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    Quote Originally Posted by vitor210 View Post
    Failure warmode? Is this low tier bait or people are actually agaisnt one of the best features of BfA?
    For all the imbalance at times, I still love it to death. The PvP talents and just added sense of actual risk and danger while out in the world that I just don't get anymore otherwise, I haven't turned it off all expansion.
    Quote Originally Posted by Daevelian View Post
    So this is how far the Lore forum has fallen? Eesh.
    I take it back, BfA is not the lowest the games lore could have gone, this thread proves that.
    Quote Originally Posted by Aucald View Post
    And just like the thread before it, let's back away from sexualizing Azshara and return to the original topic at hand.

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    Warmode is here to stay, I heard a dev say during blizzcon, maybe not during a panel but during one of the dev interviews.

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    Warmode is probably the best thing they added to the game.

    Free +10% rewards for having to do nothing as Horde.
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    I will take the bait.

    Not a failure.
    Warmode was and is fun.

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    World PvP as a whole hasn't changed much. There is little reason to do it and it has always been tied to hot spots in the game. If you rarely see players of the same faction while questing you are not likely to see players of the opposite faction. Where you do get more interaction is during Assaults and the 8.2 zones. Because people are funneled to those spots so will interact more.

    There is nothing failed about warmode or world PvP. It is simply people need a reason to do it and need a location to congregate to make it interesting. Given the designs of the capitals in BfA they could have easily made PvP world bosses in each faction. It would encourage more world pvp and close enough to capitals to draw from a wide pool of players. We know that simply having opposite faction groups isn't enough of a draw. As Alliance could camp the horde harbor and see little organized groups of horde to counter them.

    Warmode is great though. It could obviously use some tweaks to improve parts. I don't like PvP much but have been keeping it on for the most part because it livens up some of the dated content. Assaults have a little extra fun when you encounter horde (but even that is rarer then at launch) and it is easy conquest farm for weekly items. They just need to offer more content to do to draw in people.

    But we all know it is super hard to do and Blizzard has been trying over the years to create more world pvp. I have yet to see any real FFA battles on mechagon for example in the event cave.
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    I call it a failure because only 1 faction were here for world pvp.

    Blizzard did everything they could to turn alliance into pvp and they failed.

    Alliance still in WM off and horde still with 10% since day one.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Exhuman View Post
    Do we know something about warmode in Shadowlands?

    Will the alliance recieve +30% bonus during the whole expansion again?
    What you consider a failure others may consider this a succes.

    Warmode is fine and if your so triggered of alliance having +30% bonus then reroll alliance or just ignore it and enjoy playing horde.

    It's not that big of a deal.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Exhuman View Post
    I call it a failure because only 1 faction were here for world pvp.

    Blizzard did everything they could to turn alliance into pvp and they failed.

    Alliance still in WM off and horde still with 10% since day one.
    Is that really Blizzard's fault? Is that actually bad? The players have the power to choose, and they chose Horde by and large. Now Blizzard is doing what it can to help balance it out. It is not a matter of failure or not-failure. It's a matter of attempting to resolve. Blizzard can only do so much to incentivize the Alliance to do PVP and to incentivize the Horde to faction change.

    Overall, it's not even categorically correct to classify this as a failure.

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    They are not going to reverse course and restore PvP servers after players have paid to move to ex-PvP servers because they had healthier PvE communities.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Exhuman View Post
    World PvP is kind of dead again. Most of the players specially allies are on wm off.

    No one at blizzcon that played the demo reported anything about the pvp talent tab?
    Dumb take. I did a lot of world PvP today. Does not mater if 51% of allies have WM off or not because there are still enough people participating for it to be fun. People who don't like it can just turn it off.

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    Quote Originally Posted by scarecrowz View Post
    Problems with Warmode:

    It's fucking lazy. It's essentially a button to shard you with other PvPers. Nothing else.
    Sharding is shit technology. Doesn't work. Constantly shards/phases you.
    30% warmode bonus to Alliance isn't Region based. Oceanic servers like Frostmourne are like 80:20 Alliance to Horde and they get a free +30% to boot. Hilariously dumb implementation for a "billion dollar company".

    It could have been so much more. Why can't I capture an enemy questing town for a brief period of time. Why aren't there events?
    I like your thinking as far as what I enjoy as a gamer, but MMO's that have had that kind of PvP impact on people's ability to do their stuff haven't done very well. WM came about because of how much people on PvP realms bitched and moaned about PvP negatively affecting them. I think you and I are in the minority.

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    My issues with Warmode:
    - Arguably the biggest problem WoW has as a game right now is the boring state of classes. Giving all of the actually interesting and unique abilities to the content that only a very small minority of players cares about is a shit design. I could live with WM giving you %-increases and obviously the insignia, as that does no longer work against most NPC abilities anyway, but interesting and unique abilities - or worse: Old, beloved abilities that we used to have for ALL content? No. Just no. Continue with this BS Blizzard and you will just make more people leave your game. Even if i was interested in WoW PvP (which i am not) - i would HATE to lose 2-3 abilities or IMPORTANT passives (like turning an abilitiy instant) whenever i enter instanced content.

    - WoW does promote joining the fatter faction in ALL of its content. Want a large group of players to PvE with? Join the larger faction. Want to play random BGs with a short Q? Just play the larger faction and use Merc-Mode! Want to play rated PvP? Join the larger faction for more people to group with and simply IGNORE factions completely as you are allowed to face teams of your own faction, lol!
    With this kind of incentive there will NEVER be any movement towards more equality in factions. NEVER. Then slapping this stupid reward-% on a mode that was EXTREMELY cheap for Blizzard to design and expect it to actually change anything is beyond naive. What it does come down to is Horde getting 10% extra and not seeing ANY Alliance most of the time. While as Alliance you may get 20-30% but cannot do your shitty boring Worldquests without joinig a premade. I hate worldquests. Having to join premades to do them in a reasonable manner is the exact opposite of an "improvement".

    I do agree with the OP that WM is a failure. For the players that actually enjoy wPvP adding a PvP based Zone or certain objectives to the maps would have been FAR superior. And for the people who could not care any less about PvP and simply want to enjoy their free Horde 10% bonus.....well....have fun, i guess?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Frinata View Post
    I just hope that they make the bonus server based, rather then region based, going into Shadowlands
    shard not server based as there are only shards and no more servers.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kyphael View Post
    I was hoping War Mode was implemented as a means for cross-faction play in Shadowlands. That's not happening, so it's pointless. Might as well have kept world PVP the way it was, not like WM improved it.
    yes it did. wm = no more complains about being ganked.

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    Warmode would be fine if they just removed the bonus. It should be about PvP, and the people who want to PvP, not about getting 10% or 30% more shit because of it.

    Being able to use your honor talents in the open world is incentive enough.
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    Quote Originally Posted by tmamass View Post
    yes it did. wm = no more complains about being ganked.
    That's was rolling on non PVP realms were for.

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    Warmode is not a failure. With some new tech and a little adjusting it could become the best damn thing blizzard has ever done for wow. The only problem I see with it is faction's being unbalanced. Fix that and we might just have something really good. As is though I agree it has problems but it is far from a failure.

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    It's too surprising that the the sub 75 IQ gaming community would find Warmode a failure.

    Blizzard finally found a way to balance PvP "realms" (the best they can so far), using modern technology, and people still bitch.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Exhuman View Post
    Do we know something about warmode in Shadowlands?

    Will the alliance recieve +30% bonus during the whole expansion again?
    Another instance of, "I don't use it, so therefore its a failed gameplay function".

    Stop with the bullshit, just because you weren't inclined to turn it on for whatever ( most likely you suck ) doesn't mean others didn't. People who love World PvP love Warmode, and for those who don't, don't have to deal with it at all. It was a perfect idea that should've been done years ago.

    Are we ever going to get over the idea that because "I don't like it" means no one can like it mentality? How fucking self-absorbed do you need to be that other people's opinions of the world aren't the same as yours, nor do they need to be.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ceall View Post
    I remember the horde having a 10% bonus for the first 3 months of bfa, while the Alliance has 20-30% for 12 months up to now and more to come while being the more represented wm on faction since the introduction of wm bonus being higher than 10% for the "underrepresented faction".
    If this was true than alliance would be on 10 and horde on 20-30. It isn't so it's false. Why are you lying?

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    I love how often people use the phrase "most players," on this site (and elsewhere), like their personal experience and servers encompass the entirety of the game's population.

    I guess that means my server is "dead" because I'm one of the (apparent) few that actually plays with WM off.

    I spent 7 years on a PVP server, it lost its luster and I don't have the time to repeatedly corpse run every 5 minutes instead of doing my thing before heading to work. But WM has proved very fun when I have the time to waste.

    I don't think it was a failed implementation at all. It's entirely based on player/player zone vs. server/time-zone/time-of-play.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Exhuman View Post
    Do we know something about warmode in Shadowlands?

    Will the alliance recieve +30% bonus during the whole expansion again?
    It accomplished what it meant to do. Not force PVP players to play on a PVP server 15 years later.
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