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    My cat, her name is Snickers. I like to think of her as a petite cat :3

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kuja View Post
    ohmygodwhatarethose? their eyes, they look like their almost staring through youbut their cute

    Quote Originally Posted by Revelations View Post

    My cat.. he likes to eat.. and sleep.. and that's pretty much it ;o
    looks like the saying atleast as a caption, "Whose awesome, YOUR AWESOME"
    just.. fits perfectly

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    Quote Originally Posted by artem123 View Post
    ohmygodwhatarethose? their eyes, they look like their almost staring through youbut their cute
    They're Sugar Gliders. Cute, but expensive, pets. They're not really the greatest of pets for everyone, but if you can spend the money on the things they need, and dedicate a few hours a day to spending time with your sugar glider, they can be interesting, rewarding pets.

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    This my 6 month old German shepherd.

    Her name is Sura

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    My Japanese akita - Bimbo

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    This is Kona, he is my beast and I love him.

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    imageshack. (space) us/photo/my-images/339/img2531i.jpg
    Dexter, didn't know that she was a girl until she had this cutie below.

    imageshack. (space) us/photo/my-images/840/dsc00109hg.jpg/
    Beethoven :P

    Can't post any links yet :s

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    Quote Originally Posted by Vidal View Post
    Mordaren can you/a mod pls cut the images from your post? Rather annoying all 6 of them have to load and makes pge take ages to load...

    My camera isn't too good and without flash the pictures would look horrible...

    Splash and Adel, not together so had to have 2 pics :< They're the same age but look nothing alike in size, although fur pattern and colour they are similar.

    Rata (fur) and Banats (hairless) in their house. They look kinda sad cause of the flask :<
    My cat looks exactly the same :O and is so cute :P
    Always look on the bright side of life

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    You asked for it. Most of these pics are like 4 years old, as I don't have any more recent ones on my computer.

    First, the group pics.

    My first 3 dogs. Black is Rosie, fluffy is Barley, and husky is Starlight.

    Now for my current pack. Still have Rosie and Barley, but got 2 new additions. Husky is Stardust, little brown one is Honey.

    All grown up. Rosie, Barley, Honey and Stardust.

    Starlight as a little puppy (that's me with my head shaved). She was 6 weeks old in this pic.

    Starlight, 1 year later. We had a big snow in Feb of 2008. She loved it.

    Starlight's face, close up. She was born Jan 15, 2007. She died June 19, 2008. She had cancer. Worst day of my life. I am still tore up about it.

    Barley, the chow/german shepherd mix. She is 10 years old, and the sweetest thing in the world.

    Barley looking out over her domain.

    Barley with her winter fur almost completely shed. She is very photogenic. Never a bad photo of her unless she moves.

    Rosie puppy. She was 3 months old here, I think. She's a black lab/golden retriever. She lost all that gold fur except under her ears.

    Rosie sitting in their "dog house" (the garage, it's cleaned up a lot more than in this pic). She's 5 years old, almost 6.

    And here's Rosie in the short lived doghouse, with Stardust making a cameo. We had to tear it down because there was mold in the ceiling because of the rain, despite the attempts to keep the rain off.

    Stardust in the garage. She's a siberian husky. She turns 4 in March.

    Stardust posing for the camera. She's iffy on getting pictures taken.

    And Stardust close-up, with her evil eyes (thanks to the flash, the pupils of a blue-eyes dog turn evil red).

    Honey, my almost 4 year old golden retriever. She turns 4 in march as well (born 10 days after Stardust). She's smiling for the camera.

    My mother's Chihuahua, Princess.

    My parents' chihuahua/mini schnauser, Slipper.

    And my parents' 1/2 border collie mixed with something, Squirt.

    And these are just the dogs. We also have kitties.

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    This is my prime cat. I found her on the wall of the football stadium complex in 1997. She's now 15 years old. One of her canines fell but she's as evil, playful and smart as always. Her age does start to show though, she doesn't bring me dead birds at the door anymore as gifts or jump from outside up to the house window when it's open... pity cats don't live more then 20 years normally
    As you can see from picture, she's black with a brownish hue. Her namy is Riti (spelled Ritzi).

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    Glad that this thread is back. Full of cute animals and occasional cute girls.

    "King Varian, you wish to make war on my people!? You shall have your war, human. You will see the fury of the Horde rage through your cities. You will see your throne split in two! This I swear!" -Thrall, patch 4.2.0

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    This is my man panther. Preparing to feast on the souls of his enemies!

    His enemy:

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    This is Chili, she likes to sit on my shoulder when I walk around. She also likes to destroy me and my boyfriends computer chairs.

    This is Pepper. He is very shy around strangers and does not like being picked up. But he falls over as soon as you pat him, it's just feels too good!

    They are cutest when they sleep next to eachother.

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    how do you link a picture (in my docments?

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    This is Oliver. He, too, is a shoulder rabbit.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Juubo View Post
    My heart... HNNNNNNG.

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    Cut it out folks. More happy pet posting, less rawr.

    If you want to take this discussion (nicely) to a new thread, be my guest.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Heartnet View Post
    Hahaha, gulliable and brainwashed? No, the facts don't lie do they?
    Pitballs are generally the most dangerous breed here in the UK (there's a reason they're banned you know!) Chavs and egocentric little twats who have to overcompensate by having big dogs always have the same breed...I can't remeber what it's called off the top of my head, and it's nearly always those that are in the news for biting people.
    They're being raised wrong, I agree that's the reason, but they are an inherently dangerous animal in the wrong hands.

    I don't see how you can call someone brainwashed and gullible, that's frankly really, really pathetic, when you have one nice dog, that doesn't make them all nice either remember.
    I have a picture for people like you:

    It is all how they are raised. A Golden retriever is an inherently dangerous dog in the wrong hands.

    Anywho, now for some pics of my kitties.

    That's Tub. He turns 17 this year. Still kinda acts like he is 2.

    And there's Fuzz. I call him "huge fat Fuzz" because he looks hugely fat. But he really isn't. He weighs only about 17 or 18 pounds. He looks like he should weigh 30.

    I have 2 other living kitties, but no pictures of them on my computer. I also have 9 kitties that have died due to old age or some kind of sickness. I miss them all.

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    Guess I better contribute to the topic as well! These are my dogs, Charlie and Zelda, always being silly-butts.

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