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    the evergreen state.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Khorm View Post
    I don't get any hate because I'm a humble person.
    I'm sorry but when I see this line all I can think of is that old Onion article, "Monk Gloats Over Yoga Championship".

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    From my guild - a casual one, we dont have a raid group- experience, no one is speaking against raiders...but no one is admiring them neither. When someone got a new raid mount early in the patch/expansion, I am more interested in the mount itself - to see if it is worthy for me to try to pick it up in 1 or 2 expansions later . I don't really care about the raider. Not that I consider myself as or more skilled than him but I refuse to waste so much time to try to get a mount/title from a current raid.

    In general, there is less drama in game than on forums.

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    You don't need to act like an elitist or asshole to be called as it. Someone always find a reason to bitch you.
    It's high noon.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jayehn View Post
    I'm sorry but when I see this line all I can think of is that old Onion article, "Monk Gloats Over Yoga Championship".
    Lol, sounds more like a dry version of freediving.

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    OP, I think you might find the reason why people think that raiders are elitists or special snowflakes somewhere in your first paragraph.

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    I haven't read this thread.


    In the US: "The squeaky wheel gets the oil."

    In Japan: "The nail that sticks up gets hammered down."

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    Quote Originally Posted by Meiluy View Post
    Well, as I raid AND do LFR, I'm gonna have to discredit your statement. I mainly do LFR, as it allows me to enter and complete them when I have the time to, not on a set schedule with my guild. I also raid when I am able to make the scheduled run. Before LFR, I was a raider (except for Cata, but that was due to having a kid to take care of then). When I came back in MoP, I wanted to raid still, but having to work 40+ hours a week and take time for my family took away from that, so I did LFR when I had the time (usually late at night).

    If LFR didn't exist, I would find different things to do to enjoy the game I love... maybe I'd be an idiot and neglect my family to continue raiding, maybe I'd just spend more time doing pet battles... who knows?

    The point is, LFR isn't the only thing we have at end-game. It just allows us one more option.
    And what would those other things be ... ?

    WoW's focus over the years have gotten so narrow, that other than raiding and arena, there really isn't much to do.

    Dailies and their horribly written storylines that go along with them? Surely you jest.

    Crafting? LOL.

    Raiding is the only PVE content Blizzard gives a damn about. Suggest anything else and you get the "it will cost us a raid tier" excuse. FFS they are supposedly running the largest MMO on the market today in terms of paying subscribers and they don't have enough manpower to do other types of content apart from raids? Who are they trying to kidding?

    Square Enix rebuild FFXIV, while putting out content for 1.0, in under 3 years! And that's a company that wasn't in all that great financial shape. But apparently fixing up Silvermoon will cost players a raid tier. LOL
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