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    The current tier wouldnt be so bad if wasn't for the giant pope hat - Yes I know we are priests, but c'mon...

    People saying we've had shit sets for the last 2 expansions are exagurating, our T13 was easily one of the best sets of that tier (IMO) and the WOTLK sets (apart from the dreaded T9) were also pretty decent.

    With regards to T15: I like the style of the gloves (with the sleeve) and I like the new direction of the burning candles on the shoulders - the libram on the waist is also a nice touch. However to echo most of the comments above, the colour and textures just don't work - they are all pretty dull - I guess the bottom one does firt in best with the style of the expansion (jade, azure) but it could do with some jazzing up! Make the the colours more radiant.

    In shadow form this set will probably look worse, although the smoke from the burning candles might be it's saving grace... Might look out a Xmog to work around them.

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    This time around its not awful but I haven't like a tier set since 8, I'm thankful for transmog.
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    I'm personally partial to brighter colors (D2 and Tier 3 for example) It's been a long time since blizzard has done a tier set using colors as bright as those, well, ever since wrath almost every piece of gear in the game hasn't been past half brightness color-wise. Most the gear in wrath was very dark, but the tier sets were still nice (well, I didn't really like TOC). I just want something that doesn't have to be half black / very dark colors for once.

    I do like the book-belt from the T15 though, wish the belt would be just the book, might actually use that part then.

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    It looks like cata leveling gear
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    i like the design really but the colours are uninspiring. if that set had a cream/gold type colour i think it could look decent
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    In just happy we have transmog. The set has potential but the colors blow.

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    A better expansion.
    No I think this might be my least favorite set out of any tier/class. Thank god for Transmog!

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    Can't do any worse than next season's Paladin PvP set on a Blood Elf male;

    Still, I like the thinking behind it with those Pandaria grave/funeral candles and the bells; a sham the colours are so bland though.
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    Priests never get good looking gear sets these days. Don't know why but we've been given by far the most dull and boring gear set designs compared to any other class.

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    absolutely disgusting.

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    I like it -- but mostly because T14 was the ugliest priest tier EVER. I like the candles and bells. T14 was just hideous all around.

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    I am personally not a huge fan of it but at least it is better than the shaman set. <=== Check out my Youtube Channel !!

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    Thus far seems like a pretty clear 30/70 split not in favor, guess this one's a miss for blizzard.

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    No, its ugly. Guess we'll have to transmog yet another tier :<

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    the old set of clothes is much more beautiful

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    Shoulders remind me of t4 warlock shoulders. I don't understand the helm at all its a cloth hood with some metal hook things, how the hell would that work doesn't make sense to me. The robes are just way to dull like other said they look like a updated version of what a tailor would make. Not really creative at all, like others will transmog this...q

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    Quote Originally Posted by shise View Post
    Let's say... thank you blizzard for transmog

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    Priests used to have the best tier looks... but oh man, the last 2 expansions have been so damn sad :/
    Agreed, when the class you can count on to look good looks like this, you know the art team has gone somewhere...

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    It's boring, imho. I don't really like it.

    I don't *dislike* it though. But I'll be transmogging as usual.
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    Very average. Just seems like craftable lvl 80 pvp gear. Candlers are cool but that's about it. Very dull

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