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    Smite spamming for fun?

    43/28/0 or some variation of such, smite spam dps:


    So I was very bored and and it led to me messing with talent calculators of classes other than my own. Thus this spec was conceived. LOLidiot shadow roflrofl posts inc. I know it haha.

    But has anyone been bored enough to take this into a Naxx or something? Keeping pow:shield up for reflective shield on aoe damage, holy fire up, and smite spamming? I guess maybe SWeath when the target is under 35%? I searched for a video but nothing came up since wotlk. Stacking spell damage, haste, and spirit or something who knows lol.

    If anyone has some dps of this, I'd be interested to hear about it. Otherwise I guess I'll have to get unreliable numbers from a buggy private server to satisfy my curiosity.

    Thanks in advance
    "Back in my day sonny, when I was God and was worshipped because I raided during Chocolate, the computer monitor punched you in the mouth if you botched your rotation. Things were hard. And I mean harder than hard. I am soo xxx hardcorez xxx. You are a nub, and I am a super elite raider because I happened to play before any expansions. By gosh, I had to walk uphill BOTH WAYS to get to and from orgrimmar. " --The 1337 vanilla player who is inexplicably always better than you. No matter what.

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    Re: Smite spamming for fun?

    There have been several threads in this forum that have exhausted this subject nearly as far as one can.

    This one was the most recent: http://www.mmo-champion.com/index.php?topic=56260.0

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