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    Play the beta lol

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    Quote Originally Posted by crakks View Post
    Nothing really original, just by doing BG's. Premade with guild members might help for quick wins and kills as well. I used to love world PvP but this aspect of the game is kind a dead now.
    Yea thats what I feared...Getting some 100 HKs pr. BG....ZZZzzz Bloodthirsty was so much easier back in around 2011/12.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Linkedblade View Post
    Trying to do feral and guardian mage tower appearances. Did for mage.

    Grinded Fisher friends, got all three major artifact traits. Grinded field medic. Did as much pvp as I could stomach.

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    Invasions end at launch?

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    Could just give us a junk alt name and server

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    I'm sure they will. They did it for the all lfrs so far
    Armory doesnt display statistics well. Also doesnt show dungeons.

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    I've been playing through my library of games. Currently playing Ys VIII.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Azerate View Post
    Fill time? I have so much shit to do I'm a bit sad the prepatch and BfA are coming so quickly. But then again at least I won't be bored at all :P
    hahaha sorry should have chosen a other word for that.. For sure there a plenty of things to do so you have to be bored! I felt like the time between BfA announcement and now, burned away like butter in the heat of the hot sun!

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