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    Divine Intervention oh wait...

    I'd have to go with cleanse. I hope it works on cancer as well.

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    Chain lightning....

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    Mmm... I like Blink or Portal. Flight form isn't so bad, but it's kinda weird being a bird.

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    Hard choice between astral recall, farsight and summon succubus =/

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    Soulstone 10char

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    I'd have to go with flight form, imagine flying a girl on your back over something like Paris.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DarkAztaroth View Post
    Hard choice between astral recall, farsight and summon succubus =/
    lmao, aka summon blowup doll =p

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    Quote Originally Posted by Delion View Post
    I'd have to go with flight form, imagine flying a girl on your back over something like Paris.
    getting her ready for the sexy time.

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    Resurrection, of course. Maybe even a battle rez.

    Other than that, I'd like one of the healing spells, or even cleanse.

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    Definitely flight form or portals.

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    Chaos bolt.
    But in all seriousness, I'm surprised no one has said Reincarnate yet, so I'd pick that.

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    I wonder if Dark Simulacrum could work in an "observe and learn" kinda way...
    But probably something like Death Grip to grapple stuff to me. Might be neat to experiment with pulling myself to locations too (unless you're really saying I can pull on a rooftop and bring IT down rather than the reverse... which would still be awesome). Fling myself around the city like Batman or Spiderman, grapple myself to cars...
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    Either mind control or Demonic Portal.
    Both would be great of course I could teleport to work and enslave my co-workers.

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    Hand of Protection.

    Making myself or other people immune to all physical damage is too good to pass up.

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    That mage ability (name slips me) where you go back in time.

    Say the wrong thing? go back! About to get hit by a car? go back (assuming you've got the reflexes )! Ate something so delicious you want to eat it again (apparently this is the story for the plants vs. zombies 2 game)? go back!

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    Probably avatar, one day i am walking in the high school hallways, then out of nowhere i get into a fight... all of a sudden i am a giant greyish colossus ready to knock him out.

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    Summon food !
    (Conjure Refreshment Table)
    End world hunger !
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    hearthstone for sure.

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    Blink, make crossing the road a lot easier and walking somewhere I'm general a bit quicker.

    Portals would be good too but they only go set places so no idea where they'd go IRL.

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