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    [Swizzle] Retirement

    Okay, I thought I could get away with this in a simple post not seen by many, but maybe I owe it to the people who read and post here to be a bit more upfront about the decision. After a long and grueling six years of playing my Mage, I have officially called it quits with World of Warcraft this past week without any foreseeable plans of re-subbing. Now, this does NOT mean I won't be modding any more (Bibi would have my head already if that were the case). No, all it means is that Blizzard no longer gets 15 of my dollars every month.

    I feel I should add that I am not leaving over the state of the game. Rather, I'm at a point in my life where I simply choose other things over WoW all the time, to the point that playing WoW simply doesn't fit in with any plan. Contrary to popular belief, the game IS in a better state than it's ever been (trust me, I've played it long enough to know). However, Blizzard has simply put in too much to do, and all of it requires far more time commitment and coordination than I can afford the game.

    As for me participating in future betas? If they make me sign up for a year again, it won't happen. If I get in randomly via opt-in, then sure I'll give it a go. Anyway, I'm still here, so please try to behave. Just to show that there is no ill will, I give posters permission to say WHATEVER they want about me and only me in this thread without fear of being infracted or banned. Go nuts, I don't care.

    I look forward to mod these forums as long as Boub keeps me on, but as far as playing WoW goes, those days are done for me, after nearly a decade at the helm of a Mage.



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    Le GASP!

    GL with your RL endeavors and thanks for everything.... even the warning!

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    I've hated you and the white stallion you so beautifully rode in on.

    Just kidding, cya mate, enjoy your free time and extra room for activities, I completely agree to with you on why you are leaving.
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    you will be back..... XD

    will miss you swizzle <3 in oceanic now Lol

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    Quote Originally Posted by I-Swizzle-I View Post
    I have officially called it quits with World of Warcraft
    Ok? And who are you?
    jk <3 glhf swizzle.

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    RL? Man ain't nobody got time fo dat quit playing with my daym emotions B

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    Seems there are a lot of us thinking about this. I recently also was thinking about quitting, but I will play till the end of MoP. Afterwards I think I can't bring the motivation to do all this stuff in the next expansion again. There is also other stuff I would like to do (or do more) in my real life.

    Have fun with your free time!

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    It's the hardest Feat of Strength to accomplish.

    Good luck to you.
    The answers is 42

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    Good luck to yourself Swizzle. Haven't been active on these forums myself for Patch 5.3, but I always enjoyed your input and fellow Mage intelligence.
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    Good luck Swizzle!

    I had a period where I quit also, and during that time I decided to move back to my home country and get enrolled in university. Not that those 2 facts correlate, but you may see great IRL stuff come up.

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    Oh another one of these threads. I guess this one is ok because it is a Moderator?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jaja View Post
    Oh another one of these threads. I guess this one is ok because it is a Moderator?
    Yes double standards sometimes stop being double standards when one person outranks the other. Sucks, doesn't it?

    Swizzy, as long as you're gonna stay around on the forums, all will be well. I've never even seen you in the game so I don't give a fuck about it
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jaja View Post
    Oh another one of these threads. I guess this one is ok because it is a Moderator?
    Well, to be fair to your point:

    Quote Originally Posted by I-Swizzle-I View Post
    Okay, I don't feel like making a new thread for this, and an update to the OP won't be read by anyone (since people only read the newest posts all the time), so I'll just say it here and hope it doesn't hijack the thread.
    Which was then followed by:

    Quote Originally Posted by zomgDPS View Post
    To that effect, this just won't do.
    You cannot sneak your goodbye in as a random post in a random thread and expect to get away with it.

    I expect a full new post (in a new thread of its own, thank you) by the morning. A proper goodbye. So that the many other mages here who would want to wish you goodbye, can do so properly.
    You will excuse me for doing something someone on my boards asked me to do.

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    I remember when you where banned here :-)
    Sha of *Gay* Pride!

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    Hehe I also remember when you were banned, and although I sometimes thought you were out of line (unnecessarily rude or somesuch) I often found myself agreeing with you on point. And I also found you entertaining. Kinda miss your rebel days, now you're all grown up n stuff...

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    The king is dead?


    Oh god praise mudkips.. the king is finally dead!

    Jay kay <3

    Come back for next beta so we can pwn you on the beta servers and you can help fix this class plox.

    Otherwise GL!
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    Lot of people feel the same way with too much to do. Blizzard nerfed coins to 50 to avoid the inevitable QQ from players feeling the mandatory need to cap VP again in 5.3.

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    What Nathyiel said - best of luck to you, and you'll be back... everyone always comes back.

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    Good luck to you in whatever future endeavours you take, I feel as though i dont know you that well because we havent had much discussion on anything, but it seems we've been playing about the same amount of time, and i agree, WoW has become better, or atleast more user friendly, i guess its a shame for it to lose a long time player.

    But then, as others have said, theres always the bit where you may get an urge to play the game again, even if its only a free week here and there.

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