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    Re: why is dark jade so expensive?

    Quote Originally Posted by chipsky
    I get a LOT more dark jade, chalcedony and shadow gems from prospecting cobalt. The tables are reversed with saronite... lots of sun crystal, bloodstone and huge citrine.
    That's just RNG imo. I sometimes get a bunch of chalcedony from saronite... Haven't tried cobalt in a while. Chalcedony sells for a lot on my server and Dark Jade has been spiking up lately.
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    Re: why is dark jade so expensive?

    Dark Jade, Chalcedony and Shadow wotsit seem to take it in turn on my server (blood doodah had top position once), currently the green is the most expensive (but not horrific, maybe 10g a pop) and I have noticed I'm recieving less greens from prospecting ore - so I'll assume that coupled with it being one of the more needed colours hasn't helped.

    Like a poster above, I have had more joy from Cobalt, which is handy as I have a low 70s miner alt working through quests in the lower zones so I'm keeping on top of my stash.
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