WoW Down to 6.8 Million Subscribers
Blizzard had their Q2 2014 earnings call today, announcing that WoW is down to 6.8 million subscribers. This is down 800k from the Q1 2014 call that listed WoW at 7.6 million subscribers.

  • There are now over 1.5 million preorders for Warlords of Draenor.
  • Hearthstone on the iPad has added millions of new users to Battle.Net.
  • There have been over 20 million copies of Diablo III sold, counting both the base game and Reaper of Souls.
  • There was a decline in subscribers quarter over quarter, which was disproportionately concentrated in the East and was similar to the seasonal decline experienced during the second quarter of 2012, prior to the launch of the most recent expansion later that year.

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  1. mmocff59137b32's Avatar
    Wouldn't like to break it to anyone but it's still 6 times more than any other game
  1. khazlol's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Snorri View Post
    Summer time
    Good weather
    A lot of players are taking a break from WoW until Warlords of Draenor gets out
    this. and no new content for almost a year
  1. 3clipse's Avatar
    It's amazing that nearly 10 years after release (this November!), the game is "down" to 6.8 million subscribers. Really not surprising though - I think this is probably the worst content drought in the history of the game. WoD can't come soon enough.
  1. Dakhath's Avatar
    I figured it would be a lot more, this is one of the most boring periods of WoW since it came out.
  1. XeroD's Avatar
    So subscriptions are now down to the exact number that I started to play 8 years ago. Spooky
  1. Bonkbonk100's Avatar
    They will have my sub back once the pre-patch before WoD hits is released, can't go fast enough.

    Still 6.8 is low for WoW. Yeah yeah, we've heard the "butz iz higha than uther MMUS lul" excuse before, but this is WoW and WoW alone we're talking about.
  1. Kioshi's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by khazlol View Post
    this. and no new content for almost a year
    I think this is the #1 reason atm
  1. Draxz's Avatar
    Yeahhhh. haven't played in 6 months. For billions they make off this would figure they would be more motivated to get expansions out sooner. Zzzzzzzz.
  1. Grasswhistle's Avatar
    I'm not currently subscribed. Hoping I get into the beta, and besides that I'm just waiting for the new expansion like everyone else!
  1. Turaska's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Lothan View Post
    nice chart. Shows this is the first time WoW has been under 7M subs in 7 years. Kinda amazing when you think about it.
    the sub numbers are very misleading though because Asian servers can buy access for 1 hour rather than 1 month, so its almost impossible to determine how many of those subs are 1 month+ subscribers, one thing we can do though is say its less than 6.8million, probably around 3-4million actual concurrent subscribers.
  1. Durandro's Avatar
    Interesting, mostly lost in Asia again? Suprised it was that low a dip regardless!
  1. Mikehuntz's Avatar
    I feel like this is just a broken record everytime a new expansion comes out....same thread...same posts....just different title....
  1. ihyln's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by 3clipse View Post
    It's amazing that nearly 10 years after release (this November!), the game is "down" to 6.8 million subscribers. Really not surprising though - I think this is probably the worst content drought in the history of the game. WoD can't come soon enough.
    The number is pretty tragic when you consider WoW had over 12million subscribers at one point.
  1. Baneleaf's Avatar
    Just relax because the expansion launch date will be announced in 9 days and should be out by very late September or early October. There are so many people that have unsubbed waiting for warlords it is not funny. Hell my guild has had at least 15% of our players unsub and just play Diablo or Hearthstone. I would be interested to see how those numbers go up and down as WoW subs go up and down.
  1. Frozenbeef's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by derpkitteh View Post
    well, since WoD is design wise(and kind of setting wise) BC 2.0, hopefully it will continue to decline even after release. then they jump and change it into wrath 2.0 and subs start to rise again.

    i want my baby back, and wrath 2.0 is the only way to get it back.
    What's with all the wotlk love as of late.. wotlk seems to be still fresh in my mind i can remember people complaining that raids were too easy, lfd destroying the community, that the content lul was way too long, that ruby sanctrum was boring, northrend had too much snow, gearscore was alive and well, dalaran lagged, too many rep grinds for enchants, naxxx is reused etc etc
  1. Polarthief's Avatar
    And everyone called me crazy when I said we'd see some massive spikes down if WoD continues to be late.

    Q3 prediction: ~5.5M or less (assuming WoD comes in Q4, which would be October)
    Q4 prediction: ~7M or more (due to WoD, obviously)
  1. Ozolus's Avatar
    Sub decline months before an expansion hits, while there is no new content? UNPOSSIBLE! Kappa

    Damn! What will they do with that measly amount of ~$102m a month? (not including character services, shop sales, and box sales) ...WOW IZ FAIL -DoubleKappa
  1. mmoce1e4d9dec7's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Kioshi View Post
    I think this is the #1 reason atm
    Indeed, I personally went away because there's absolutely no content apart from achievements that I don't care about.

    But you know what really pisses me off? Blizzards inability to fix my server - it has been a ghost town for years now and they've done nothing. According to various WoW population sites, it's one of the lowest in EU and absolutely fucking nothing was done to even try to fix it.

    I guess money from people migrating away from it was more than people who quit. Just shows how little Blizzard values their long term customers. Absolutely not at all.
  1. Tisane's Avatar
    I'm not someone who defends Blizzard's subs-decline by coming up with several excuses and that everything will be better later on again, but I definitely blame this one on the lack of content for almost a year now. I'm still subbed, but there's nothing new or interesting to do still at this point. Just leveling up my alts for WoD a little bit every day and that's it. I suppose quite a few subs will return when WoD arrives, but I doubt it'll be a big amount. Maybe 2 mil max. No way we'll ever get back to the point of WotLK.
  1. Kryos's Avatar
    - very old game (10 years)
    - no new content since September 2013

    I guess with WoD they will get back 1 million - but WoW will continue to decline. Old game is old.

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