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    Have you ever AFK'd in a LFR

    A simple question have you ever pretty much lets say... alt tab and watch youtube or any other activity while you remain ''in the raid'' obviously not doing anything. We've all seen them hell I've done it myself from time to time anyway.


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    Yeah, last night on garalon I was bandaging my toe.

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    What else is there to do in a LFR?

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    I've actually fallen asleep on fights like Sha and Will.
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    The Patient Kaino's Avatar
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    It's quite hard to do when you're the tank

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    Never had and never will.

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    yes, most of the time, lfr is like raiding , but stripped off everything i enjoy in pve,its dull and boring like hitting target dummy, doing it for valors/free gear/quest progression

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    I am Murloc! Scummer's Avatar
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    I'm the kinda person who has very guilty conscious, and knowing that I'm not pulling my weight doesn't sit well with me. I also believe that you should try when possible to respect each whenever possible and that this afk'ing isn't a polite thing to do.

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    I try to afk as much as possible. Auto attacking and then spamming execute usually makes it look like i am just a bad with crap gear. Sometimes i don't deal any damage at all because then i won't show up on recount/skada and people will most of the time not notice me not doing anything

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    ye I did in DS.. I just put my felhunter on a boss, started wanding and AFKd for the whole fight..
    I wasn't last on DPS o.O
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    Never, and I wish people who do to receive a very heavy punishment. I find it preposterous people want to ''play'' a game by logging in, sitting in a queue, accepting and then doing something else. I hate the LFR with a passion myself, but instead of going afk I do my very best to clear it as quickly as possible.

    Emergencies happen, but going afk just because you don't feel like contributing and still feel entitled to free loot is ridiculous.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Bluesftw View Post
    yes, most of the time, lfr is like raiding , but stripped off everything i enjoy in pve,its dull and boring like hitting target dummy, doing it for valors/free gear/quest progression

    I afk/follow/auto attack my way through most lfrs im not tanking.
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    Sometimes I'll alt tab to watch something real quick, but I'm usually at the top even when I go afk, it's also pretty sad when you die in the middle of a fight and people still can't pass you. For the most part I don't though, I'd rather it be done sooner rather than later.

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    Kind of.
    I have only tanked in LFR.
    And on that easymode 1tank fights, I'll just grab the aggro and go afk, and if I lose the aggro then i know the other tank will have it, and I'll just keep on autohitting it to death.
    Put my tank on follow with the other tank during Garalon the first time I did him in LFR, that caused some giggles.
    I still end up in the top 20% of damage due to tanks OP Vengeance, but I know it's bad, but I'm not one of those r-tards who run out of the arena and just go afk because they can't be healed or damage the boss.
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    Can't say that I've ever afk'd in this game. If I don't enjoy doing something I just generally don't do it

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    Mechagnome tennesseej's Avatar
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    I have.

    I usually queue as a Tank in LFR, and on some fights you really only need 1 Tank in LFR. I normally still do these fights fully, but occasionally I get paired with a Super-Ego-My-Guild-Cleared-MSV-On-Normal tank, and they keep taunting shit off of me and basically just giving me nothing to do. If they do that, I say screw it and just AFK because my DPS without Vengeance is pathetic (I still have it up via Dual Monitoring in case the tank goes down so I can hop in, but I am not hitting my buttons)

    I only AFK with these types of tanks, but you would be surprised at how many tanks are like this.

    I never AFK'ed as DPS or Healing.
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    Well this would be why LFR fails so much - and then everyone is up in arms how LFR is so 'awful'. If everyone at least put an average amount of effort into them, they'd be much more bearable.

    When (and if) I join LFR - I do stay focused on the fights, granted maybe not 100% of the concentration I put out in our guild's raids, but, I don't mess up and am usually near top dps. I find it highly frustrating to see people standing in 'the fire' or doing bugger all... It's the 'AFK-on-purpose' player who breaks the validity of the LFR, not Blizzard, not the 'noobs'. It's you lot.

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    I don't queue if I don't plan on playing. Actually.. I'm weird like this probably, but I log out of the game if I don't want to play it. Fuck me right

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    loggerhead automatically logs so I usually put some effort in just to beat my previous ranks. It's only something I do once a week to valor cap, usually I just queue between dailies so when it pops it's a 'break' from questing.
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    Bloodsail Admiral hiragana's Avatar
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    Nah. I might quickly go to the toilet on trash or something but id never join with the intention of afking. Just not the kind of person that expects people to carry me. Sadly its these kind of people that are preventing the devs from adding any kind of challenge to LFR, when most of the raid is afk it would be impossible to kill any slightly difficult bosses.

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