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    Its clearly V for Vendetta
    "Only Jack can zip up."
    The word you want to use is "have" not "of".
    You may have alot of stuff in your country, but we got Lolland.

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    The new priest set will forever remind me of .

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    Hey, look, it's Enoch... from Forever Knights.

    Now seriously: TOTALLY AND COMPLETELY venetian costume.
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    It's the best set ever imo. I like it alot. Fucking awesome. I just got the urge to start playing WoW again and level a priest

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    You will look like Nazguls in shadow form
    Some would say Wild Mushrooms are like landmines. I see them as atomic bombs on a ten second cooldown.

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    i'm sorry, but in my openion, it is ugly as f*ck :/

    yet another tier with helms not being displayed for me. i miss the absolution set so much

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    Locking this thread. We have an explanation...

    Quote Originally Posted by blizzard
    Priests (and paladins for that matter) are often the most challenging classes to design ‘badass’ armor sets for, in contrast to the death knight and warlock, whose underlying concepts demand the unquestionably cool dark and sinister approach.

    In this instance, however, the design asked for a bold, two-tone, ‘Venetian carnival style with creepy, soulless black eyes,’ which gave me a powerful, potentially edgy direction to explore. The set’s ‘Dying Light’ theme was visualized as a spiked, setting sun motif.
    If you wish to continue talking about how awesome/horrible T13 is:

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