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    21st Birthday drinking game idea?

    My housemate is turning 21 on Wednesday I'm struggling to think of any drinking tasks for him to do, I've looked online but a lot of them seem pretty tame.

    The plan is to have a party at our house before heading off to a club. I'd prefer not to make him do 21 shots of tequila or other things that will make get him so drunk he can't come out.

    Anyone got any ideas?

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    You could to drinking games based off of TV shows, or play Kings, Up/Down The River, Flip cup.. tons of stuff that's fun :P

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    I guess just play some games and drink a little before you go to club. If drinking too much, you couldn't have so much fun as expected.

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    Beer bong.

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    Don't drink. Stay in bed and drink hot chocolate and watch cartoons.

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    This is really cool. Thanks!

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    I play this cool game called "Drink the beer."

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