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    Almost a year has passed: What is your opinion on Path of Fire?

    Greetings champions, good to see you all, as always! Long time no see!

    So, almost a year has passed already (8 months to be more specific). That's a good time to analyse the "new" expansion. I'll make some topics - if you want to answer them, that would be cool.

    What is your overall opinion of Path of Fire?

    Compared to Heart of Thorns, do you think that this expansion is better?

    What do you think about the current storyline/living story?

    Do you like the new elite specs?

    If you could give this xpac a numerical score, what would it be?

    and most importantly: are you still playing GW2?

    See you soon! Be well

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    Better than Thorns by far.

    Elite specs have worked out every good.

    Still a lack of stuff to do at end game that is ultimately killing the game.

    Not playing.
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