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    Question What mount you ride the most?

    Since I have my Chopper I sometimes log in just to see it and ride it, which mostly turns out into 5 hours of BG's.
    I love it and I can't think (atm, maybe there will be nicer landmounts) of another mount I really, really love to ride. It's my first MP-mount and it is awesome to carry someone in my sidecar!

    But now to my questions:

    What is...

    1.) The mount you ride the most and which you already have. (Land and Flying)
    2.) The mount you want the most!

    For me that's
    1.) Mekgineer's Chopper and my Purple Netherdrake
    2.) Invicible

    What mounts do you like???

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    Depends on toons but probably frosty carpet, azure netherdrake and headless horseman

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    Right now I ride the Drake of the North Wind the most because it looks really awesome in shadowform. I also like the Blue protodrake though shadowform hides what one that is

    I still really want the Green protodrake ><

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    Fancy $25 star horse, cause i paid for it so yah i am gonna use it, to do otherwise is a waste of money.
    Sandstone Drake

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    Recruit-A-Friend Rocket.

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    Star pony on the pally, turbo copter on the hunter, whatever was cheapest @ the time on the other toons.


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    1. Onyxian Drake
    2. Vial of the sands drake

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    Headless Horsman's

    Invincible, because everyone wants a horse you can't see

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    Swift Snowy Gryphon, but at 310% speed, because I am not a cheap ass when it comes to perks that are useful, but buying mounts is a waste of gold imo.

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    1. Onyx Netherwing Drake
    2. Black Qiraji Battle Tank (DUH!)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Stings View Post
    Recruit-A-Friend Rocket.
    I just wanna comment that your signature made me lol very hard. xD
    Best fake-achievement ever.

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    Mimiron's head.

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    1. Swift Olive Raptor as ground, Rusted Proto Drake as flying.
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    2, I want thrall to carry me on his back

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    Amani war bear as ground and albino or onyx netherwing drake as flying, i would like to get a green proto

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    Favorite land mount that I have - Skeletal Raptor, just got him last night
    Favorite flying mount I have - Mimiron's Head with the Ulduar and ICC drakes in a close second (10 and 25).

    Most wanted - Archaeology Battle Tank

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    My sentimental favorite is my black war kitty, first pvp mount i ever got early in BC, but my favorite ground mounts are my baron rivendare mount, winterspring tiger and white hawkstrider, i have a chopper but eh, its ok. If i really want to go old skool i ride my Charger, i worked hard and spent alot of gold for it. (Back when it was a level 60 pally quest) As far as flying mounts go i havent used a gryphon probly since i got a drake...but my favorite flying mounts atm are the twilight and black drakes from the 3 drake zergs in OS.

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    My bronze drake because I'm an unique snowflake who is truly original. Forgot land, and that would be my ravasaur or my brewfest kodo.

    The mount I want the most is the green proto-drake.

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