Patch 4.0.3a (most likely) this week
As far as I know, Patch 4.0.3a is still supposed to be deployed this week but I'll wait a little longer before I go crazy on confirmations and super huge front page posts.

Rested XP before Cataclysm
Originally Posted by Valnoth (Blue Tracker)
Rested experience will be reset at launch. You will start at 0 rested.

Cataclysm Factions Pages
I wanted to wait the release of Patch 4.0.3a before pushing the rest of the Cataclysm content to avoid confusions on what is/isn't released but I assume that factions pages won't do any hurt. This is a first draft, I might add more information before the actual release of the expansion.

Darkmoon Faire Fortune Wallpapers
The Darkmoon Faire Fortune page has been updated with 2 new wallpapers.

The MMO Report
It's monday, time for your weekly dose of MMO Report!

Teh Gladiators #186 + #187 is out and ... Dark Legacy isn't, apparently.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Affectionate View Post
    you will not be able to faction/race change to one of the new combos (lookin @ you Mr Belf Warrior) you WILL be able to make a new belf warrior, but changing an existing character to the new combo's is disabled untill Cata's launch.
    Doesn't the interview say you can?

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