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    [A] Silvermoon <Opposition> 10man Guild! 9/12

    We are a 10man guild focused on progression and looking for a few more warm bodies to come raid with us!

    We started raiding January 4th and are 5/6 in BWD, 1/2 Tot4W, 3/4 BoT. Last expansion we cleared all content up to 11/12 ICC10 heroic. We are focusing on Cho'gal at the moment. We currently are looking for dedicated players to raid with us.

    We are currently looking for:
    Unholy Death Knight
    Surv Hunter
    Restoration Shaman--with Enhance offspec*
    Balance Druid--with Restoration offspec
    Holy Paladin--with Retribution offspec*

    *please not you might be raiding as this more often. It is a little fickle atm.

    1/2--Throne of the Four Winds
    3/4--Bastion of Twilight
    5/6--Blackwing Descent

    Raid Times:
    Thursday: 6 to 9pm server time
    Saturday: 6 to 9pm server time
    Sunday: 6 to 9pm server time

    Required Mom jokes during raid: (dad jokes are optional)

    We are really just interested in decent players who can commit to our limited raid schedule.

    A few general stuff. We do have vent and do require you to use it. A mic is not required but strongly preferred. We also do have a Website which is brand new and I require reading and posting on it because no one wants to hear speeches during raid time. We also do have some achievement minded people in our guild so we will be going after all raid achievements and even some of the pvp ones in our down time.

    Now if we sound like your type of guild and you would like to apply head to http://opposition.wowstead.com/recruitment to apply. Follow the link on the main page please.

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