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    I used to Belf from Wrath up to Legion, then I unlocked LF Draenei. I levelled LF to max and played him for the 2 months I subbed to BfA. When BfA gets good again, I'll play him again. Or maybe unlock the Belf heritage set.

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    BElf Male
    Additionally, I must say that I don't like playing Humans or Elfs in fantasy games and rather try out some "exotic" races. Humans are plain boring as they are literally in almost every fantasy game as some sort of middle age knights and the treehuggers are also almost in every fantasy game in some way.
    But playing on Horde mostly, I didn't have a choice back then when BC started and I wanted a pally twink.
    Ended up with him as my 2nd most played char. When I still raided I brought him almost to every guild I was with on my Hunter main and tankd in twink and main raids often. When Tauren became available I couldn't bring myself to playing a "Holy Cow" and rather stayed BElf. Though about switching to Zandalari when they become available, but I somehow grew familiar with the look over the years and the golden eyes + heritage Armor complete it quite good.

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    When I very first started playing WoW I read the bumf. I chose a pally... can tank dps and be a healer and can heal itself in all roles.
    then to choose a race... stoneform is not a bad trait BUT dwarves do have extra proficiency with guns... thought that sounds good and went for it.... a pally with a gun coool.... only to discover dwarves can't have guns ....
    so thanks to crap desemination of information by blizz I ended up with a pally.
    when pally tanking became unpopular during WotLK wanted pally tanks unless you were already incredible and werer already geared to hell so I stopped using it as a tank
    then when pally healing got nerfed and my guild stopped raiding I went Retribution.
    As a ret pally my toon can sometimes knock out some decent dps and keep itself alive plus it can res others .

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    Human, because my Paladin was created during Vanilla and there were only Human and Dwarf Pallies available.
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    Blood elf, because it was the new class introduced to the game (and only option for a horde player lol)
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    Blood Elf because that was the only Horde race that could be Paladins.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Harry Botter View Post
    Blood Elf because that was the only Horde race that could be Paladins.
    Same here.

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    Blood Elf, because I love Sin'dorei and the Blood Knights.
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    Hearthstone is pretty dead as a game.
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    Raiding is no content

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    Only recently picked up my pally again. He's Human because it was either that or Dwarf back when I created him.

    I'm digging the Dark Iron paladin mount though. Might level a new one just for that.
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    Lightforged draenei

    BY THE LIGHT BE PURGED !!! And because they have way nicer faces than standard Draenei.
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    My Paladin is a human.

    It used to be my primary character, the one that I would farm achievements and complete the storyline with. The reputation gain from Diplomacy was simply too good to pass up, and for many years, Every Man for Himself was the best PVP Racial by a landslide.

    And when I created my Paladin, it was between Human & Dwarves, and I am just not a fan of the short drunken fellows.

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    Human because iconic in Warcraft. I turned him Lightforged briefly, but turned back. You're welcome, Blizzard.

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    Human and female, because that was the character I wanted to do for roleplay. Also the reputation bonuses are very useful and the Light theme fits very well with humans.

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    Female Tauren, because I actually like female taurens.

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    I've had a pala back in TBC for twinking BG purposes, in WotLK i've leveled her up to max level and constantly played as a healer, damn, that was uber fun for some reason, palas were super mana stable (with int maxing) and i could heal 10 man instances solo.

    In WoD times I changed her race to Human because I thought I would rock in PVP with my best friend, It didnt happen because my friend raged alot and I never logged on pala again, she still sits in Ashran or Warspear it's called. Why human? Firstly it was because of Everyman for himself, and secondly absurdly huge weapons
    I liked how big they were, onyxia's sword wasnt just a sword, but ultra-super-cutter 2000.

    Ehh, I miss wotlk healing paladins
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    Human because I can't be assed to pay to race-change to Dark Iron with the game in the state it's in.
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    Human, because of the oldschool warcraft paladin lore.

    Also will be rolling a zandalari paladin, because Prelates are cool ... and so was Rezan

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    Your kind will never change, and I will never stop fighting you.
    Human. Only humans, and later dwarves, are actual paladins, Knights of the Silver Hand. The other races have their own imitations.
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    Humans. Because Uther, Tyrion, Alexandros, Arthas, Turalyon, Gavinrad the Dire... need I say more?

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