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    8.3 - Thank you Jeff

    This is Jeff.
    Despite his minor drinking issues, Jeff is Actiblizzard's most valuable employee.
    He is responsible for gathering and analyzing all feedback received from World of Warcraft players around the globe.
    All new additions to the game are based on his reports!!
    Let's all take a moment to thank Jeff for his outstanding job over the past years.

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    thank you jeff
    Quote Originally Posted by Tomatketchup View Post
    Why yes, Blizz sure is a bunch of happy fellas!

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    PETA will end this man's whole career
    MAGA - Make Alliance Great Again
    Vote #Jaina!

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    If there was only one person responsible for analyzing player feedback, they would have died from toxic shock years ago.

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    Thank you Jeff.

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    BfA wouldn't be the same without Jeff.
    Scheduled weekly maintenance caught me by surprise.

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    This doesn't really seem like it will lead to much in the way of constructive discussion or debate. Closing.
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