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    Help to improve my dps output Ret pala 673ilvl


    As you guessed im looknig for tips and advice into getting the most out of my paladin, i see a few awesome dps paladins and i want to get much closer to there numbers than what im hitting at the moment any tips are much welcome.

    You can see all logs via the links below.

    Regards and thanks in advance.


    Edit - okay issue as i cant link urls just yet... im on Kazzak Eu, and in the guild Iron Edge, logs can be found on warcraftlogs, sorry damn mmo blocking my using links till i posted a few more times.

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    Better if you link in Ret fix my dps thread

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    I'm going through your logs and it looks like you do pretty good damage. I noticed your damage was low on mythic twin ogron so I went in and checked out what could be going on. I'm looking at your highest dps pull on mythic twin ogron and your opener looks really weird. It goes something like this:

    Str pot

    This is a really funky opener. First of all you are using 3 holy power generators before you even use Holy Avenger. This is a dps loss since you have AW ticking down at the same time. A better opener would be:

    Str pot

    This is the opener I use on ogron. Right from the get-go you are hitting hard and cleaving hard. A single target rotation would be the same for the most part just minus the DS (Unless I get a free DS proc).

    I would suggest creating a macro to pop all of your CDs at the same time. If you don't have Scabbard of Kyanos yet I would seriously think about getting one. They should be cheaper now that the race for mythic HM completion is just about done and that trinket is still BiS for most of BRF.

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    Feel free to continue the discussion in our existing thread, thanks!
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