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    2drunk2care saw this today on the news and was curious. according to you all what sentence should someone like her get??

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    Nothing over the hill, just because she wrote 2drunk2care doesn't mean that a million of other people arent doing the same thing every year. Some post their stupid thoughts, others dont. No difference.

    I think theres a thread about this somewhere that has peaked 50+ pages, thats just guessing.

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    I must have entered the wrong words into the search engine since I didn't come up with any hits

    I'm sure others are driving drunk too. But what I meant to ask was what do you believe her sentence should be for killing 2 people while driving drunk.

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    Life, of course.

    She killed two people whilst demonstrating a blatant disregard for public safety, ain't much more to it.

    The fact that she's a druggy cunt just makes me want her behind bars more.
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    343 sickening. This is how dumb and gives 0 care's these teenager/young adults are these days. First the whole Knockout game/Polar Bear hunting thing now this. Todays society is just getting worse...

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    I bet she cares now.

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    the reason to people do things like these is imo: they are getting more and more bored.. bored of their cellphones/computers etcetcetc.. they want somthing new to do..

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    Death, Life is a waste of tax payer money.

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    I'm "2drunk2care" about whether this cunt lives or dies. No, seriously, I am. I'm not driving a car though. Not that I didn't do it when I was 18-20. I happened to be lucky and didn't kill anyone.

    Not the first time drunk drivers kill people.
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    Yeah, going to have to say, words are written law.

    If the DA goes for the jugular, he will hit. Does the DA, and the Judge, give lenience?

    It might be easier to "slammer" them into the ground. Be done with it. Make sure you keep a tight one, on the soap. If the family wants it, sometimes, that can sway a Judge.

    Hard telling, but guessing, they get maximum for manslaughter. Absolute. Maximum. Which should be around 15-20 years, depending on the state. Which means the DA, DIDN'T, go for the jugular. Which I'm sure, under certain circumstances, a DA could decide for Murder 2. Which is the riskier call and could let them walk.

    Or in the short winded term, how hard do you want to smack that person?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Catdancing View Post
    ...what do you believe her sentence should be for killing 2 people while driving drunk.
    Whatever the sentence is for vehicular homicide is in her area. Here, it's up to 10 years, possibly more if there are other factors. "Other factors" in this case could include "2drunk2care" bringing it from negligence to recklessness/intentional. That's up to a court and jury to decide.

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    Death penalty. She's still in serious condition, pull all the plugs this scum bag doesn't deserve to exist.

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    Maximum sentence for manslaughter.

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    Well...shit...that is horrible. She should receive the maximum, her poor choice resulted in two lives snuffed out for absolutely no reason.
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    Send her to a men's prison for life, she can be their princess there.

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    Whatever the sentence of the crime(s) she committed carries.

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    She's the pothead princess but she gets drunk.

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    Whatever the law can administer here to the max degree.

    She as self-styled herself as a druggy who doesn't care and then put herself in the public eye. She has put herself up on a pedestal and is therefore going to be used as an example to others who can see her. It's up to the courts to make sure that example is that this type of behaviour is not tolerated or excused in the slightest.

    Many people adopt the same type of behaviour as her and cause similar accidents, but I doubt they build their popularity up on that type of behaviour, so you never see them in the public eye as often. Because she has attempted to glorify that type of harmful attitude, she should have the book thrown at her for all charges she is facing.
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    She's still in serious condition, so her decision might cost her her own life.

    If she lives, I'm fine with the maximum sentence possible.

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