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    That it will be done in the next 5 years

    I don't have my hopes up

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kelimbror View Post
    Let's call a spade a spade here. You trimmed down masculine features. It's fine if that is what you want, and it wasn't Barbie levels of ridiculous, but I'm just calling you out on it. All you did was slim down the model. You may not realize it, but you're just perpetuating accepted perception of a feminine figure.
    What are you talking about? You are coming off as if you've caught some sexually repressed individual projecting his desires on a freaking green cartoony character from a video game without realizing it. This just happens to be closely related to what I do, and while I arguably slimmed down vastus externus muscle and deltoids just a bit too much, the brachioradialis and gastrocnemius muscles absolutely needed a slimming down imho. Even a female bodybuilder (non steroid freak) looks slimmer and more feminine than the orc I didn't even touch the waist, breasts or neck, because making a pretty female orc wasn't my idea at all.

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    A discount on race changes.

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    Reduction of the human female hips, seriously my char looks like she has the hips of a woman who has given birth to an adult elephant, Sideways.
    New dance moves, again Human Female dance is terrible.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Sigma View Post
    Reduction of the human female hips, seriously my char looks like she has the hips of a woman who has given birth to an adult elephant, Sideways.
    New dance moves, again Human Female dance is terrible.
    I like the fem human proportions. I hope they don't change them. Just update the model but keep the same proportions.
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    For both Draenei and Blood Elf females to have normal-sized weapons in line with the other races.
    Female Night Elves lose the girly girl animations and go back to being the savage lioness's we knew in WC3.
    No more painted on armor
    No floppy ears.
    More polygons and bones
    More animations.

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    For them to actually be finished instead of being lazily thrown into a game unfinished and looking ridiculous.

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    Quote Originally Posted by melodramocracy View Post
    Boobs. Epic, glorious boobs.

    ^This all the females of every race need to be over sexualized. Oh and female Taurens must have udders.
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    We need everything that we have now just made better. I want to see more fluidity from the models. Also, I want to see a few more new options for customization. More and better hairstyles / facial hair. All the stuff that we have been complaining about for years addressed.

    Human - Male
    1. Better running animation
    2. No more bunny-hop 2H wep swing animation
    3. Long beard options
    4. Slightly smaller wrists

    Night Elf - Male
    1. True black hair color
    2. Silver colored eyes
    3. Slightly smaller wrists
    4. Larger heads
    5. Slightly larger waistline
    6. Ears that do not "flop"

    Worgen - Male
    1. Much larger thigh muscles
    2. Slightly larger calf muscles and waistline
    3. Slightly less of a hunch
    4. Back hair line covered by armor and no longer moves when head turns
    5. Customization options unlinked between worgen and human form
    6. Customization options unlinked between facial hair and ears
    7. Backflip unlinked from attack animation

    Draenei - Male
    1. Skin color toned down, way too bright
    2. Skin shading better blended
    3. Ever so slightly larger lower body

    Orc - Male
    1. Much less hunch
    2. Brown skin option

    Forsaken - Male
    1. Slightly less hunch
    2. More customization options and unlinked
    3. Prettier options (Sylvanas)
    4. Scarier options (Karl Ruprecht Kroenen comes to mind)

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    I'm expecting - disappointment.

    I'm wishing for - quality limb design and animation.
    Quote Originally Posted by Basmothel
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    They'll probably make the old races have a setting on low quality. And they'll make some epic character models for ultra.

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    By the beard of Antonidas, I want the beard of Antonidas!

    and all sorts of other epic length beards for all races. With enough beard I could probably even make a pandaren look cool.

    I can't think of anything else, though it seems sad to give male characters such a gloriously over the top and distinctive secondary sexual characteristic without something for the ladies. I'm sure I'll come up with something eventually.

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    Sexy ladies, sexy ladies, and more sexy ladies...!

    Kidding. Half-way, at least! I just hope they're good, and come with more customization options (and some near-copies of current ones). And gimme Alpha Worgen females. >:l

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    I really want a major overhaul of the male Draenei. Smaller upper body, larger lower body, and a more serpentine looking tail with a skeleton (instead of just stuck on the arse like a costume or mascot suit).

    Also, an option on undead to not show bones through armor. Give them other spots in addition to existing ones, like a half rotted skull or glowing blue heart through the ribcage, and make them all optional choices. Plus why are their fingers and toes spikes? Did they file them down or something? Why do they stick out of boots like someone pasted them on the outside? I think the human death knight gets better options for undead, and there's only 3.

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    Sliders are something I'd really like to see. Of course, this customization would require some limits (i.e. available height set to lore description, etc.). I also want to see hair that isn't in any updo to actually move, like TERA Online's hair.

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    I would like human males to be slightly more realistically proportioned and to have a more defined face. All of the races could use more facial detail and articulation and more detailed hair.

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    Less anorexia and a non-curved back.

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    We already have a lot of new models in the Game, Thrall and Garrosh for the Orcs (except that Thrall has a Draenei skeleton), Malfurion, Tyrande and Illidan for the Night Elves, Vol'jin and the Zandalari for the Trolls, Jaina for the Female Humans, Sylvanas and Nozdormu for the High/Blood Elves (Except that Nozdormu has a NE skeleton), The Yaungol for the Taurens, etc, etc...If the new models end up being similar with these it would be great in my opinion.
    I like the hunchback in the orcs, but it would be interesting if we could choose between a sub race you know, Green Orcs and Brown Orcs, Taurens and Taunkas, Bronze Beard, Wildhammer or Dark Iron Dwarves, Unbroken and Broken Draeneis, It would be awesome..

    But, anyway, I would be happy if they just fix the flying shoulder of the male Blood Elf...

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    For me:

    • Genuine Black human skins - complete with affro hair options [crew cuts/corn rows/high tops/dreads]
    • Asian human facial options

    most of us might be pink skins but it's stupid not to have other ethnic group options - I wud kill to play an Avatar that looks like Blade.


    More complex EAR animation. Just like you can /moo for Tauren, you can slash ear for elves.
    • /earalert - night elf ears alert upright like highbourne are
    • /earrelax - blood/high elf ears relax sideways like night elf ears

    • when casting - night elf ears perk up like blood/high elf ears
    • when drinking/eating/idle - blood elf ears relax down like night elf ears.

    it's an intersting distinction that 90s animation algorithms couldn't make, but we can now do. Elven ears perk up when they're concentrating, trying to listen to something, intesnely focusing, - a state bllood/high elves are almost constantly in hence that, they go horizontal when relaxed, serene, composed and stressfree a state night elves are almost constantly in.

    Night Elf
    • Nelves need to be as attractive as Belves - a more exotic feel (so the purple tones need to be good)
    • complete re-do of Nelf male casting animation, it should actually look cool
    • change the night elf male walk - it was meant to be a dangerous predatory saunter that ended up looking like he had something up his bum.
    • change NElf male attack ready animation. Makes this "supposed to be" powerful figure look like a leafy reed, he's the wrong build for that animation, so eithe rthe build changes or the animation changes

    Blood Elf:
    • Keep it sexy. Keep it anime
    • Eyes: reduce the green glow, and have it only light up when casting or going into combat
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    Quote Originally Posted by Mace View Post
    Orcs lose the hunchback
    Seeing Trolls, Orcs, Undead and others slouched over to the point that it looks like they are undergoing a rectal exam is something that should have been eliminated already. I'd LOVE to see, for instance, my Troll Hunter standing fully upright, and gently pat a few Blood Elves on the head whilst doing so.

    Specific to the 'Worgen' remark.. I'd love to see Blizzard revamp the facial expressions of the females. All of them look like they are on permanent "GRRRR mode", for lack of better term. All teeth, barely any lip type of thing.. akin to seeing the older drawings of the Ninja Turtles. (I loved Ninja Turtles.. but teeth out both sides and pursed lips in the middle... blargh.)

    I would hope for more options for subtle things.. like various sizes and shapes of nose that could be selected from without literally having to choose the 'one face I can stand' just to roll a certain race. Being able to have scars or tattoos would be nice as well, though I am honestly not sure they'd worry over doing something like that. I'd love to see multiple cast animations available for each race, so that maybe they wouldn't appear to cast all spells the exact same way within a given race. It'd also be nice to see new/alternative dances introduced for the races - even if it means no so-called 'dance studio' type of thing.


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