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    Ok, so in my copy Frodo and Sam are having a meal with Faramir and Sam gets to talking and mentions that Boromir wanted the ring and that it was probably in Lorien that Boromir decided he wanted the "Enemy's Ring". From there Faramir works out that Boromir probably tried to take the ring by force and that Sam and Frodo escaped somehow. It is a couple paragraphs after this that he says the bit about even if he found it laying on the ground he would not pick it up.

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    Quote Originally Posted by verdamte View Post
    Could be Mithril but if i remember right they where traveling light and incognito other wise they would have been stripped in one of the first chapters. I think we will se all the Dwarfs - including a clan from Iron Hills in full plate in the probally epic finale though. Which is one of the main reason i want to watch the movies. That, Smaug and offcourse Beorn when he goes berzerk
    I am pretty sure that they did not have Mithril in their possession until after Smaug's lair. My impression was that they were sort of poorer dwarves on the outs trying to reclaim their old riches.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Arlee View Post

    I am pretty sure that they did not have Mithril in their possession until after Smaug's lair. My impression was that they were sort of poorer dwarves on the outs trying to reclaim their old riches.
    I think you are right - i could imagine that certain highwaymen they encounter in the beginning of the journey would go crazy had they found Mithril on the dwarfs

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    Not sure if anyone seen this already. Production Video #2

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    Quote Originally Posted by moaradin View Post
    Not sure if anyone seen this already. Production Video #2
    I haven't. Thanks man!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fuzzzie View Post
    I haven't. Thanks man!
    Yea I hadn't either, yay!

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    Does it reveal any behind the scenes that would potentially fall into the category of "spoiling the magic"?

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    kalgan could play smeagol....even GC could get a part too. they both look like something out of LOTR.

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    Doesnt reveal anything most the time there talking about looking for locations to film at.

    Enjoyed the watch

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    I saw part of a forest and almost closed the video :3 So I think that'll probably be the last of the pre-film behind the scenes I wind up watching, it was cool to see though.

    And I'm absolutely dumbfounded at how beautiful New Zealand is

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    It is pretty ridiculous that NZ has so many beautiful places.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Skizzit View Post
    Pffff... Who needs Aragorn when you have Bard. They are almost the same character. Having Aragorn would overshadow Bard. Besides the fact that The Hobbit takes place more then 60 years before LOTR. Aragorn would not even be born yet. The elves being there makes sense since they live forever. There is also alot that happens behind the scenes involving the elves and it only mentioned in passing in The Hobbit. I have a feeling this is the area Jackson is going to expand upon to make the book into two movies.
    Aragorn is actually incredibly old. He is around 80 at the time of LOTR trilogy... So yea, he was probably around

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    Quote Originally Posted by Teroseth View Post
    Not trolling in the slightest (I like how my post saying i'm not looking fforward to it seems redundant when in the thread there's people going "squee! so excited!" and such and not giving reasons as to why...same thing really...but I digress), to elaborate, Peter Jackson is a terrible director. I respect the cinematography of the LOTR trilogy, the forced perspective and sets were a great moment for cinema...but in my opinion, thats the only thing the first movie had going for it. Second movie, I can't even remember anything. Battle at Helms Deep was the highlight and it was the most generic tower siege that could've been plucked from any fantasy setting. Third Movie, I've never actually been able to watch the whole way through, it's so turgid and uninspired.

    That said, it's not all his fault, as you can see from my third reason, it's bad because it's based on Tolkien. Tolkien was a linguist, he studied languages, he was so good at it he could even invent a few of his own, with proper grammar and syntax, and to be honest, I can respect him for that. But his stories are terrible. He rambles on and on, to the point where it goes beyond being even a stream of conciousness style of writing. At times, it looks like he's being paid per word, because there's just so much unnecessary description of inconsequential fluff in his writing.

    As for it being a prequel....I just don't like prequels. Too often they're just playing on people's appreciation of the original piece of work, normally on one of the fringe characters who's developed a cult status.

    Of course, that's all just my opinion of the franchise.
    Perhaps you should stick to comic books then?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Proxeneta View Post
    Aragorn is actually incredibly old. He is around 80 at the time of LOTR trilogy... So yea, he was probably around
    The journey started when Bilbo was like 118, so The Hobbit takes place almost 70 years before The Lord of the Rings. So at that Aragorn would have been a young boy. I know there is somewhere in the books or appendices where Gandalf mentions recruiting a young up and coming ranger, Aragorn, to help him track down Gollum after The Hobbit.

    Keep in mind that in the book, after the joint birthday party Frodo winds up waiting like 7 years for Gandalf to come back.

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    I like to kiss hobbitzzzzzzzz

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bobzor View Post
    Perhaps you should stick to comic books then?
    I should what? Why? What have comics got to do with anything I've said?

    Aside: Those pictures of the it just me or is anyone else reminded of klingons?

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    I am looking forward to this, I read the Hobbit 15 years ago so I kinda have to recap again before the movie comes out.

    On a more excited note, I am looking forward to seeing the four main dwarf characters. My fav fantasy creatures.

    Dwarf love here <3

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    Three more Dwarves revealed!
    Bombur, Bofur and Bifur:

    Holy hell Bombur looks hilarious!
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    Looove the Dwarves!!!!

    Can someone post the Fili and Kili pic?

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