Pandaren Special! Character Creation and Emotes!
A lot of people are interested in the pandarens, here's a special news just for the panda lovers out there.

  • Character creation is definitely a work in progress, and so far only the females have the red panda + tail variation. We'll track any update in future patches.
  • Emotes are also in progress, the female is still missing a lot of them but it's perfectly normal in early stages of the beta. No dance yet.

You should definitely check the emotes video at least, the art work on Pandaren animations is pretty impressive and look like they will be a refreshing change.

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  1. Da Baws's Avatar
    I'm guessing they haven't finalized the dancing yet. I can't wait to see what they are.
  1. Malico's Avatar
    male emotes are so win.
  1. Ickabob's Avatar
    The animations are so fluid and lifelike, especially in the females. Its like looking at a whole new game, that old race model revamp can't come fast enough.
  1. mmocca74b49ed2's Avatar
    i wanna see these clips..but keep getting "video unavaible" just like the previous ones...any idea why?
  1. epiccollision's Avatar
    "Character creation is definitely a work in progress, and so far only the females have the red panda + tail variation. We'll track any update in future patches."

    maybe i am mis-remembering but i strangely recall the red/tail option was female only..but i could be wrong.
  1. Foto's Avatar
    male pandaren /rude... i htink i may have nightmares
  1. deanmoney's Avatar
    I want to see the males also get the red version as well. But beyond that I think both should have maybe 4-5 tail options like how draenei have horn options. So I can have a black/white male Pandaren with a long tail if I wanted. So a combo of both for the most available options.
  1. Ferret's Avatar
    i really hope the other character models get updated to this standard.. my human is just going to look so 80's next to a panda
  1. mmoc3685815356's Avatar
    Extremely impressed by the new animations, I love how much detail have gone into the male's facial animations too.
  1. Kathranis's Avatar
    Male pandaren have red panda skin options which aren't currently available for customization, but there are some NPCs with it, and random premade characters as well. The tail's not yet implemented, which is probably what they're waiting on.
    Quote Originally Posted by Tribunal View Post
    Ugh, I was really, really hoping the facial options wouldn't be just markings.Need structure changes too! I want to be able to be snarly OR bubbly, not just forced into bubbly.
    It's not done yet. Can't you guys read? They don't even have all five customization options yet.
  1. endersblade's Avatar
    I'm sorry, but the female pandas just look like fur-covered female dwarves. They have the same stance, same basic body structure. I can understand Blizzard recycling models for NPCs, mounts, etc, but NOT for player races...
  1. Ruak's Avatar
    Blizzard have been giving excuses with 'time', 'resources', etc, since the dawn of time. "We know this is wanted, we really want to do this but it takes up a lot of resources so we don't know when we can implement it". Character models have been in the scope of the community for years probably. What was their art team busy with in terms of Cata? 5 new skins and mediocre sets and 95 other reskins? The company has the most resources, human potential, know-how and whatnot of any other developer out there, yet they're the slowest, and I really mean it, by far the slowest content-releasing mmo developer out there.

    What annoys me the most is that all their promises are kind of the small carrots on a stick that drives the playerbase into paying the next and the next monthly sub in hope of receiving the beloved update sooner rather than later, but we always end up waiting for ages till they fix stuff (and sometimes this stuff is rather obvious). Example - Ret paladin rotation and its crappyness. Even on the PTR people kept reporting it's shit, it's random, it's clumsy, it's annoying. Devs said "no, that's not true, just try it out properly on live, you'll see it's good". It goes live, reaction the same, a month later Blizzard admit "yeah, ok, Ret rotation is crappy, but you have to wait till next expansion till we can fix it as we can't introduce a fix now".

    I mean... For real? And I kinda have the same feeling about new animations and models that people want. I don't think it takes YEARS to update them. But the Pandaren animations are sick (really good, I just have to admit it), so why not introduce another carrot on a stick? 2 months later they put 1-2 races updated. What do people do? Reroll alts cause they really want to play with a newly animated toon. Bam, 2 months of gametime payed. A few months later they introduce 2 more races. What do people do? Right - roll alts again, as the urge to play such awesome animated toons is too irresistable. Bam, 2-3 more months of game time payed.

    And there you go, only because of this you can have literally millions of players subscribing long-term. Easy way to milk out some more cash with less effort than necessary. Add the other part of the solid fanbase who plays no matter what, add some new additions like pet combat (oh noes...) and you keep a playerbase subscribing without actually providing enough content for the bucks they're paying. Sorry, but I still keep my opinion about Blizzard as low as possible and this just kind of confirms it.

  1. Fermion's Avatar
    I demand Blizzard introduce Panda-only areas to all communal places in WoW; cities, quest hubs, flight points. This way the old character models will not burst into tears every time they see just how expressive the Pandaren models are.
  1. Hobb's Avatar
    The emotes are some of Blizzards better ones, but if you watch Kung-Fu Panda almost all of the male ones are copied from the movie.
  1. Alayea's Avatar
    The new animations are very good! The quality is a nice step up compared to the old races' and it ought to be great for role play due to said quality.
  1. Niobe's Avatar
    The wave is adorable!
  1. Shawaam's Avatar
    Did anyone else think that the female emotes combined with that haircut made them look like fourteen year old cosplay girls? xD
  1. Faisal's Avatar
    mind = blown i cant help but imagine what forsaken model/animations update would look like
  1. Lemons's Avatar
    I really liked all the animations! I lol'd hard when I saw the female pandaren's laugh. It's like that typical Asian girl laugh. It makes so much sense, but I wasn't expecting it.
  1. Tierbook's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Desareon View Post
    calling it right now, Female dance will be

    And, I'm going to commit suicide.
    the heck did i just watch.... also the male /rude is awsome

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