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    bickyburger is teh way to go
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    I eat buffalo burgers with gluten free buns. Onions, lettuce, avocado, tomato, ketchup, specialty onion mustard, sometimes sprouts, and cheese(usually colby jack, pepper jack or provolone). Along with vanilla soy milk.
    So, my burgers are different. They are messy and they are good. Involves alot of napkins. Oh and this is done at my house. There are no fries. There is no soda. Do I think about WoW? No.
    If I'm still hungry(or a little while later), I grab myself some gluten free cookies and more milk.
    I don't eat much fast food(gluten intolerant if you haven't noticed). But when I do, its usually panda express or subway salads.
    You may be thinking, damn that sounds boring/gross/bland, etc, but in reality, it's all very tasty.

    P.S. I just got done eating bananas dipped in chocolate for a snack. Very yummie!

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    I eat big macs, Open the box, tip my chips in the half without the burger, then ram as many in my mouth as possible and eat as quickly as possible as they go cold quickly, then I straighten up the burger as much as possible as its always lopsided, and dig in. Gotta love the special sauce!

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    In soviet Russia hamburger eats you o.0

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    Quote Originally Posted by Amnesiac View Post
    I don't eat crap food.
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    I usually just eat the hamburger(s) without fries. Hamburgers are too good to combine with other lower classified types of fastfood!
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    If I get the burger and fries at the same time, I will eat the burger first. If I have to wait a bit more for the burger, then I will finish my fries before starting the burger. That's pretty much all there is to it.

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    I tear mine to bits...... Then eat the chippys :3
    Hai there ^w^

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    First I open up some BBQ sauce or ketchup, and have a sample dip using a fry. Then I unwrap the burger ever so slightly, just enough so I can take a bite. I don't let my fingers touch anything but the wrapper, as I am a germi-phobe. I alternate between biting the burger, and then the fry. I don't put the BBQ sauce or ketchup on the actual burger, I dip it in so I get precisely the perfect amount per bite. Oh! I almost forgot the drink! First I sip my drink, then the fry, then another drink, then bite the burger, then drink, then fry, then drink, then burger, then drink........

    I think I should probably make an instructional video on this process, as it is somewhat complicated, and I know you are all incredibly interested, and strangely turned on.

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    I don't eat hamburgers, I drink my herbalife and eat a banana.
    PvP or GTFO.

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    Thanks OP...I'm Very Hungry now. :<
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    I eat my hamburger with a spork.

    All hail the mighty spork.
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    I eat the bread first then lick the ketchup from the meat. Then eat the meat.

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    Really depends on where the burger is from as well as how it is made (size/type/etc)

    Lets take into example a Fuddruckers or Hugh Jass burger (usually in between 3-5 lbs of meat) I will eat them patties first, then condiments. Fries and buns last.

    If we are talking about something small such as a Angus 1/3 pounder from Maccas or a triple from wendy's then usually a few bites and its gone. So in short wrapper on and the burger goes down the hole.

    I speed eat not really on purpose just a force of habit so yea it depends entirely on the meal.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MiniWill View Post
    I eat my hamburger with a spork.

    All hail the mighty spork.
    Best answer.

    I eat mine like a typical human. I hold it up with my hands, and take a bite.
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    Chips then Burger, leaving the burger for a while builds a good bit of anticipation!

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    i have a thyroid problem so i just eat a shit ton and dont gain weight so i sit there and get about 6 cheeseburgers from mcy ds and stack them up to 2 burgers and insert fries in between all of the patties. it looks weird and probably sounds it to but its sooooooooo good.

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    I throw it all together like a baws.. first you opent he muthafudging top then take those fries and dip 'em in your favourite type of sauce, YEAH YOU HEARD ME! ANYTHING. then you take those sons of potatoes and mash them ontop of that poor lil piece of cowflesh that you call a beef.. now take this monstrosity of a thing and dip it in your milkshake, cus cokes for pussies! now star devouring this magnificent piece of art you just created.. thats how I! eat my burgers..

    or you know just take a bite of the burger, then have some fries, then shake, then back to burger.. yehknow whatever I'm feeling like

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    Carefully and slowly, to enjoy the deliciousness.

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    eat the hamburger untill its about 30% left and then starting to feel sick and stop eating it, meow

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