Season 11 Armor Sets Models Preview
Something interesting happened in this patch, PvP sets now look awesome. I've spent the past couple of seasons posting arena sets with a "meh." feeling, but I have to admit that some of those look ridiculously cool (check the Paladin set, seriously). More complete previews will be available soon.

Death Knight










Patch 4.3 5-Man Dungeon Loot Preview
One of the 5-man dungeon is open for testing on test realms and we now have a better idea of what loot to expect. If you missed them yesterday, don't forget to check the fight previews from the encounter journal!

Level Type Spec Slot Name
378AxeMeleeTwo-HandAxe of the Tauren Chieftains
378AxeSpell SpiritOne-HandCrescent Moon
378BowMeleeRangedWindrunner's Bow
378DaggerMeleeOne-HandJagged Edge of Time
378MaceMeleeOne-HandDragonshrine Scepter
378StaffSpell DPSTwo-HandJaina's Staff
378ShieldSpell DPSOff HandWard of Incantations
378PlateMeleeChestBreastplate of Sorrow
378PlateMeleeHeadCrown of Epochs
378PlateMeleeShoulderTemporal Pauldrons
378PlateSpell SpiritLegsTime Altered Legguards
378PlateSpell SpiritWaistWaistguard of Lost Time
378PlateTankChestBreastplate of Tarnished Bronze
378PlateTankFeetChrono Boots
378PlateTankHandsGauntlets of Temporal Interference
378PlateTankLegsBloodhoof Legguards
378PlateTankWaistGirdle of Heroes
378MailPhysical DPSFeetDead End Boots
378MailSpell DPSLegsTwisted Greaves
378MailSpell SpiritHeadEchoing Headguard
378LeatherPhysical DPSChestDistortion Chestguard
378LeatherPhysical DPSHandsGloves of the Hollow
378LeatherSpell DPSHeadTimeway Headgear
378LeatherSpell DPSWaistCord of Lost Hope
378ClothSpell DPSChestRobes of Fate
378ClothSpell DPSLegsTime Traveler's Leggings
378ClothSpell SpiritChestWhisperwind Robes
378ClothSpell SpiritShoulderMantle of Time
378TrinketTrinketVeil of Darkness
378TrinketMeleeTrinketHeart of the Pit Lord
378TrinketMeleeTrinketRosary of Light
378TrinketPhysical DPSTrinketArrow of Time
378TrinketSpell DPSTrinketLight of Lights
378BackPhysical DPSBackCloak of the Banshee Queen
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  1. dirkaah's Avatar
    I am so dissapointed with the shaman. Wow it just looks wow. That last two sets were okay but this is bad.
  1. Dewragg's Avatar
    wow blizz that season 11 designer needs to be " let go" ... epic fail
  1. Norlamin's Avatar
    Shit, all the sets look a hell of a lot better than the PvE ones.
  1. caninepawprints's Avatar
    I have to say those PVP sets are very impressive. I wish some of these were actually the Tier sets!
  1. Tinicus's Avatar
    Food for thought

    1.) Blizzard knows that Transmogging will be out with the 4.3 patch and they have already shown the community their T13 design, but they still don't want every paladin to transmog to T2 and run around screaming "OMG IM SO COOL AND L33T WOOT WOOT WTFROFLCOPTER GET TO THE CHOPPA!" so they come up with a brilliant scheme.

    2.) Blizzard hires an outside artist to design the Paladin Season 11 gear. The meeting happens in a dark damp underground parking garage for the fear of the repercussions if word got out they outsourced an artist. They all wear masks of former U.S. First ladies for anonymity.

    3.) This artist creates something so amazing so godly people swear it was drawn by god himself. Blizzard has succeeded in they're scheme, but realizes that this set doesn't fit at all with the falcon theme of the past seasons so they decide to scrap that design completely for all classes.

    4.) The new PvP season sets created for all other classes are thrown together quickly just to make sure they do not resemble the previous season sets in any way. This shoddy craftsmanship shows when compared to the work of the pally season 11 armor drawn by god.

    5.) The community is in a uproar at the sight of this. Seeing the pally season 11 gear causes unrest and incites chaos. Everyone now has a new and common enemy...... The paladin...... Out of jealousy and fear of not wanting to be inferior (although they already are for their lack of a bubble) everyone rerolls a paladin.

    6.) All 12million WoW subscribers reroll to paladin and lvl to 85 and now transmog everything to season 11. The World (of Warcraft) ends..... with the sound.............. of 12 millions paladins fapping to their amazing lookin season 11 armor set.

  1. dzy's Avatar
    Tinicus, you schuld leave the game for a while or get some professional help. good luck!
  1. Krysler's Avatar
    Theres more detail, a greater variety and the colour combos are pretty nice. Playing a pally main am definitely awesomified to the set, blue look especially. Got to be a possible favorite and still imbiding a pally feel.Get them designers on some pve gear design! Or just swap the pve and pvp looks.
  1. Kiro's Avatar
    That's a funny scenario Tinicus, though there are far from 12 million subscribers anymore. And it probably won't hit that number ever again. But, that said, that paladin armor is "OK". But when you're fed sub-par amateur artwork for years, anything "OK" looks 10x better than it is.
  1. Xerix's Avatar
    The Paladin set is incredible. Some others are very, very good too.
  1. Turboface's Avatar
    Hey Tinicus, we both know that everything in 1-6 is pure bullshit, but I'm gonna clear up some things for ya.

    Even if the art team was filled with new artists, they've been there since 4.2. The art style and detail on the new pvp wolves and horses introduced in 4.2 is similar to the models of t13 and s11, and the day they were posted here we had the same reactions as the sets had now. People seem to forget things like that.

    There was a blue post stating that Blizzard wont use the introduction of transmog as an excuse for future crappy modeling, cuz the current sets one day will become a legacy and people will want to wear them for the nostalgia. So far the word is kept.
  1. mmathes339's Avatar
    Hmmm, a caster/healing axe. Interesting choice, but I kind of like weird weapons like that. Kinnda like the caster fist weapon from Naxx. My shammy and pally when healing would look cool using it.
  1. Cromica's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by kogden4 View Post
    good, im glad this gear looks better than the pve gear. pretty sure pve isnt too difficult cause you know, you stand there and dps, move if your standing in something and continue to dps. pvp is much harder; therefore, they should make the gear look cooler, in which they did. Thanks bliz for the epic rogue s11 set
    You have no idea what you are talking about, lol at pvp being hard
  1. Beachcomber's Avatar
    Sorry but I think most of these sets look horrible. Well, the DK and Warrior sets look alright. I'm just not happy with how the shaman or druid set look.

    Thankfully they can be transmogrified!
  1. Arokfridr's Avatar
    Paladin looks stunning!
  1. Vallius's Avatar
    The Warrior and Hunter sets look way too similar. I hope Blizzard changes one of them :\
  1. gorkos's Avatar
    well at least the warrior set looks better then the last 2 seasons . not much but better
  1. abb93's Avatar
    Am I the only one who is wondering about the Windrunner's Bow? Agility, haste and EXPERTISE? What the hell have Blizzard been smoking when they came up with that brilliant idéa... Maybe it's just another rogue specific item they put in the game.
  1. Leare315's Avatar
    As much as i usually gush over tier sets the following is an unmistakable truth:These sets are most definitely, without a doubt diablo 3 themed. The paladin is based off tyreal/the player UI, the warrior is a barbarian. What this says to me is this is a one time deal. We may never see sets of this level of "seriousness" ever again. It isn't some outside artist, blizzard hasn't been making sets like this because they're not "warcraft." I now invite the entire wow community to weep with me.
  1. Dunefire's Avatar
    WTT artwork from T13 to S11 on pally T13, will tip with sexual favors!
  1. TheEaterofSouls's Avatar
    My main pallys name is Sapheroth. Thus I shall always refer to this awesome set as The One Winged Angel armor! :P

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