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    Bio - Arash

    Name : Arash

    Race : Human

    Nickname : Raven

    Age : 32

    Sex : Male

    Height : 190cm.

    Weight : 90kg.

    Appearance : Strong, Muscular with white skin. he covers his face behind a black mask that covers his entire face, the mask itself is hidden by a white hood attached to his cloak that stretches down to his feet. he wears a set of black leather clothes and carries two iron daggers and a set of throwing knives and a couple of hidden blades in different parts of his clothes.

    Occupation : SI-7 Agent, Alliance Mercenary


    A former alliance soldier, Arash was born in a rich family in Hearthglen. his father had a few properties and made a living by renting them to people, but his real job was a Blacksmith.(I know, a rich blacksmith doesn't really make sense)

    * Childhood and Youth :

    Living a happy childhood life behind the safe walls of the town, Arash enjoyed a troubleless life with his parents and his older brother. however his peaceful childhood life faded when bandits attacked his family during one of their trips to Capital City. his Father Harold and his brother Ariel died that day, leaving his uncle Herbert in charge of the 15 year old boy and his mother. his uncle was a kind hearted banker in Capital City, but Herbert gave up his job in Capital City and chose to come to Hearthglen to take care of what was left of his Brother's family. When he became 18 Arash continued his father's job as an apprentice blacksmith. things were getting back to normal but after a few years rumors of undead uprising spread in Lordaeron, The 23 year old Arash shortly after seeing Prince Arthas for the first time, witnessed his mother and uncle being turned into undead as result of consuming plagued grain. he joined Arthas' defense of Hearthglen as militia, showing an unusual talent in combat and survival. he was among the few who survived the attack. his combat skills caught the eye of Raymond Eastfield who was, at that time, one of Uther's knights. Raymond along with a few Knights were ordered to stay in Hearthglen and defend the town from any further attacks, Arash joined the militia seeing that he had no family left and had no purpose in his life anymore.

    * Expedition to Kalimdor :

    Raymond wanted Arash to stay in Hearthglen but Arash opposed the idea, saying that he had enough of that town and he wanted to go as far away from that place as possible. he sold what his family had in Hearthglen and joined Jaina's expedition as a blacksmith, he didn't care about the expedition's purpose nor their destination. thus this is how Arash joined the troops who followed Jaina to the forgotten lands of Kalimdor. During his service he befriended with a newly recruited Paladin, Edward. Edward became Arash's close friend despite the fact that he was nothing but a blacksmith. after months of sailing Arash and the rest of the expedition finally arrived at a strange land known as Barrens, Edward would sometimes use his freetime and teach Arash the fighting techniques he knew during his years of training. Arash's quick learning was something that impressed his close friend and mentor, and his hidden potential and cunningness proved that he could be more than just a blacksmith. Edward convinced him to join the military and become a warrior. "You're born to kill, not many people have that in them." Edward would tell this to him several times when they met everyday. months passed and the 24 year old Arash was now a skillful soldier in Jaina's army. shortly after the fragile alliance between Horde and Alliance was made Arash and Edward were placed in regiment which was under the command of a harsh Orc commander who had no love for Alliance. they were tasked to defend an outpost in Ashenvale from the undead and the savage Elves (night elves). their regiment came under heavy attack from the Undead, the Orc commander ordered the Alliance soldiers to hold the line but once he saw the Undead were overwhelmingly strong he didn't wait for the Alliance troops to fall back, thus ordered the Horde troops to man the demolishers and throw the incenerating barrels on both Alliance and Undead troops. seeing that their death was imminent, Edward used what powers he had left and called uppon the light to save his friend from harm, a Divine Intervention was cast at the cost of Paladin's life. hours later a group of Night Elf patrols found the half dead and badly burnt Arash laying on the ground among several undead corpses, they took him to their camp for interrogations. weeks passed and the young warrior damned his life, the light, and everything he could hold responsible for the events that happened to him. he merely survived the excecution when the Night Elves joined the newly formed Alliance to defeat the burning legion, Arash couldn't join the fight due to his injuries and mental state.

    * After The War :

    When the war ended Arash was nothing but a mindless soul seeking vengeance, but he didn't know who was responsible for his miseries. he had no family, no home, nothing to care about. still carrying the burden of his former commander's treachery he hid his burnt face behind a wooden mask and never let any parts of his body to be visible to anyone.
    the Night Elves allowed the bad tempered human to stay in Astranaar as long as he didn't cause any harm to them, he lived there for 2 years, making a living in Astranaar by hunting animals and blacksmithing. he even accompanied Raene Wolfrunner a few times in patrols and became a trustworthy blacksmith around the town, repairing the sentinel's gear and forging new weapons for them.
    But the life in Astranaar didn't last long...a few years after the war he was approached by a hooded woman from Theramore, and disappeared the very next day. traveling to Stormwind along with her and later becoming who is now being called "Raven".

    (well WoW happens 4 years after W3 so I guess Arash was 28 during WoW events and 32 during WoTLK events so he must be 32 currently)

    (EDIT : I've added his "age" during events.)

    (EDIT : Added his guys are picky...sheesh! )
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    Very good job, mate. I like it a lot.

    The only thing that bothers me is a lack of time stamps. I'd like to know when in his life these big moments happened, without consluting a timeline ^^

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    and the troll has already been taken care of

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    I love having a twin!

    Love the bio, great enthusiasm!
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    Although you can kind of figure it out, you didn't put what race he was
    Other than that, I like it

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    wew, you added the time stamps!

    though I somewhat agree with Valakin; it's obvious to me that he's a human, but it's nice to see it directly said :P

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    Yeah, I was wondering what race he was too. Then I saw SI:7 and was like, yep.
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    1st south park garots... now happy garots... next one must be overdramatic seinen manga garots...
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