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    Quote Originally Posted by Ivan017 View Post
    Considering it was tuned for much higher iLvl than what most guilds are rolling in there with (463, was tuned for 480-496 on beta?) it is nice to see a normal mode that isn't completely face roll.
    It is SO MUCH FUN! I was not expecting normal modes to be this fun nor exciting. Obviously it is because we're undergeared, but the fight itself seems completely and utterly doable with 463-ish gear, it just requires people who understand everything that they're doing in the fight and doing it correctly.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Applenazi View Post
    Yeah that's true, two pages of people that never pulled the fight telling me to read the dungeon journal was extremely helpful, no idea why I wasn't more friendly. Thanks for your insights, you make a good argument!

    Pretty sure there wasn't a single useful post in the two pages of drivel, but like I said in the post I don't know what I was looking for considering only about 50 guilds have even seen the fight, although as someone that seems to write in drivel yourself maybe you can extract information that I am unable to see within the garbage.
    That includes the posts that you made as well.

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    Haha reading the rager warlock on the wow forums linked in this thread was a great read. Relax a bit dude and don't take yourself so serious, you aren't that good.

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    Quote Originally Posted by cherb View Post
    That includes the posts that you made as well.
    You mean the post I made where I asked if the health value was correct in relation to the enrage timer? Hmm, that seems like a pretty straight forward question to me, care to elaborate as to how it is drivel? Feel free to take a few moments to look up the definition of drivel before you respond as it may assist you.
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    Every post you make fits on the gordo granudo template. Settle down, tubs.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Desh View Post
    Clearly you've never heard of Adept...

    Too bad they no longer exist...Suit Up is a shadow of its former self.
    Weird, my deleted Warrior still shows up on the list o.O

    On-topic, and to what I said in the thread:

    The boss health on 10M is perfectly fine and a well-tuned enrage timer. It just requires fine-tuning of the strat and maximizing DPS as much as possible. This was the first time I've enjoyed a normal mode in a long time, it was a really nice change for it to not be completely faceroll.

    <- from somebody who killed the boss; please do not nerf this.
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    Not bugged - juts really tight.

    You want 5 good dps (~70K on other no buff, stand still bosses) with good burst and or multi-dotting to smash down energy charges. Helps also if you have a shockadin who can do 10K dps :-P

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    It got some steep requirements for normal, as said earlier.

    Elegon; Video 25 man normal mode (alt and mains mixed).
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    Very refreshing to see some challenge in the game again, this bodes very well for the upcoming Heroic modes. The fight does seem like a rather large DPS check, the mechanics seem simple enough, just a very intense fight.

    I have some footage of my guild, Nightwatchers on Outland-Eu, 3-4 attempts - We start at around the 2 hour mark on the video.

    Just started up streaming so any feedback good or bad is appreciated, how I could improve quality, music choice, UI etc etc. If you really like what you see than a follow would be greatly appreciated, thanks in advance!

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    Quote Originally Posted by eddytheone View Post
    Just wait til Europe gets its hands on it : >
    K i waited.....and nothing.

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    Hate to post more of the same, but yeah, the DPS check is pretty extreme. Too hard (on 25m) of a fight for normal modes probably. I'm not saying it is unkillable, I'm not saying that I *want* it nerfed, but I am saying that I think it is harder than Blizzard intends normals to be. I would be shocked if there isn't some sort of nerf within the next 7 days, whether it is a health nerf or increasing the debuff provided by the sparks. But hey, I could be wrong.

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    It's not particularly hard. It is a fair enough DPS check for normal modes but there are a lot of guilds who could have killed it but who are instead running multiple raids with alts to 4/6 then will combine later to clear it out with mains.

    It's a really fun, well designed fight that I can't wait to see on HM.

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    Definitely just a dps check rather than a bugged fight. Only got a few pulls in tonight and had him ~30ish% when he enraged, no lust and sloppy transitions. Shouldn't be too hard to push that extra dps when his stacks are high.

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    It requires miracles or you to have your epic weapon and off-pieces from faction vendors.
    That is for high-end guilds, for lower-end ones, it will take LFR-level gear equip to down him.

    However, the bleeding edge-raiders will down him without those.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kritch View Post
    Looking at Wowprogress... SOOOO many guilds 4/16.

    So My question is:

    Is this fight bugged, Or is it really just that hard, Or are people just farming trash?

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    No one knows?

    For us it was actually getting farmed by trash...

    We wiped more on those trash than on any previous boss, and just called raid off after ~40mn ><

    at least we won't complain about trash on Ultraxxion for quite some time now !

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    It's an absolutely atrocious fight. We're having to bench melee simply to meet the timers and that's not what normal is supposed to be about.

    His health will be reduced to proper values in a short time

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    Quote Originally Posted by laserguns View Post
    1) Get decent players
    2) Get decent gear
    3) Drop a healer
    4) Get 10 stacks on boss
    5) profit?

    Silly to call it "hard" after it being up for 1 night on US realms only imo
    Isn't that the standard now, if you don't kill it in 5 pulls it's hard?

    I also wonder if the people that say it's too hard even have the best gear they can get. Is it really that horrible it takes a little longer to clear because of a gear (dps) check?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bethan View Post
    For us it was actually getting farmed by trash...

    We wiped more on those trash than on any previous boss, and just called raid off after ~40mn ><

    at least we won't complain about trash on Ultraxxion for quite some time now !
    Wow 40 min, I see you really tried.

    I guess expectations are only going up. First everyone can clear normal in a month and now people complain when they can't clear it in one day.

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    2.1mil raid dps

    beat enrage by 19 seconds.

    Yeah it's pretty overtuned.

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    Quote Originally Posted by hasslehoof View Post
    2.1mil raid dps

    beat enrage by 19 seconds.

    Yeah it's pretty overtuned.
    Ultraxion normal had a dps check when it was first launched, so did Maloriak and a few others. You can 1) Play better 2) Gear up more 3) Wait for the inevitable nerf

    I think the quality of the playerbase has declined, half the guilds probably haven't realised you're supposed to face the boss away from the raid yet.

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    Quote Originally Posted by hasslehoof View Post
    2.1mil raid dps

    beat enrage by 19 seconds.

    Yeah it's pretty overtuned.
    Sounds like a good deal to me. There needs to be a dps check, even on Normal.
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