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    monster madness

    so i recently moved back home, (thanks a lot American economy), and to my surprise, this house is divided on something so trivial but fun to argue about; ZOMBIES, WEREWOLVES, OR VAMPIRES. in this household of now 6, i evened it up in a 3 way tie between the 3, (werewolf guy myself).

    i would do a poll on this but i'm so noobish i don't know how. lol

    interested in what yall would choose. or something else all together!

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    Werewolves. No not some Twilight thing, I mean the werewolves that would fucking rip your face off as soon as look at you.
    Death would be a welcome embrace.

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    Well... if it's not the sissyfied Twilight idiot vampires I would think they would probably win, because they would be smart enough not to take the werewolves on directly and find other means. However, say a werewolf, a zombie, and a vampire were just dropped into an arena and had to fight to the death... I'd say the werewolf would win out. He'd prob do enough damage to the vampire that he wouldn't be able to get out of the sun before it came up.

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    In a fight? Fave movies? What would you like to be? you were not too clear on this.

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    In a fight I'd go with a werewolf since they're basically humans with the ability to shapeshift into humanoid-wolves.
    Zombies can be outsmarted easily since they're dumb as shit. Who's to say a werewolf isn't allowed to use firearms and just barricade themselves?

    And against vampires, well vampires would get a stake through their heart and their head ripped off.

    In movies, I prefer zombie films. They're far more fun to watch.
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    Ive always liked vampires the most.

    Werewolves and zombies are very close seconds, though.

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    zombies, in almost all incarnations, tend to be slow and stupid, mostly gaining power in numbers. I choose them primarily due to twilight destroying the reputation of the other two.

    could we get a poll in here?

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    If its twilight, ponies would probably beat all, but in reality those 3 don't exist (cwatididdere?)

    But seriously I want vampires to win but werewolves have always been more powerful than vampires in any movie I've seen.
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