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    AMD GPU worth it?

    So i'm currently looking to upgrade my Gpu from a 1060, i've sort of landed on a 5700xt, but hearing about the infamous driver issues and heat problems i wonder if it's worth it, should i go for nvidia wich i've never had a probelm with or are AMD just fine?

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    Last I've heard the driver issues were resolved for the most part, but you probably have to do some research on it to be sure.

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    I'm running the RX 5700 XT, and I may be a rare case, but I've had close to zero issues with drivers, even as an early adopter. And heat problems, I guess that very much falls down on which version you buy, I bought the Sapphire Pulse, and mine is stable at 72 degrees celcius while running Modern Warfare (Warzone) at 1440p, maxed out on most settings, anti-aliasing and Shadow's not included, holding on average 124.3 fps according to my Radeon Software.
    Only issues I've had is that some game get some minor gpu-time stuttering if I start and stop AMD ReLive too many times during a gaming session.
    From my first-hand experience, I'd say go for it.
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