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    Sending out Scrolls for EU, pm me your details

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    Can someone send me a Scroll of ressurection? And an transfer to Runetotem EU?
    Im gonna pay around the 20th. PM me, not gonna put details in here.

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    I can't pm you but if you pm me i'll send you one right away


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    If anybody needs to be ressed on Ravencrest-EU just PM me

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    sending out scrolls for us ally message me

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    Looking to RaF someone, any US realm (Preferably PvP). Email me at Snewhall39ATyahooDOTcom

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    Sending out scroll of res on us-realms. Can do it from any realm so you can transfer or if you come to korgath horde i will give you 20k upon reciving my mount. Pm me!!!!

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    I need SOR on US-realms (anyone). sminorini [at] gmail com


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    Quote Originally Posted by Trancarth View Post
    I need SOR on US-realms (anyone). sminorini [at] gmail com

    Sent. Please resub.

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    Hey can anyone send me a SOR. US..will pm email.

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    Looking to Recruit to US realms!
    I have RaF Experience. I have almost 5 level 85s on my main account (DK, Pally, Druid, Shaman, and an 84 Warrior) and have been playing WoW for about 3 years now. I have a guild on my main realm (Azgalor-Alliance), but I could get us into one on my druid's realm (Kel'Thuzad-Alliance). I'll supply gold up to 85, willing to level up to 5 (possibly more, if you'd like). I am in CST.
    Please have skype/vent+mic.
    Add my skype: keik_a

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    Quote Originally Posted by Selvari7 View Post
    Hey can anyone send me a SOR. US..will pm email.
    Are you still looking?

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    email: cacamanfred(at)yahoo.com

    looking to receive a SOR for U.S.

    ill try to buy some gametime by this wednesday or friday
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    Quote Originally Posted by 6crew View Post
    I need a SOR

    I'll try to buy some game time by this wednesday, if not then friday.

    Email: mcvikram502(at)yahoo.com
    EU/US server?

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    U.S. my bad

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    LF a SOR in US, preferably from Area 52 (Horde) - sunnyr at gmail dot com.


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    Looking to Recruit someone. I'm on US Servers, Alliance - Darkspear!

    I am willing to level up at least 3 Characters. We can get to level 80 in about a week.

    I can supply a level 25 Guild and Gold.

    If you would like to do this, add me on skype, "xdomey"

    or add me on WoW. My real id is xdomey (at) hotmail . com

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    Quote Originally Posted by sunnyd View Post
    LF a SOR in US, preferably from Area 52 (Horde) - sunnyr at gmail dot com.

    Scroll of Resurrection sent. Please consider paying for one month of game time so that the both of us can obtain the mount.
    Alayea - Enhance/Resto (Main) Lithala - BM/Surv Gekkani - Disc/Shadow
    Mathrie - Fury/Prot Mayae - Resto/Bal Elita - Frost/Blood
    Chrystie - Frost/Fire Draika - Combat Ioreth - Ret/Prot
    Vexbolt - Demo/Destro Yin - WW/MW Yolis - Vengeance

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    Looking for someone to send me a SoR - will be paying most likely so a mount is in your near future. Can't PM yet so just send if you could! Thanks so much!

    m4.sousa at gmail dot com

    Black Dragonflight (US) - Horde

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