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    Base Races - Suggestions for the Future

    "More customization options for non-Allied races are not planned on the near horizon.
    There is no immediate plan to give existing races Heritage Armor like Allied Races, but it is a good idea that could happen in the future."

    That was from the new Q&A, but after seeing the Allied Races, I really want this to happen. Perhaps we can put together a list of improvements to make to the original races that give them the same attention to detail as the Allied Races. Here are just some opening suggestions:

    Human: Potential new body type. Maybe something culturally distinct for Stormwind humans.
    Night Elf: Heritage armor is a must. More feral appearance choices. Animal features (claws, antlers, etc.) as character options and not just armor. Tattoo options for male and female. Honestly, I'd go as far as to say that the current night elves become a Shen'dralar Allied Race, and the basic night elves be replaced with one that plays up their post-Sundering culture a lot more.

    Orc: Clan tattoos and other clan features from mag'har added back to the base race.
    Undead: Potentially less decrepit body type. Maybe something culturally distinct for Lordaeron humans.

    In General: I think the ship has sailed on this, but I want to mention it anyway. With the Allied Races allowing different class options for race variants, I kinda wish we could take back some of the Cataclysm class options. Night elf mage would be better as a Shen'dralar Allied Race option, and dwarf mage, warlock, and shaman would have been better as options between the Dark Iron and Wildhammer clans, but not on the Ironforge dwarves.

    Speaking of, as cultures are made more distinct through Allied Races, I think it would be appropriate to make it more clear which variant of a race that the basic choice is, like Stormwind human, Ironforge dwarf, or Undead Lordaeron human.
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    They said in today's QnA that it would be something they would like to delve into in the future. Not a planned feature now but I have hopes.

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