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    Full Name: Zul'Kis
    Nicknames: Kis
    Date of Birth: Sometime
    Age: 53
    Race: Troll
    Gender: Male i guess
    Hair: Blue
    Skin: Blue
    Eyes: Blue
    Place of residence: Zuldazar
    Place of Birth: Kalimdor
    Known Relatives: Rastakhan ( Teacher )
    Religion/Philosophy: Loa Spirits, and dat Voodo mon!
    Occupation: With Doctor
    Group/Guild affiliation: Zandalar Tribe?
    Guild Rank: Officer
    Enemies: Noone, except my Neighbour
    Likes: Everyone, except my Neighbour
    Favorite Foods: My homemade food
    Favorite Drinks: My homebrewed drinks
    Favorite Colors: Blue
    Weapons of Choice: Staff and potions
    Dislikes: My Neighbour
    Hobbies: Potions
    Physical Features: Something i guess
    Special Abilities: Potions, Voodoo and Magic
    Positive Personality Traits: I love everything, except my Neighbour
    Negative Personality Traits:Noone i think
    Misc. Quirks:
    Played by What Famous Person: Whaaaa? Im being played by someone?
    Theme Songs: Dont Worry, Be Happy
    History: When i were 9 Months old both my father and mother were killed, i had to live in an orphanage.When i was 5, i escaped from the orphanage and i found the shore.
    And on the shore it a ship full of Trolls, i ran towards it, but then i got attacked by a Human.
    One of the trolls saw me and jumped of the ship and saved me.
    The troll then asked me where i live, but i answered i had no home, the troll took me aboard the ship and he said i can live with them on the island called Zandalar in the city Zuldazar.
    When i first came to the island, i noticed that all the trolls were bigger than normal trolls.
    The troll that saved me, Rastakhan was both an Witch Doctor and King of trolls, he raised me to become a very powerful Witch Doctor and to become Rastakhan's ambassador to the horde trolls

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    Re: Zul'Kis

    I like the idea, and the name, but you could use some fleshing out. Tell us your life story. 8)
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    Possibly, but you're the one calling a man a unicorn because he's got a cone taped to his head.
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    Re: Zul'Kis

    We'd love to hear more about you and where you're going in the world... of warcraft.
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    Re: Zul'Kis

    (( Cmon, what do you guys think? ))

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    Re: Zul'Kis

    Quote Originally Posted by Zul'Kis
    he raised me to become a very powerful Witch Doctor and to become the next King of Trolls,
    I think this bit is a bit of a problem. It would be interesting to see someone with connections to Rastakhan, but I don't think they should be someone who is going to become a king. Maybe he could be Rastakhan's ambassador to the horde trolls or something? That would make him interesting without being too OP.
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    Good luck!
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    Re: Zul'Kis

    I agree, a King of the Trolls would be too OP. Make it an ambassador or a diplomat in the name of Rastakhan.

    I be happy lookin' forward ta hang around with ya mon'!

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    Re: Zul'Kis

    (( I haz changed it))

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    Re: Zul'Kis

    The use of the first person in the history is unorthodox, but acceptable. It just needs more detail, I think.

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