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    Pick your poison. Melee or Ranged?

    As a quick disclaimer, I searched the forums and found a thread on this topic from over a year ago.

    So which is it, do you prefer to stand back, hurling fireballs and arrows at your enemies or do you find thrills in charging in headfirst and smacking those who are foolish enough to be within arms reach of you with the biggest stick you can find?

    Personally I always preferred melee, getting max level on an enhance shaman, ret paladin, feral dps druid, and fury warrior from late vanilla until mop when I rolled a warlock and, with the mobility of melee plus all the benefits of ranged, I couldn't possibly imagine playing a melee again.

    How about you?
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    I did the same as you, i used to play warrior with a tank offspecc but now i feel forced to play ranged due to less tax when moving....

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    I always have preferred ranged. It just feels right to me. I enjoy it more in any game I play. Melee never feels as natural to me.

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    You know, I honestly don't know how to answer that. My first main was a rogue and my most recent main is a ret paladin, but the other toons I've played seriously have been a warlock and a shock-specced holy paladin (I know, I know). There are benefits and drawbacks to both play styles, but when it comes to pure enjoyment... Er, can I say both?
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    I'd definitely say melee. Although my main's a hunter...
    I just enjoy melee the most. Toe to toe with your foe is way more fun than casting and running away (again the irony of my main being a hunter)

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    I'd rather be melee, even though I'm a warlock. I pray every night for blizzard to bring back the melee-lock
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    started as a mage and loved range for years but now I find meele to be more enjoyable
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    My first character was a boomkin, then I leveled every healing class, a mage, and three hunters. The only reason I've ever leveled a melee was if that was the most efficient spec to level a healing class in. Even then, if the class had a caster dps role, I usually used that instead.

    I have tried playing melee but they never get more than a few levels before I delete them. Right now the closest I've been to actually playing melee as a main spec has been mistweaver. :P In general, I'd rather just plant myself somewhere than have to deal with all the boss damage and spell effects that happen in melee range. I don't like having mobs up in my face.

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    I don't really have a pattern; the DPS specs I like are all over the place. Some melee I like, some I don't. Some ranged I like, some I don't.

    My two favourite things to DPS as are a rogue or a shadow priest.
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    I guess I prefer ranged, though I enjoy both. Melee feels a bit easier sometimes, when the fights require less movement / target switching than ranged is responsible for.
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    I always preferred ranged, my DPS toons were always ranged (hunter, ele shaman, mage, boomkin, spriest), now that I think about it, I believe I did a few raids with ret and a handful with rouge, but nothing as feral, with dps warrior, dps DK or enhancement. The most important thing is that as ranged I feel more comfortable, I have more tactical view on the battlefield, I can see everything, not only a big fat dragon ass.
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    I prefer to tank. But I'll take ranged otherwise. At first I loved melee with my rogue, but after rolling my first ranged I couldn't see melee the same way.

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    I started this game off as a melee, and then made more melee characters. The idea of being right in the action and getting my hands dirty just feels right. If I play a ranged (I have a 90 of almost each class) I just feel like there's is something missing to my enjoyment, and I get bored easily. Running away from things also ruins the experience for me. If someone is coming at me, I would like to be headed for them as well. Ranged usually get the more important jobs of the two in raids, as most mechanics will ignore melee, but outside of having that job, their role is safer for most encounters.

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    Generally I prefer to play as ranged in almost every game... except WoW where I play melee.

    No clue why, I think I just feel that melee's DPS systems are more well polished.
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    Both, but I only raid ranged. As a hunter I really like being mobile and doing good damage. I really like doing things like Turtle kicking etc which are best done by a mobile ranged like a hunter. I find warriors and Dks pretty fun too.
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    Ranged has been my favorite since starting the game, sure I have a few melee toons to play at random if I ever feel the need to really dive in there but ranged just feels more comfortable to me, plus can enjoy the surrounding action rather than just staring at a mobs butt for 5-10 mins at a time.
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    Prefer melee except warlock.
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    Melee, I just like punching things in the face.. which is why I now Play a monk XD

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    Ranged, never liked melee in any game.
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    I like melee and the ranged classes with pets. I like the idea feel of doing damage with a physical weapon, and when I do play ranged, I don't like getting hit by mobs so a pet tanking makes it better.
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