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    whats the best way to gear for pve?

    Just wondering if anyone could give me any advice on how to gear a fresh toon. Including things like which rep has the best gear available etc...

    I'm a hunter btw

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    This shit game has now added an island which is named Timeless Isle, and it's just a easter egg hunt, where the eggs are obviously 496 loot. I see they want to help people at the end of the expansion, but this is taking it a bit far. Anyway, http://www.wowhead.com/news=219459/w...-timeless-isle and loot gear from chests or rare mobs to your hearts content. The more characters you have the better.

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    Honestly, in your situation and with 5.4 / Timeless isle just being released, I'd do a run around Timeless Isle picking up all the chests that you can, looting the ilvl 496 armor tokens. After that, run some t14 LFR raids to get gear for weapon / trinket / ring slots, then finally if you're lucky enough from such said LFR runs, run the throne of thunder LFR sections.

    Could possibly do all of those in one day if you're lucky with rolls.

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    1. timeless isle armor tokens
    2. pvp for ilvl stuff
    3. do some lfr
    4. ask trade/guildies/mates for a flexi run
    5. pug / openraid ToT
    6. soo stuff
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