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    Searching the Forum- A quick guide

    It can be a little messy to find exactly what you need in a giant pile of recruiting guilds, so here is a quick guide on how to carefully refine your search and find just the right guild for you!

    On the upper right hand corner you can click Search Forum, to type out specific queries. If you are looking for a specific region, search for [US] or [EU]. INCLUDE THE BRACKETS, or it will give you imprecise results. This can also be used to search for [Horde] or [Alliance].

    To search only thread titles, select "Advanced Search" as the option when you click Search Forum. In the drop down by Keywords, select Titles Only.

    Finally, you can search for EU/US/Horde/Alliance prefixes by using that drop down in Advanced Searching:

    We hope this helps, happy hunting!
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