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    [Closed RP] In The Face of Death Itself

    (( This thread is a continuation of Ethereal's Bargain. It takes place 3 weeks after. As of 6/20 this thread is a CLOSED RP. If you'd like to join, please PM me with your character, why you'd like to join, and what you feel you could contribute. ^_~ ))

    It was as busy as ever in the Broken Keel Tavern in Ratchet. The night was young - only 15 minutes after midnight.

    Ellié leaned over the table, slightly exposing her breast to the shady scoundrel, giving him a little wink. She knew the game, and she felt no shame. She'd done a lot of things for a little information in her life.

    "So... about this Daio human you speak of in the Blasted Lands..." she said seductively, letting her necklace fall into her chest, "does he have any connection to the Twilight's Hammer?"

    The man looked gruff. He had long, messy grey hair. Must've been about middle-aged. Over one of his eyes was a scar and an eyepatch. She wasn't too concerned. She'd dealt with more questionable sources.

    "Why do you want to know?" the man coughed.

    "Oh, no reason..." she giggled, shooting him a flirtatious smile.

    The man took a moment, savoring the attention he obviously wasn't used to receiving. He took in a deep breath, and let it out slowly.

    "No. His only connections are demons."

    Ellié sighed and made a small pout.

    "Oh well..."

    She made her fingers as if they were legs, walking over to his hand, eventually reaching it. She bit her bottom lip and shot him a very tempting glance, attempting to draw him in closer. He was reluctant, for he knew the affection would only last as long as the information warranted, but he couldn't resist.

    "But... I'm sure I could direct you to someone who does... in return for a small favor."
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    Re: [SRP] The Broken Keel Tavern

    Kagayon walked past, barely noticing Ellié, or atleast. He acted like that, Kagayon's appearance had changed slightly, his bangs were still sweeped over his face, but his hair was slightly more down, hanging in a spiked manner around his face. His iris was no longer grey, it was fel-green with the sclera still black, he finally noticed Ellié, he stood sideways from her but his iris rolled to the side of his sclera, analyzing her before muttering in a disgusting tone towards himself, you could feel the venom and disgust dropping off of his words but his words however were inaudible, he walked on. But by now surely would be noticed by Ellié.

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    Re: [SRP] The Broken Keel Tavern

    Ellié noticed a familiar face out of the corner of her eye.

    "Hold that thought..." she said to the rogue, leaving him with her alluring gaze. He was no match for her charm.

    She walked up to Kagayon.

    Unlike him, she had hardly changed. It had only been 3 weeks since their last meeting, afterall. Her hair was slightly longer, but it was barely noticeable.

    "Long time no see, stranger."
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    Re: [SRP] The Broken Keel Tavern

    Turned around to look at Ellié, it was now that she could fully notice his venom green eyes and pitchblack sclera.

    His lips were curled in a frown, but they turned into a smile as he retained his act.

    ''You very well know my name. Ellié'' - he grinned.

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    Re: [SRP] The Broken Keel Tavern

    She was not prepared for the sight of him, but she calmed herself and looked slightly past him, as not to take in his disturbing image.

    She formed a devious look on her face.

    "K. Kagayon Lingken..."

    She looked back at the rogue she had been seducing, as to keep him enticed, then focused back at Kagayon,

    "I just can't seem to get rid of you," she joked. "What brings you to Ratchet?"
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    Re: [SRP] The Broken Keel Tavern

    Kagayon sighed slightly.

    ''To be honest, which I should be anyways, there's no going back after having shed and shown the true you to somebody..''

    Kagayon looked down, the fel green iris turning the dark-ish tavern rather luminescent in a green light.

    ''I've come here to have a certain individual transcend into sheer despair..True despair..''

    Kagayon by no means looked bad, he looked rather well.. Not attractive, he was still dead. But he barely had any rot. If it was not for his paleness, and here and there a small area of rot - you would think he was still a living person.

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    Re: [SRP] The Broken Keel Tavern

    ((Does Ellié know Kagayon = Yoggy?))

    "Despair..." she pondered a moment. "Hope is a rather useless thing anyways. You learn that once you learn to live without it," she shrugged.

    She really had become cold.
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    Re: [SRP] The Broken Keel Tavern

    (( No. Not yet atleast. I might try it out. I'd love to see Ellié's reaction. ))

    ''Ellié.. Do not speak as if you are capable of comprehending true despair.. ''

    Kagayon's voice had a cold undertone embedded into it, as if he needed to be brought back into even caring about this person. He was at where he started.

    ''You have always lived with hope, that disgusting thing sparkles everywhere, to a normal humanoid.. Atleast..''

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    Re: [SRP] The Broken Keel Tavern

    ((I'm going to assume no, since she's here trying to learn the whereabouts of a leader of Twilight's Hammer for such reasons.))

    "Hope... hope is a façade, a mask, a bandage."

    She paused a moment, realizing that she had always lived with the hope that once her life was over, she and her former love would be reunited - his death avenged.

    "Aren't you going to ask what I'm doing here?"
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    Re: [SRP] The Broken Keel Tavern

    ''.. Indeed, hope is something people use to comfort themselves when close to death or, when transcending into despair. In truth, there is nothing more than that. Nothing worthy of comforting with. Therefore, every reason you still haven't discarded hope is faux. Every hope of resolving whatever darkened yours or anyone's life is a mere act of the delusional.''

    Kagayon sighed again.

    ''No, your intentions are insignificant, they are not relevant in any way to my interests at all. Whatever you intend to do, aslong as it's not meddling with my business. There's nothing for me to care about.''

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    Re: [SRP] The Broken Keel Tavern

    She pouted and let out a small "hmph".

    "Well fine, be that way."

    She turned and walked away to the shady figure in the back. He had been watching her.

    She sat back down at the table and leaned over it, revealing a bit more of her breast to the rogue.

    "Sorry about that - old friend," she assured.

    She rested her head on her palm.

    "Now tell me... what do you mean by 'favor'..."
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    Re: [SRP] The Broken Keel Tavern

    (( Oh please let that guy do things to her, which she does not accept and such. Would make a great opportunity for Kaga to display power and all. ))

    Kagayon did not flinch, he was unphased, he merely turned around, shooting one last glance towards her with a frown, his iris rolled to the side of his sclera, the venom green color burning the room's shady darkness.

    ''Odd woman..''

    He sat down on a chair in the corner, the darkness came back, surrounding Kagayon in a shroud while the eyes pierced through the darkness. It seemed like a monster was sat there in the corner. As if mean eyes were gazing through sheer darkness.

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    Re: [SRP] The Broken Keel Tavern

    ((That sounds wrong xD))

    The bar had become quite loud, and it was hard to hear anything. Ellié leaned in closer to hear the man better.

    "I reckon we should head upstairs," the man suggested.

    Ellié's smile faded into unease.

    "I don't think that's such a good ide-"

    The man grabbed her wrist. Ellié was overcome with anxiety. She gave him a stern look. He eased up on her wrist, revealing that he had poisoned her with a small knife. He tightened his grip and tugged on her wrist again, forcing her up the stairs.
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    Re: [SRP] The Broken Keel Tavern

    (( It is supposed to ;D ))

    Kagayon did not yet notice anything, but when he saw Ellié get pulled along he allowed himself to investigate, he got up from his chair and walked along, he didn't even sneak. He was too careless. He figured he would be able to easily obliterate the man anyways.

    ''What's that man doing.. I swear if he- '' he realized his way of talking. Did he really care about this Sin'dorei?

    He made an excuse to himself. ''If I don't help her, I'll be suspicious, yes. That's it..''

    And so he headed upstairs along with the two.

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    Re: [SRP] The Broken Keel Tavern

    "Who do you think you are?" the rogue said sternly.

    Ellié felt the effects of the poison start to take over her body.

    "You think you can just use me - seduce me for information, blood elf?" he continued.

    He dragged her into a room and threw her down on the bed. The poison was in full effect now, and Ellié was awake, but trapped in a lifeless body.

    The man began laughing hysterically, running his fingers through her hair, touching her face.

    "You've made a big mistake... you women are all the same!" he hissed, running his hand down her chest.

    ((Am I getting too dark? :P))
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    Re: [SRP] The Broken Keel Tavern

    (( Nope. Just to the right extend to make Kagayon angry enough to have him rip that rogue to shreds.))

    Kagayon ran up with speed, he got close to the room and if there was a locked door, he would just smash his bare hand through it. If not, he would run through and confront the guy.

    ''What do you think you're doing? Let go of her, if you do not.. I will rip you to shreds, I jest not..'' he said, as if he didn't really care, in a monotone voice.

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    Re: [SRP] The Broken Keel Tavern

    "Forsaken scum! Learn to mind your own business! This lady here had it coming!" he shouted.

    He picked up the chair beside the bed and swung it at Kagayon.
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    Re: [SRP] The Broken Keel Tavern

    Kagayon spoke with a monotone voice once again. ''No lady deserves to shamelessly abused. Not in any way. Especially not her.''

    Kagayon then sidestepped from the chair and gave it a firm kick which quite to everyone's stupified mind broke the chair into pieces of splintered wood without any noticable damage from the foot. How would a forsaken, no. Any humanoid race be able to do that so easily, that thought would probably be taken up into the mind. Kagayon did not waste time and leaped at the human, lunging himself forward with his arm stretched, trying to move the fingers of his right hand, which were connected to eachother towards the rogue's chest to drill through the skin. Which would puzzle them even more. He would attempt to drill through the sternum and stab it.

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    Re: [SRP] The Broken Keel Tavern

    ((Use your tentacles! You are Yogg-Saron afterall!))

    The rogue was shocked, but he didn't hesitate. He attempted to peel the forsaken off him, but it would no use. He threw a strong punch in the way of the forsaken.
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    Re: [SRP] The Broken Keel Tavern

    (( That would be obvious, and Ellié would see it and that would be.. Hm..))

    Kagayon didn't flinch, all he did was sidestep from the punch and then in a monotone voice spoke.

    ''There's more..'' before he launched his hand to shoot for the human several more times with blinding speed, trying to end the human's life with Ellié as spectator.

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