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    PLease Help my Balance Druid, Unsure where to Turn

    Hi Guys,

    please help my balance druid.

    I used to be main tank for the guild but as stuff happens irl things change, if I am not able to fix my boomkin dps or get better at it, I will be replaced in my raid group.


    this is my armory.

    I have used Mr. Robot, and Icy Veins, and a few other sites.

    They give the general rotation of:

    Both Dots (Moonfire/Sunfire)
    Starsurge on CD
    Starfall on CD
    then wrath/starfire to eclipse.

    The reforges they list are Priority of:

    Haste (soft cap)
    Haste to where ever.

    Gems are:

    Red: Intel/haste, Intel/Crit
    Blue: Totally Unsure, went what I thought was great
    Yellow: Haste and nothing else.

    I find it hard, but its a simple rotation and the reforge priority works out good, gems are good any help would greatly be appreciated.

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    Originally Posted by Ghostcrawler

    If you are trying to AE tank and a bad dps is attacking the wrong target and dies, we call that justice.

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    Please direct any Boomkin DPS concerns to Sunfyre's "Fix my Balance DPS" thread, to avoid cluttering up the forums.


    Thanks! :D

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