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    Question What Kind of Server will you be playing?

    What type of server will you play on, and why

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    PvP like all days . I like to gank and camp low level hordes .

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    PvP, so I can slaughter people when the mood strikes.

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    PvE to avoid people like the two posters above me.

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    I'm leaning towards PvP, I have no interest in ganking lowbies but some of the big pvpraids will be insane for sure

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    Mechagnome Rehija's Avatar
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    PvP, nothing else for me. Rubrum Mortuus est!

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    Quote Originally Posted by robotusch View Post
    PvE to avoid people like the two posters above me.
    Haha, this cracked me up!

    PvP for me!

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    PvP for sure.
    Running into an impromptu slaughterfest in Burning Steppes, or stepping foot into STV for the first time.. ah, good and infuriating times are ahead.

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    If you dont play on a PvP realm you are doing it wrong.

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    PvE....again, playing a rogue on a PvP realm for the ganking is too cliche of an idea I already did in my youth years. Not being able to stealth would be kind of asking to get killed on a PvP realm. Heck, even if you can stealth you will get ganked.

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    PvP-servers are half the charm of vanilla. Go hard or go home.
    You cannot do that while stunned.
    You cannot do that while stunned.
    You cannot do that while stunned.
    You die.
    You are dead.

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    Anyone who wants to get into blackrock mountain will have to get through me first.

    Good times man. Good times.

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    Classic isn't vanilla, and the PvP won't be anything like it was. I enjoyed PvP servers in vanilla but I have no interest in dealing with the tryhard meta of a million consumables and items + every person using engineering popularized by private servers. So I'll probably just stick to RP.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tarx View Post
    PvP like all days . I like to gank and camp low level hordes .
    Then you bubblehearth when a decent player of the same level/equipment appears.

    - - - Updated - - -

    PvP, WoW should be played with the feeling that at any moment PvP can happen or it's just dull.

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    RP (PvE). Because i just cannot stand the character names on non-RP realms and the less World-PvP i ever see playing WoW the better for me.

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    I spend hundreds of hours ganking low levels, can't wait to do it again

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    RP. I've only ever rolled on RP realms (and I don't RP).

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    Mechagnome Luckx's Avatar
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    I like having chars on both PVP and PVE , PVP is more fun because questing,leveling, farming mats, etc on pvp realms is harder.
    And you can also stop bots on farming spots by killing them 3-4 times so they will be getting 2min res timer each time they trying to ressurect.

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    Nice to see the big boys with their ganking low levels wet dreams. Keeping it classy.

    Now it's time to be a hypocrite. Defs PvP here. Some of my fondest memories in late Vanilla were as a Rogue was sitting outside IF as Horde to 1-shot the losing duellers after they were brought to 1 HP, then either vanishing or fighting whoever resisted. It's been a while but I think they weren't flagged unless they'd been in a BG recently, can't remember too well.

    I really miss 19 twinks too though, and it's an absolute nightmare trying to win the STV fishing contest for the hat/boots on PvP servers at that level, especially early on when they're most popular Kinda need full-time protection or an AFK server.

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    I've done the whole PvP server for most of my WoW life. I always hated the ganking (from either side) but did enjoy city raids and the SS vs TM fights. These days I'd rather go about my business and stick to a PvE server instead.

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