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    I suppose priest use this tactic the same way Shaman's use Riptide, which if you dont know increases the cast time of their next two spells.
    Or similarly the way a druid would use regrowth if properly speced into Natures grace which grants 15% spell haste for 15 seconds with a 1 minute ICD.
    Oh, I'm not saying that it isn't useful. It most certainly is. It just isn't "on demand" like, say, PI. BT is a bonus for casting PW:S, and as such really cannot be calculated into the speed of casting spell1, when you need spell1 to be hasted "now."

    Where it shines is in burst, especially on a single target, for combos like PW:S->Penance->GH/FH. To throw out a PW:S for the primary purpose of gaining BT for your next cast time spell, however, I think is misinterpreting it's function.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wablakin View Post
    The fuck are you talking about? Did I miss something in 4.2? Crit is still worse than MST > HST, HST > MST, HST = MST. Why are you telling people to ignore haste? The best throughput that after int? I hope you're joking.
    Crit is not worse then mastery, critical heals benefit from mastery and mastery benefit from critical heals aswell. Haste is easily capped with FL gear so enchanting/Gemming for it is a bad idéa. Duo to the increase in critical heals Divine Aegis absorbs more and if you lived under a rock for the last years you should by now know that Disc priests are about shielding people not spamming fast heals. And as Spiritus mentioned BT is used when an momentum where fast healing is required, also PI. And if you even have an moment where a GCD is an issue someone is doing something there not supposed to do. Also Penance does not consume BT so you got all the time in the world to throw a greater heal afterwards.


    Don't got for haste since with the gear and raidbuffs you will still be haste capped or extremly close without having to bother about it, and for the love of god realize that disc priests are ment to shield ppl not be glofiried paladins

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    Quote Originally Posted by [-Spiritus-] View Post
    This still gets me when I see it. Exactly how do you count BT into the haste equation for the spell you "need" haste on when you must use a GCD to gain the buff?

    1. Oh crap I need haste on Spell1
    2. Cast PW:S
    3. Cast BT hasted Spell1

    Unless Spell1 is, like, a 20sec cast, casting PW:S to gain BT to cast a hasted spell is slower than actually casting the spell with zero haste.

    <Sorry for an additional post missed yours>

    I never have that kind of issue seeing as ive balanced out both crit and mastery so i get DA shields alot, and can usually let go of my primary heal targets to PW:S an dps taking dmg and quickly heal em up afterwards. And GCD Aint rly an issue with an pw:S on the target and atleast 1 more healer helping out with the person who goes low, which most healers react to annyway. Currently im running with around 10% haste fully raid buffed and im ranked one of the best disc priests on EU-Argent Dawn, most of my heals comes out from my absorbs which is how generaly disc healing should be

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