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    Patch 4.2.2 now available on Test Realms

    Update - Added official notes from the patch files.

    Patch 4.2.2 now available on Test Realms
    Patch 4.2.2 is confirmed'ish and now available for download to anyone who tries to connect on test realms. No signs of community managers today yet, we will most likely have to wait before we get any information on testing and/or patch notes. The PTR servers aren't online yet.

    World of Warcraft Patch 4.2.2 - Patch Notes
    Originally Posted by Blizzard Entertainment
    Dungeons & Raids
    • The visibility of Ragnaros' Dreadflame ability has been increased.
    • The size of Ragnaros' hit box during the final phase of the Heroic encounter has been increased.

    User Interface
    • Raid Frames should now remember whether they were shown or hidden upon subsequent logins

    • Players using multiple accounts should now be available to be invited to a Real ID Party.
    • Attempts to purchase Arena Season 10 items should no longer sometimes cause a client crash. (Korea Only)
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    Hmm, wonder what they would have changed

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    Don'T really see the point of a PTR build for an Occuthar achievement and a load of tooltip fixes...

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    No wonder the download turned Red instead of Yellow after I restarted. I was like wasn't this on Yellow before I tried to login? Didn't noticed it started on 4.2.2

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    PTR for bug fixes? That's new

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    That would be the reason im curious to see what this one has in store. I can't really believe all they would do is that :/

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    Can i already use Portugues language on PTR?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Butler Log View Post
    Don'T really see the point of a PTR build for an Occuthar achievement and a load of tooltip fixes...
    Ret buffs? :trollface:

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    Theres no servers up tho? new "screen" when u lanch the game tho

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    curiouser and curiouser

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    There's now a Portuguese option language in the PTR Launcher. If you select it and press OK, the launcher becomes full of TRANSLATE ME.

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    Quote Originally Posted by thegoodrogue View Post
    Ret buffs? :trollface:
    Rets are fine. Give them more dmg and they will dominate in PVP again and then will be nerfed back. PVE'ers be happy that some of the BEST guilds are still using Rets on heroic Ragnaros, check Flash from Vodka, for example.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ForsakenFrodo View Post
    PTR for bug fixes? That's new
    Probably a PTR for bugfixes plus anything new they're planning on doing/adding for Brewfest/Hallow's End this year. If there's anything client side they need for those events they might want to get it dealt with before they move onto the 4.3 PTR series.

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    Thank the lord for that Raid frame fix. I was getting really, really tired of them popping up every single time I join and raid or BG.

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    The PTR testing is most likely for the guild rename features that we're shown in the last news post. Or the BR language pack 'testing'.

    Anyways, This still keeps happening, Anyone know of a way to get the PTR launcher to reconfirm whats needed to download? This doesn't seem right. Can't download 7.8 gigs worth of data on a unstable, 100 kB/s wifi connection... ;_;

    EDIT: Found a way to reduce the amount needed to download to about 1.8 gigs... only works though if your PTR and retail build are the SAME exact build number I think. Gotta rename the data folder in the PTR folder temporarily till you're done. Than, copy your /Data/ folder over to the PTR installation (which should have 'Data_OLD' folder or something. Give it ~5 mins to copy the ~23 gigs, then copy the contents of the old in the Data_OLD folder into the new Data folder (so that you can connect and patch with the PTR), than delete in your WTF folder. If it works, relaunching the launcher will have it down to ~2 gigs worth you need to download. (which is still high i think, but better than it was for me). By now, you can delete your old Data folder if you wish.
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    class balance for the love of god. based on my exp limited to 2 firelands hc 25 kills.. pve balance is decent not in need in much attention except maybe for arms taste for blood bugged gcd talent. pvp wise this game needs some serious attention.

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    I am hoping to get a revamped AQ20 with this one, anything alternative to ZA/ZG, yet has greater availability(LFD tool) compared to raids would be nice

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    Patch Notes are short for a new PTR

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    proly not full notes yet ? i hope there are some class changes in this patch :/

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    Portuguese language pack testing, as Bareno said before.

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