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Update - Looks like the escapist took the article down, probably went up earlier than expected.

Rogue Legendary and Patch 4.3
Another interview showed up today in The Escapist. The most important part is the Rogue Legendary dagger and new raid level difficulty, but the important points are all below.

  • Rogues will get a legendary dagger and exciting quest line to go with it. The lore for the dagger has not been decided upon yet.
  • Looking for Raid tool raids will be easier than normal raids using a new level of difficulty (Looking For Raid).
  • The Looking for Raid tool will only work for 25 man raids, not 10 man.
  • Players will get different achievements and loot from doing Random Raid mode, no normal mode achievements or perks will be gained.
  • This will introduce players to the content and mechanics of the fights so that they are more prepared for an actual raid.
  • The new five mans will have tighter story integration with the Deathwing Raid than Icecrown Heroics did.
  • The Dragonflights will work together to help take down Deathwing.
  • Deathwing's random zone burning will continue at least until the end of Patch 4.3.
  • They might be talking about Pandas at Blizzcon.

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  1. Vehemence's Avatar
    finally! a rogue legendary
  1. Scyo's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Zechs-cenarius View Post
    Yeah and Thoridal was amazingly BiS for the time with hunters as well...
    Aswell as for Rogues
  1. Spotnick's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by SpartanG01 View Post
    You forgot "Atiesh, Greatstaff of the Guardian"

    Tarecgosa = Priest, Warlock, Mage, Druid

    Shaman = 1
    Shamans can use Tarecgosa too.
  1. Jahrastafari's Avatar
    My money is on this being a steaming pile of fake.
  1. Sargerus's Avatar
    A dagger? really? Give us a tanking legendary!!
  1. muto's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by daylanhammer View Post
    speechless in a bad way.

    edit:blizzard is going to lose all the hardcore players and they dont care!
    No they won't because hardcore players don't play for loot, but for the challenge.
  1. Onzay's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by RevanSparda View Post
    A dagger? really? Give us a tanking legendary!!
    they already sead they will never do that...
  1. Alayea's Avatar
    I was hoping for another legendary agility weapon, but not as a dagger...
  1. Doorsfan's Avatar
    Mislead information and misleading links - 404 on Interview and everything points out to that this is 100% fake. Blizzard would not literally go "oh lol, we wanted legendary. for 1 class. 4 serious." and have no reasoning to back it up - beyond that - I smell that news were so slow that 90% of this News post was made of fake/irrelevant information.
  1. SmokeyIllidan's Avatar
    Fuck rogues. That is all.Ferals deserved something, argue that. I dare someone.
  1. Sargerus's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Onzay View Post
    they already sead they will never do that...
    Care to say when? I remember at Blizzcon in the Lore panel that they want to make a legendary for Tanks, but is just a little difficult to implement due to DKs. But they never said they will never make a tanking legendary
  1. Bjarne's Avatar
    I thought Blizzard said daggers were too small to be a legendary 'cause they wouldn't be so impressive in the visual effects...But hey, I'm not complaining, just means I have to start to do raids. A dagger makes sense for rogues because that's what Blizzard wants us to be using.
  1. jinjin's Avatar
    The only legendary assassination rogues and sub rogues could use was thori'dal. (their important abilities REQUIRE daggers) I agree feral druids and enhance shaman are due for something, but shaman and druids can use the legendary that JUST came out. and tank classes can use the legendary that came out just before that. and healers can use the legendary that came out just before that. so this leaves hunters and rogues, and at least the bow was usable by all hunter specs. also according to wowwiki: Daggers are trainable by all classes except Paladins and Death Knights. so who knows, maybe it will be a dagger that works with feral, enhance, and perhaps a decent stat stick for hunters. or maybe its all fake.... ~Jin p.s. forgive me if I double posted, opera wasn't happy.
  1. Durandro's Avatar
    LFR seems interesting. I'm guessing the reason for 25 man is that you'll need fewer tanks and healers per dps. The easier difficulty suggests normal modes will become more challenging. And the different loot, well who cares about that? You won't be interested in it I'm sure. As for Legendary Dagger... Pass. It'll probably look like a sword anyway, and will annoy more then 90% of the population, so I'm doubtful about this claim. Change to a 2.6 speed Axe, Mace or Fist and I'll be more impressed.
  1. Oradraffe's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by ZenX View Post
    ...and we DKs end an expansion with no proper love, only hate from the community thanks to Blizzard's epic idiocity, might aswell quit the game... To be more accurate, we have been literally begging for some class fixes since beta which Blizzard totally ignored and kept breaking our class while patching with further unbalancing, we are subpar in raids and PvP, and broken in many of our aspects, yet even though how mages, rogues and such classes faceroll both these aspects, we still get to be the most hated, with not getting a legendary(I've been a DW DK since 3.2 and been forced to go to 2H, yet I'm still DW and only legendary we've got are some RNG drop glaives from content when we didn't even exist) if tier 13 is as irrelevant as our t12(let alone its bug look rather than the supposed "elementium dragon"), my 13€/month being cut will be the first of many.
    DK's had shadowmourne...if anyone deserves a Legendary it should be a staff or polearm for Hunters/druids...
  1. Knaar's Avatar
    The simple fact that the original article got removed mean you shouldnt believe anything they said.
  1. SpartanG01's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Spotnick View Post
    Shamans can use Tarecgosa too.
    I know that but I was under the impression using a staff was a no-no for shamans in lieu of dagger/shield? (I could easily be wrong, it's just what I thought)

    Quote Originally Posted by Oradraffe View Post
    DK's had shadowmourne...if anyone deserves a Legendary it should be a staff or polearm for Hunters/druids...
    Would that be like Atiesh/Thori-Dal? (Druid/Hunter legendaries)

    I don't think any class should be getting a specific legendary. I think it should address the content, spec in that order. Shadowmourne was an obvious. Did Melee need another legendary not really but the legendary of that patch obviously had to be something-mourne and a melee weapon I guess you could have gone caster sword but then only Mages/Warlocks would be able to use it. There is only one healing legendary and Shaman's have only had one they could actually get some use out of (less than any other class if my above quoted statement is true if not then disregard this) so whatever legendary they make should have a healing theme and be usable by shamans. Dagger/Shield (Healing Axe? That'd be a huge hit with Paladin's I'm sure, being able to venture outside of maces lol)

    Or you know they could go balls-to-the-wall and make a legendary that at some point during the quest line you can go either DPS/Heal/Tank with? With Str/Agi versions for DPS?
  1. Clockwork Pinkie's Avatar
    I guess that means after cata, no more "Stood in the fire" achievement. >
  1. Boogles's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by XeroFour View Post
    Yay a dagger legendary that forces me to play a spec I hate. No thanks, they had better do something so it can be used as combat.
    yeah it's called an offhand :3
  1. arubis's Avatar
    lol. we don't have a rogue in our raid))with staff you had like tons of possible candidates, but with dagger.. this is sooooo bad:/

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