must take alot of strength as well. My brother thinks that he's doing her a favour by taking her rent down so much. I don't really know what to feel about this. Should I just back off and let them continue on with this?

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    That poor girl =/
    I hope she will be able turn her life around, go back to university and go on to great things.

    Your brother is an immoral and unethical douchebag preying on the vulnerable. You know in your heart that what he's doing is wrong, or you wouldn't be on here. Talk to him about it, and see if you can help her out directly.
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    Thats pretty fucked up.

    Poor kid.

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    Your brother is a piece of shit. See if you can help her find some other place to stay.
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    Thats pretty messed up honestly...

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    Wow, man. You basically have a sexual predator for a brother. That's... unpleasant.
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    That poor girl =/
    I hope she will be able turn her life around, go back to university and go on to great things.

    Your brother is an immoral and unethical douchebag preying on the vulnerable. You know in your heart that what he's doing is wrong, or you wouldn't be on here. Talk to him about it.
    This is good advice. Take it and run with it.

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    beat some sense into him, literally

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    What you've got here would, in the Netherlands, be illegal exploitation, with sexual abuse and coercion to back it up. One could even take the stance that this is forced illegal prostitution with a side dish of indentured sex slavery. (You're (probably) not in the Netherlands, but I'm painting you a picture of what this looks like, legally, in a country where prostitution is actually considered an official and fully legal profession)
    Basically, she doesn't have a choice. Everywhere else, living space is more expensive. She needs the money because she has nobody to fall back on, and has to take care of her little brother. He's not doing her any favours; he's destroying her, and probably without his noticing. Again: She doesn't have a choice. Either she has regular sex with your brother, or she's out on the streets.

    So... Yeah; you might want to address this.

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    Your brother is an Ahole. Seriously

    I really think you need to do something about this considering you wouldn't have posted here unless you were feeling guilty about not doing anything.
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    So essentially forced prostitution.... that's a pretty disgusting act, if he forced it upon her with economic leeway as payment for it.
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    Tell him he's a fucking idiot. She should honestly tape record him and then blackmail him or just take him to court. But since he's your brother the situation must suck for you. But I'd seriously have a talk with him and get him to stop or threaten him with SOMETHING that would make him stop. That's just being a shitty human being.

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    Wow. So sad. With your brother knowing all this how could he be this cruel? Its up to you to put an end to it.
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    your brother is seriously fucked up, he knows the girl would have slapped his face and most likely brought charges against him if not for the fact of the 11 yr old bro. If this is the way he treats females then is is no wonder the piece of shit has never had a girlfriend. heres hoping the 11yr old realises ya bro is raping his sister and puts a knife in him.

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    That's unacceptable, straight up tell your brother off. She doesn't deserve that kind of treatment especially with her situation and what she's been through.

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    If I were her I'd make him reduce the rent to 0.

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    Surely there must be a accommodation supplement she can apply for? since shes looking after a minor.
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    Given OP's past thread history, I can't help but wonder. But I think that might be because I don't want to accept that something like this happens.

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    That sounds... illegal. I don't know Canadian laws, but that sounds very illegal to even do that.

    Personally I would see if that's even legal and have a talk with him. Pretty messed up.

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    just going to play devils advocate here but from the way i read it shes doing this willingly right? as in she was capable of paying the rent before the 60% reduction? one could argue that its immoral of the guy but one could also argue that she brings it on herself if shes able to pay the full amount but chooses to sleep with the guy in order pay 60% less.

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