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    I know I'm supposed to pick just one, but that's not possible I'm afraid

    For vanilla it's a tie between Blackrock Depths and Blackrock Spire, followed by Stratholme and Scholomance. Those were just massive and felt like real adventure.
    For TBC, hands down Durnholde, followed by Arcatraz. First because of all fun stuff in there, references, characters etc, second for looks, fun bosses and generally nice experience.
    For Wrath, it's hard. I loved every single one of those :P But lets say Halls of Reflection. But really, I think they all looked and felt amazing.
    For Cataclysm, Grim Batol and Vortex Pinnacle (they looked incredible!). Loved trio of 4.3 heroics too, especially Well of Eternity.
    For MoP, Shado-pan Monastery and Mogu'shan Palace. Again, for great looks

    As you see I mostly care for looks and feel of instance. It stays even long after it's outdated. I still find myself soloing those for fun every now and then.

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    Classic- SFK, I remember leveling my undead priest and seeing it loom over silver pine forest as this creepy castle. Seeing the sons of arugal elites patrol around silver pine plus dieing to them a few times was crazy! Then finally going in there and healing my first dungeon was craziness.

    BC- loved mana tombs back in the day. Just killing the ethereal is fun and I hope they bring that back!

    Wrath- definitely halls of lightning....or whichever one you kill the Titan dude at the end. I loved all the ulduar style instances.

    Cata- halls of origination. I totally got the feel of being in an ancient pyramid and the 4 bosses at the end were so cool.

    MoP- ide have to say shadow pan monastery, I did the quest line up to it and then I que'd for the dungeon so the lore did it for me...not really the gameplay

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    vanilla - strat undead
    tbc - arcatraz or possibly bontanica
    wotlk - halls of reflection
    cata - well of eternity
    mop - scholomance, the others aren't very interesting

    5man dungeons are definitely the weakest point of mop

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    As a holy priest:
    Classic = Scholo with an inexperienced or just plain bad group.
    TBC = Heroic Shattered Halls. Botanica was a close second and shadow labs was fun too. OH and MGT heroic.
    Wrath ... none? They were all boring.
    Catacysm = Deadmines on the beta servers.
    Mop = haven't done any of the new dungeons.
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    vanilla - dire maul, atmosphere, warlock quest, that stupid imp, tons of quests, tribute runs... lots of stuff to do it was awesome.

    tbc - this is tough, while i liked the playstyle of tbc dungeons none really stand out as omg absolute favorites. shattered halls probably, bladefist is bestfist for transmog and the oger boss is awesome.

    wrath - Azjol-Nerub. The achievements here were freakin awesome-hard. I've been disappointed with the Cata and MoP Dungeon Heroes. But, i dont know, maybe i'm just a lot better at the game now.

    cata - pre-nerf deadmines. lots of cool encounters, interesting trash, the nightmare gauntlet, captured the feel of the original better than any of the other revamps IMO.

    mop - meh, the heroics are shit. if i had to choose i suppose i would pick gates of the setting sun based on the challenge mode. chaining that ooze as high as you can get is pretty fun - one time we got to 30 stacks for the ULTIMATE DPS, but someone popped 2 at a time right at the end and we wiped hard. chaining that many happened quite by accident (what? we're still alive?! keep going keep going!) and we had a good laugh about it.
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    Vanilla - BRD
    TBC - Shadow Labyrinth
    WoTLK - Occulus
    Cata - Grim Batol
    MoP- Stormstout Brewery

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    Wrath-Any of them but HoR and Violet Hold really did what I wanted so all but that

    I enjoyed heroics that didn't make me wait so I could pull everything and be done in 5 minutes (vanilla is exception to this because BRD was just awesome) so I picked all the fastest instances from each expansion because those got me my valor or badges and let me move on and either do more (10 minute max heroic runs were awesome) or be done for day knowing I capped.

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    Vanilla - Blackrock Depths (Massive and fun)
    TBC - Magister's Terrace
    WotLK - Utgarde Keep, 3.3 Trio especially Halls of Reflection (Most were good if some were easy. HoR falls into the Hard and Good section)
    Cata - Halls of Origination. Well of Eternity was also great (Great instance ruined by LFD meaning half the bosses were usually skipped)
    MoP - Scarlet Monastery and Mogu'Shan Palace (Been doing CMs lately, MSP and Stormstout are fun ;D)

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    Vanilla: I have always loved Stratholme. (Didnt start playing WoW until Cata, but I still love this place)
    TBC: Not sure.. I kinda like Shattered Halls and Sethekk
    WotLK: Hmm.. I love the ICC dungeons and Utgarde Keep/Pinnacle
    Cata: Grim Batol and War of the Ancients
    MoP: I dont really like any.. Revamp of Scholo is the only one I really enjoy (though I prefer the original)

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    60: Temple of Atal'Hakkar (pre-cata)
    70: The Steam Vault
    80: Stratholme 2.0
    85: Deadmines 2.0
    90: Scholomance 2.0

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    Quote Originally Posted by crunk View Post
    cata - pre-nerf deadmines. lots of cool encounters, interesting trash, the nightmare gauntlet, captured the feel of the original better than any of the other revamps IMO.
    Oh crap, totally forgot about Deadmines 2.0 - that was awesome, one of my favourite dungeons of all time.
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    Vanilla: Dire Maul west & BRS (both)
    TBC: Shadow Labyrinth
    WotLK: Halls of Lightning / Gundrak
    Cataclysm: Halls of Origination
    MoP: Mogu'shan Palace

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    Vanilla-BRS or BRD. They are just amazing. I love the art, the feel, and the layout of them. My first time in them was very memorable.
    TBC-Shadow Labs
    WOTLK-Pit of Saron
    Cata-Grim Batol
    MOP-They are all terrible. The biggest disappointment of MOP was the poor quality of dungeons. I would have to say Mogushan Palace because of the art and the potential it had. If only it hadn't been so faceroll from the start...

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    Vanilla: Stratholme
    BC: Hellfire Rampart
    WotLK: Forge of Souls
    Cata: Grim Batol by far
    MoP: If im honest..i don't really like any but if i had to choose then I would say Gate of the Setting Sun

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    Vanilla - Shadowfang Keep
    TBC - Magister's Terrace
    Wotlk - Utgarde Keep
    Cata - Grim Batol
    MoP - Mogu'shan Palace

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    V- Scholo
    BC - SLABS, MT close runner up
    LK - Azjol_Nerub
    Cata - Deadmines 2.0
    MOP - meh, I really don't like any of them.

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    V: Sunken Temple/ Blackrock Spire
    BC: Shadow Labs (Murmur just felt so big and badass. epic even... )
    WOTLK: FoS or HoR
    C:Blackrock Caverns was def the best one by a long shot. I also really enjoyed the ZA/ZG revamp
    M: Not crazy about any of them. first time through id say jade serpent or palace was best.

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    Vanilla - Deadmines
    TBC - Old Hillsbrad Foothills
    WotLK - Nexus
    Cata - Well of Eternity
    MoP - New Scarlet Monastery

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    Vanilla - Deadmines or SFK. Neck and neck.
    TBC - Magisters Terrace
    Wotlk - Culling of Strat (My favourite of all time.)
    Cata - Well of Eternity
    MoP - Mogu'Shan Palace.
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    Vanilla-No doubt the best dungeons, as they were designed for raid preparation (resistance gear, whew) and also as an epic experience for those who could not get into a 40-man raid group. Class end-game for pally and warlock epic mounts. Classic in every way. I can't decide between Dire Maul and BRD with their different wings, the Highbourne library, helping the guy get his gear and escape from the Dark Irons. Fun times.

    BC-Escape from Durnholde. Liked Thrall for the first time.

    WotLK-Forge of Souls. Loved the design in there.

    Cata-Grim Batol...should have been a raid instance though.

    MoP-hmmmm...hmmmm...maybe Gate of the Setting Sun. None were really that great imho.

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