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    Appears to be active speakers.
    Off-centre highlight on the tweeter makes me think it's the A5+.
    Googling those, I think you're right. I use the passive P4's for my home theater. The knob and light give away that they're probably P5+'s.

    How is the sound from the P5+? How's the bass? Do you play the Witcher 3? if so, how is the sound volume? I've had issues with it being super damn quiet.

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    Yup, Audioengine A5+'s. I pair them with an S8 subwoofer. Witcher 3 sounds great to me with the combo and the bass is great.

    Fans are quiet as they are all PWM. It only get loud if I'm stress testing or running a benchmark CPU driven.
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    Quote Originally Posted by DeltrusDisc View Post
    Big Star Trek fan eh?
    Star Trek haha

    Setup looks great by the way!
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    Updated my setup. The new setup is in my signature
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    may as well throw this in to rebump this thread...

    people challenged me when I posted my X99 and 980 Ti's to get bigger monitors...


    challenge accepted, or something. I figured...hey, I just spent a ton of money on fancy video cards...may as well tank their FPS with 7680x1440...
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    You are a legend thats why.
    Quote Originally Posted by Izalla
    Oh Tradewind, you're so big!

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    I hope Acer cleaned up their act prior to the manufacturing of those...
    Yeah it's going to be a bit of a roulette game once I get them open, but if they're all solid, they should be amazing. Buddy has had one for a while and it's fucking beautiful.

    edit: he's right too, these are fuckin amazing lol
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    You are a legend thats why.
    Quote Originally Posted by Izalla
    Oh Tradewind, you're so big!

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    Not much of a hardware change but more of desk update, I'm sure there was a thread on just show your desktop however can't seem to find it if there was one.

    Old desk setup;

    Setting up the new one;

    Quite happy with the new desk, looking into a new speak amp next year after my trip to japan but the this looks better and has more usable space with that extending section of the desk and the awesome cable trunking thats part of the structure for cable management.

    Desk is Ikea malm with pullout.

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    Got a new high paying job so i will be building this soon...


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    Memory (RAM)

    Graphics Card

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    Processor Cooling
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    Looking forward to it

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    Quote Originally Posted by Thorianrage View Post
    Not much of a hardware change but more of desk update.
    What's that screen model called?

    Quote Originally Posted by DeltrusDisc View Post
    I like how that looks!

    Every time I see someone post with an IKEA desk it makes me want to go there more... we have a HUGE IKEA store nearby, actually.

    In fact, it's the one WOWCrendor loves going to...
    "Fishing with DeltrusDisc" next episode?

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    I've tried chatting with Crendor, but he's honestly not one to reach out in response to fans much at all. I've gotten a word or two with him and he liked one of my video responses to one of his Q&A videos a few years back, he posted a smiley face... =/

    "Fishing with DeltrusDisc's dreams" more like. :P

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wries View Post
    What's that screen model called?

    "Fishing with DeltrusDisc" next episode?
    That monitor is the AOC Q2963PM, its 2560x1080 and was one of the few 21:9 monitors out before this year, got that well before any of the 3440x1440 monitors, think I've had it like for year and a half now at least.

    Lol well this desk was perfect to me, cable management built into the structure which is awesome and the extending sectioning which oddly enough was my requirement for a desk plus no wobble, the cable management part was a huge bonus.

    You should just stalk Wowcrender and have a impromptu interview at Ikea.

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