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    I decided it would be a good idea to build up a list of some of the longer RP's we've done, so new roleplayers had examples to look at, or even for people to just have a good read. For the sake of keeping it short-ish, I decided to just add RP's that were ten pages or longer, as I thought that would be a good size to get atleast a nice amount of plot etc. for people to read, instead of getting the start of a story that just trails off after a page or two. I will try to update this every now and then. Also, would it be possible to get this stickied? Otherwise it'll just get lost in all the threads.

    In The Face Of Death Itself 200+ Pages, longest running RP on here. Dead.
    Ethereals Bargain 21 Pages, kind of leads into the above. Finished.
    Barrens War 33 Pages, cross-faction war. Finished.
    The Undercity 11 Pages, Horde RP. Inactive.
    The Fall Of Stormwind 19 Pages, cross-faction war. Finished.
    Fray Island 19 Pages, fighting tournament. Finished.
    War For The Wastleand 30 Pages, empire-based RP. Finished.
    The Cursed Tower 12 Pages, Karazhan RP. Finished.
    Assault On Naxxramas 11 Pages, Naxxramas RP. Finished.
    Lightbringer Hallas and the Pools Of Eternity! 10 Pages. Still running.
    A New World 23 Pages, Colonization RP. Inactive.
    Shadows Of The Past 10 Pages. Still running.
    Lordaeron 18 Pages. War RP. Inactive.
    Fall Of The Lich King Still running.
    The Highlands 25 pages. War RP. Finished.

    Let a Moderator know if there are any more 10+ page threads that need adding.
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