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    I like your tastes Aronaz.

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    tsjuder - malignant coronation

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    He who has a why to live, can bear almost any how.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Terminuss View Post
    The amount of crap coming out of his mouth at the beginning of this video just made it unbearable to me.

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    Yeah the rant at the first is a bit much and stupid but the song is still a pretty good one.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Samee7a View Post
    Amazing - kanye west
    Good song.

    Band I haven't listened to in years:

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    Old but still rocking my socks of!

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    I am addicted, damnit!

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    I just bought that DVD and I'm amazed! It's just so good!

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    Forever In The Dream Of Death (part 1) - Aldebaran - Embracing The Lightless Depths

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    Heard yesterday during an Ulrich Van Bell mixsession and needed to look it up

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lawri View Post

    I just bought that DVD and I'm amazed! It's just so good!
    Tarja is an angel.

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    MGMT - Kids

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