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    Re: A Paladin in the making (Story telling)

    The views have skyrocket today o-o, I feel intimidated!

    So I'll post what I got up to now, wanted to finish entry 10 before posting but meh.


    Give me some time, I want to finish it before posting it :/!
    Elizabeth, Paladin of Stormwind, read the story of A Paladin in the Making.
    Featuring now: Agent Vanseph, human Rogue agent of SI: 7, and Floral, the mysterious night elf Huntress
    accompanied by Hummer, ex-lion Pridelord!

    The Dog sheds its fur! It's actually a chick?!

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    Re: A Paladin in the making (Story telling)

    Watcher Bukouris then took a really deep breath as she aimed carefully, wanting to hit and damage as much as possible one of the huge wolf’s leg, when all of the sudden a shadow jumped in front of her target and slammed it against the ground with force.

    “AUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU” the figure let out an incredible loud howl as it stood victorious over the now immobile ravager. “It’s a worgen, what luck.” She then began to get up from her position in order to retreat, but then it hit her, both Watcher Brownell and Elizabeth should have gotten closer after she gave them the signal that she was ready, and could be probably in danger! The watcher quickly resumed her pose lying flat as she pointed the crossbow at the beast which was now starting to rend the beast’s hide.

    Nearby the creature, Elizabeth and Brownell stood concealed from the creature. The watcher told Elizabeth to remain quiet as she heard the beast ravaging the wolf, its head rolling over the side of the tree they stood behind of. “We got to get out of here before it notices we’re here..” Watcher Brownell thought to herself as she looked around their vicinity, with not many trees to pick for cover as they retreat, the closest being quite far away from their position. She grabbed Elizabeth’s shoulder and pointed right at the tree, whispering as low as possible “Slowly, without a sound.” And then began walking toward the tree.

    While the woman walked toward the tree, a shadow lurked from afar, looking at the whole scene. “D Worgen, Alah An Aman Anoduna Fandu’talah, N Asto’re Anu Andu Quel'dorei Dath Dieb Do Anar Dur…” she then pet the other figure that was with her inside the bushes, which let out a low roar as the hand passed over it’s head, stretching itself. The figure then moved from her position a little bit more to the right, trying to get a better sight from the side Elizabeth was in.

    Back at the two women, Watcher Brownell had managed to get behind the tree without alerting her presence to the worgen. She gave a look at the beast as it devoured the wolf’s innards, signaling the paladin to move toward her. Elizabeth felt almost terrorized hearing the monster munch, she didn’t wish to look back at all as she made her way slowly toward Brownell. As she continued walking, the sound of leaves being crushed bellow her boots was produced, alerting the beast of her presence. “Oh..” Elizabeth turned back to see the blood soaked beast lunging toward her. In a split second her reflexes kicked in and quickly her shield was in between the beast’s maw and her body, though the force of the impact made the two go right passed were Brownell had been hiding. As the watcher readied her sword, Elizabeth hit the ground, with the beast right on top of her, quickly without wasting any time, she slammed her legs against the worgen’s chest and took it off of her, allowing her to stand up.
    While the two broke in a fight with the creature, Bukouris couldn’t help it but move to a different position, as the two had landed in a place blocked by a tree. She approached the fight to get a clear sight and a better chance at hitting the monster. While she approached, Elizabeth reached for her weapon, but couldn’t find it, as it fell when the worgen collided with her, she then reached inside her armor and drew Duthorian’s old short sword to defend herself along with her shield held right upfront to guard for any attack. The worgen stood there, claws emerging from its paws, menacingly looking at the paladin.

    The beast rammed itself against Elizabeth’s shield, knocking her back slightly each time it rammed her again and again. Brownell saw the paladin’s blade on the floor, deciding to pick it up to use it herself, moving behind the monster to attack it. The woman ran the swords over the beast trying to slash wounds open, but barely did anything as the beasts hide and fur was incredibly strong. The creature slammed her with one of its limbs after her attack, hitting her and knocking her a bit away. Bukouris’ Crossbow was ready, but she was still trying to get a clear shot of the beast. “Hold that thing still! I don’t want to shoot you!”

    Elizabeth grasped her small sword firmly and tried to counter attack the monster as she protected herself from the relentless attacks, clawing at her shield again and again. She thrust her blade several times trying to land a blow, but due to it being so small, her reach wasn’t enough. She felt her right arm fill with pain the longer she blocked the strong attacks the beast kept on launching on her, feeling the grip of her shield slowly failing her. While the worgen wailed on Elizabeth, Watcher Bukouris finally saw an opening to begin shooting at the beast, her bolt penetrating slightly into the monster’s chest, barely doing any damage.

    “Shar, Hummer, Eburi Dath Ri Banthalos, Dath Ni, Fal!” The shadow commanded her pet. The creature jumped out of the bushes it had been hiding, running at an incredible speed toward the Worgen. It was a few seconds before the huge lion appeared in front of the group fighting the worgen, giving a menacing roar as it arrived. He leaped on top of the worgen, biting and clawing the creature on its back as it began to move around desperately trying to take the beast off its back.

    “What the…!?” yelled Watcher Brownell as she took a few steps away, looking at the creature still on the back of the worgen. Elizabeth also couldn’t believe what she saw, two beasts fighting it out wildly. “Is that another one of the native creatures too?!” she yelled at Brownell as she also retreated a few steps back from the fight, pointing at the black lion that was biting one of the ears of the worgen. “Believe me, it’s the first time I see something like that! Bukouris, Where the heck are you!?”

    While the fight between the black lion and the worgen continued on one sided as the lion mauled the worgen while still staying on its back, the shadow figure had approached the scene and was leaning back against a tree, putting a big crossbow on her laps taking very careful aim at the beast.

    The female figure then let out a whistle, and quickly the black lion leaped away from the worgen, it turning around to attack it as it landed, but quickly being hit by a powerful shot that pierced straight through its torso, finally getting stuck in a tree trunk on the other side of the beast. The worgen fell on its knees, extending its huge arms as far as it could, in an attempt to land one final blow before hitting the floor and staying there motionless.

    The Lion let out a deafening roar as the worgen ceased the move, announcing its victory over the beast. At the time Bukouris arrived at the vicinity to stumble with the scene “What the hell happened?” she said surprised as she saw the corpse of the worgen, the great lion, and the bolt stuck on a tree trunk after having pierced completely through the worgen’s body. From the shadows emerged a very tall Night elf with a light green hair. The Watchers, along with Elizabeth, stared at her as she neared the tree, taking out the bolt from its trunk. The lion walked across toward her, standing aside her as she crouched down and pet it, once done she got up, and stared at Elizabeth.

    Quel’dorei, I Talah Asto’re Nei Eburi Asto’re Da Isera’duna Dor’Ano I Talah Alah’ni Shar Dur Da Thus….” The elf talked directing herself to Elizabeth, who was oblivious of what the elf meant by what she said.

    Elizabeth looked at both Watcher Brownell and Bukouris as the elf finished speaking. “Don’t look at me, she’s talking to you.” “Well…. I just don’t know what to say… Is what she said a threat or not?” she whispered to the two watcher’s in a low tone of voice, the night elf still listening in to her conversation.

    “Hump, she seems more oblivious the more I know of her…” the elf thought for a moment as she heard Elizabeth speak, beginning to speak in common afterward to her. “I expected before hand that you would be unable to get Darnassian, but also be unable to even speak Thalassian, your own language?” the elf crossed her hands as if displeased by the paladin’s ignorance.

    “I’m sorry, but… you must have the wrong person.”

    The night elf let out a long drawn out sigh. “Quel’dorei means high elf. I don’t see anyone else here who’d fall in that category..” She responded a little annoyed at what she thought to be ignorance from the paladin’s part.

    “Oh… Well to be honest, I’m only an elf partially in blood; my heart is that but of a commoner from these lands….”

    “Half-Elf?” she then neared Elizabeth, looking down toward her and examining her eyes carefully, noticing no sign of that of a normal High Elf’s lust for magic, yet there remaining the beauty of them. “You humans should stay were you belong, inside your town. Last time you barely managed to get back with the life of your comrades.”

    “Wait, what are you talking about?” The Watcher Bukouris interrogated the elf.

    “She’s most likely talking about our last hunt, Bukouris. So you saw what happened back then?” Watcher Brownell responded.

    “Yes, I saw you take on that worgen last time, you even left it for dead in your rush back to town. I thought you would had learned your lesson and stayed away from the woods after that.”

    “We’re hunting for meat; our people in town need something aside vegetables and fresh water to consume.”

    “No, you’re throwing your life away attempting to hunt with your condition. You were five the last time weren’t you?” Brownell and Bukouris remained silence with no response. “If you barely made it alive out last time, what made you think you’d succeed this time?”

    “We got to try at least! Every one at Darkshire does his or her best to stay alive, all I know is to hunt.” Responded Watcher Brownell.

    “Exactly, we might not be trained professionals, but we’re here to help out.” Added Watcher Bukouris.

    The elf looked at the two women “your bravery is admirable, your recklessness isn’t.” she then looked at Elizabeth again. “You weren’t with them last time though…”

    “I’m here on my own account. I’m helping the people of this land by trying to rectify our forces ignoring the situation in here for so long.”

    The elf turned and walked toward the worgen corpse, taking out her cross bow and poking the beast with it. She then loaded a bolt and shoot it at point blank, confirming that it was indeed dead as the corpse did not move at all. “Come Hummer, we’re going to tag along with the ladies.”


    “You are definitely not going to return to your town empty handed. I can get you several wolves with less effort than you three have to put into getting one.” The elf then closed her eyes, Elizabeth and the watchers simply looking at her as she remained calm. All of the sudden, the elf began walking south with Hummer right behind her.

    “I guess we should follow her, let’s go.”

    “What about our torches? We left then back there.” Bukouris pointed back from the way they had come from.

    “We’ll get them later, it’s not like they’ll burn out. The torches should last a few more hours. ”

    The group then continued behind the mysterious night elf deep into the woods. They walked for a little bit until they noticed the elf crouching down behind some bushes. As they approached, they could hear Hummer fighting what seemed to be a great black wolf just beyond the bushes.

    The night elf silently looked at the fight while handling her crossbow, carefully taking aim. The woman quickly let out a whistle, and like the last fight with the worgen, Hummer jumped away from the wolf, an arrow bolt following his action, straight to the wolf’s throat, the creature began to stagger around for a bit until it collapsed on the floor with a great deal of blood flowing out of the beast.

    “Incredible shot, though last time you managed to pierce through the worgen….”

    “There’s no need to use excessive force…. my Aimed Shot is not something I go shooting at everything I see.” She stood up and walked out of the bushes toward the beast, which was still alive. She stared at its eyes for a second, drawing a small knife and driving it into the neck, a sound of a bone creaking produced. She took the knife out and cleaned it with a white piece of cloth that seemed to absorb the blood, but remain unstained by it. She then proceeded to pet her lion which had been sitting down contemplating the beast that had fallen while wagging his tail, as if expecting to be pet.

    Watcher Bukouris stepped forward and began to inspect the beast, being followed by both Elizabeth and Watcher Brownell. “How much you think it weights, Brownell?”

    “My guess is about 150 pounds (68.04 Kilograms).” Said Brownell, grabbing one of the wolf’s legs and moving it around.

    “Its weight is 125 pounds (56.70 Kilograms), take off 40 pounds (18.14 Kilograms) from bones and around 30 pounds (13.61 Kilograms) from innards, you have about 55 pounds (24.95 Kilograms) of meat.” The two watchers looked at each other as the Night Elf finished speaking. “55 pounds… We’ll need a couple hundred more…”

    The Night Elf was aware that just one wolf wouldn’t be enough, and already was on the trail of yet another one. Hummer walked along her master, occasionally running its tail around her legs while keeping pace with her, the watchers came behind of her, with Watcher Brownell carrying the wolf corpse on her back. “You know Bukouris, I’m starting to doubt we are going to return for our torches… We’ve been walking for almost two hours!”

    “We can get new ones back in town, so stop whining.”

    “You people can’t stay silent for a moment, can you?” The night elf stared back at them.

    “Sorry, we’ll shut up…” both the watchers responded.

    “Shhh!” she stopped, listening carefully and looking around the dark woods. The elf crouched down with her crossbow pointed to the right, as if waiting for something to come out of the bushes. She then asked her lion by pointing toward the bushes to go in them. The beast walked very low to the ground, the beast in that position looked more like a shadow than a big lion. Hummer entered slowly into the bushes, leaving only his tail outside, which wagged from side to side slowly until it finally disappeared from sight as it laid down and blended in the shadows.

    The Night elf said something in a low voice as she began to move sideway against a tree with crossbow ready, the watchers remaining in place looking at her. “Get covered you fools.” She yelled back to them and quickly a loud roar from Hummer could be heard as it entered combat with something unseen. The Watchers and Elizabeth walked toward the elf, who kept her crossbow ready to fire. Soon Hummer would dart out of the bushes he had gone into before, followed by a giant wolf.

    “It’s a Ravager Mastiff!”

    “Hummer, stop running aimlessly, bring him over here!”

    “Wai… what?! You got to be crazy!”

    “You wanted more meat didn’t you, we’re going to get you all the meat you’ll need.” And so the Elf began running the direction Hummer had darted, stopping as she placed something on the floor. Not so long after she finished, Hummer came running back to her, with the great mastiff giving chase several feet (maybe 3-6 meters) behind. The elf stepped sideways as Hummer passed by and darted back into the bushes again, the wolf still chasing but slipping and tumbling toward the bushes as it triggered the trap lain down by the elf.

    She then took her aim and fired a bolt, hitting the wolf on the side, with no damage done noticeable. The wolf simply regained its footing and his attention was caught by the elf instead, and began running toward her. She whistled and began running away from the beast “Hummer, get over here!”

    She continued running away, running around a tree in order to try and confuse the wolf who would ran passed the tree when she stepped around them quickly. She then loaded a bolt into her crossbow and shot the animal again, hitting it on one of its leg, yet not slowing it down. “You’re persistent, but that doesn’t change the fact you are just an animal.” She ran back in direction she had previously come from, jumping over the slippery trap she had created and waiting the animal on the other side as she loaded another bolt. Once loaded, she directed her gaze forward, seeing the wolf coming just as she had expected. The wolf slipped yet again on the trap, falling on its back and stopping abruptly on its tracks. The female elf then took a step forward the flipped wolf, placing her crossbow on the animal’s neck and launching from point blank a bolt. The animal howled in pain as it flipped back up, growling menacingly toward the hunter.

    Right then, Hummer leaped and slashed the wolf’s face with its claw, grabbing on to it as it attacked again and again. The wolf began to swing its head wildly as it attempted to get the lion off of its head. It stopped looking at a tree and rammed Hummer against it, the lion falling on the floor finally letting free of the head. The wolf turned around to attack the night elf, but as it did, it came face to face with the elf’s crossbow, the bolt firing and going deep into the skull of the wolf, a lot of blood gushing out and bathing the night elf with it.

    As the wolf mastiff fell on its head, the night elf hurried to the lion which laid on the floor upside down. Although the creature was quite big and bulky, she managed to pick him up and flip him over, placing her hands on the back of the beast which didn’t look fine at all.

    “Is he… alive?” Elizabeth approached silently.

    “He’s alright, it’s just a small wound.”

    Hearing those words, Elizabeth had problems imagining what a fatal wound would look like to the elf, as Hummer’s back seemed from her point of view like a life threatening wound. The woman neared to take a clear look, seeing the lion’s eyes follow her as she walked in front of it. Once she walked around, she noticed the reason why the elf was so calm over her beast. The wound was healing at an incredible speed Elizabeth couldn’t grasp to understand. “I can see you’re puzzled, half elf. It seems you have never seen the companion of a real hunter in your life. Hummer is protected by the power of nature, he’s not like the common animals found in the wild or domesticated. He is attuned with nature and with me.” Looking back at the wound, Elizabeth could see that it was no longer there, and the lion stood up and stretched itself as if nothing had happen. “It’s natural to be concerned, and it’s something that fills me with joy to see from you… but you don’t need to worry about him. He’s built to take a beating and live afterward, it’s even possible to bring him back to life so long as his spirit desires it.” The elf stood up and looked back at the great Mastiff. “There’s almost 500 pounds (226.80 Kilograms), take off 100 pounds (45.35 Kilograms) on bones and 70 pounds (31.75 Kilograms) of innards, and you got 330 pounds (149.69 Kilograms) of meat.”

    “Incredible…” Watcher Bukouris stared at the great beast corpse while Watcher Brownell placed the ravager’s corpse she had been carrying on the floor, then grabbing one of the legs and moving it around just like she had done with the last wolf.

    “There’s no way I’m putting that in my back, that thing is almost 4 times my body weight!”

    “I’ll help you drag it over town, since you clearly do not want to do it.” She then whistled at Hummer, who had been playing with his paws with Elizabeth. “Come on, we’re going.” She pointed back at the wolf corpse, the lion getting up and running toward it, biting its hide to have a place to drag from. Watcher Bukouris and Elizabeth both grabbed the beast on the legs and dragged it as the night elf walked up front of them, without doing anything, Watcher Brownell followed with the smaller ravager on her back as they continued their way back to the road and onward to town.

    As they approached, they passed through the farms, a couple of men and women staring at the giant wolf corpse they came along with, cheering at the group that came back home with one of the greatest hunt they had seen, even before the fall of darkness over Duskwood. Some of the farm men rushed to their side, giving a hand by taking the creature from the exhausted adventurers, aiding them in taking it to the town square.

    At the townsquare, Commander Ebonlocke stood in her usual post, keeping an eye toward the north. Once the great mastiff’s corpse arrived at the town center, loud cheers could be heard from all over town, the Commander noticing the return of the watchers and rushing down to greed them. “By the light! Are my eyes playing tricks on me?!”

    “No Commander, we’re here.” Said Watcher Brownell with a big smile in her face, trying to hide the fact she was completely exhausted.

    “Everything we got, even our lives is all thanks to her, miss.” Elizabeth came from behind the animal’s body. “If it hadn’t been for her, a worgen could have killed us.”

    The town people all looked at the tall night elf as if they had just realized she was standing there among them. “She and her lion, Hummer, helped us out so much today, I kind of feel embarrassed. Her name is…. Oh sorry, now that I think about it I never asked you or introduced myself! My name’s Elizabeth, I’m from Stormwind.”

    “…. You can call me Floral, I’m from Astranaar” the night elf scratched the back of her hair.

    “I’m Althea Ebonlocke, it is nice to meet you. Anyone willing to help for the better of our people is welcome to stay. Now bring someone to help get these prey to Chef Grual, he’ll know what to do with all of it.” She smilled as she gave the order, the men lifting up the animals and taking it into the town’s tavern. “Stay around, we’ll be having a great feast soon before nightfall.”

    “Oh, now that you mention that, we’ll get ready for our…” Watcher Brownell began, but was interrupted by the commander. “You all done enough work for today, let us worry about the night, go get the rest you deserve.” And with that the woman dismissed the group, Elizabeth being relieved as she felt she couldn’t take anymore adventuring for the day. Once the watchers head into the inn, Elizabeth talked to the commander while Floral stood there doing nothing, with Hummer laying down the floor like a lazy lion.

    “Still no word from Stormwind?”

    “No… I’ve been on guard all day and there hasn’t been any signs of a gryphon returning.. of course I’m not worried since he’s traveling by flight…. But still the wait makes me believe the capital truly has forgotten about us…”

    “Don’t think of that, even if they have, the church will never abandon this place, I’m sure there’s already work underway from the Archbishop!” Elizabeth tried to cheer up Althea with a little bit of hope.

    “I’m just concerned, Paladin…” the commander then looked at the night elf, which seemed to be paying attention to Hummer, who was laying upside down, rocking sideways just like a cat would to it’s master. Althea began to whisper to Elizabeth “You remember I told you yesterday there hadn’t been any attacks, right?” to what the paladin nodded. “I’m afraid tonight will be the same…” “What’s so bad about a peaceful night?” she asked in a low tone of voice. “…. It’s a bad omen, paladin, a very bad one.” Elizabeth opened her eyes wide a little bit scared. “You couldn’t know because you have stayed here just a night, but when there’s more than a night of peace, it usually signals a bad thing happening here…. And it’s never the same thing, it’s as if the forest itself gave birth to monsters with the simple mindset of killing us, it’s never the same thing.” The woman then looked around at the people in the town square. “It might not be obvious right now, but all of these people are filled right now with dread in anticipation tonight.. I just hope I’m wrong….”

    Elizabeth then padded the woman’s shoulder, the woman raising her gaze at Elizabeth. “Everything will be alright, don’t worry.” She smiled back at the commander. “I hope so paladin…. I hope so….” “Well, I’ll be going now, I want to take this thing off, I feel my right arm still numb from the fight… those things really hit hard like you say!” She then looked at Floral, who was awaiting to be told were to go. “Come over, you and your pet should be really tired and hungry.”

    “I’m not hungry..” she then stared at Hummer, who pawed her ankles with a sad kitty face. “.. but he is, what I’d like is to have a night of rest, I might be used to the wild, but this forest is still dangerous enough to make me lose my sleep out there…”

    END Entry 10
    Elizabeth, Paladin of Stormwind, read the story of A Paladin in the Making.
    Featuring now: Agent Vanseph, human Rogue agent of SI: 7, and Floral, the mysterious night elf Huntress
    accompanied by Hummer, ex-lion Pridelord!

    The Dog sheds its fur! It's actually a chick?!

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    Entry 11: Second Day: Spiders

    It was the dawn of the second day of Elizabeth’s journey to Duskwood under official orders from the church. Yesterday having been a very busy hunting day had left her a little exhausted. But thanks to the efforts of the mysterious night elf Floral and the Watchers, the town had finally had a feast like no other in recent times and still had food to offer for a few days to come. These were indeed great news to the people of Darkshire that had so long been battling for their life, but with good news come bad news, as last night had been yet again another calm and quiet night unlike any other the town folk were accustomed to. At first glance in the eyes of an outsider who has only spend two nights in town, it wouldn’t mean anything, but to the habitants of the region, it could only mean grim news.

    “Harold……. Harold………”

    “Harold……. Come to me……..”

    Elizabeth suddenly awoke very early in the morning. “That dream again…” She wiped the sweat she had from her forehead due to the nightmare. The woman let out a long drawn out sigh as she got up from the makeshift bed, looking around the long row of people fast asleep around herself. The woman took her gear and soon walked outside quietly into the town square, looking up at the small opening in between the treetops at the still night sky.

    “Up early eh, Miss Elizabeth?” Althea Ebonlocke emerged from the steps of Darkshire’s Town Hall, wearing her usual armor.

    “I would have preferred to stay a little bit more… but I’m already up.”

    “You sure you want to stay up? You seem a little bit tired. Wouldn’t like you half asleep for tonight.”

    “I’ll manag…. Wait, what’s happening tonight?”

    “Well… come in.” Ebonlocke then walked inside town hall, with Elizabeth following behind quickly, Althea sat on a small chair at the first room of the hall, Elizabeth taking a seat nearby. “Call me and the people in town paranoid or whatever you want, but last night and the night before this one just don’t strike me with any fancy at all…”

    “I’m sorry, Miss Ebonlocke, but I really don’t see the reason why you could be so concerned.”

    “Well, paladin, the thing is our town is every day visited at night by one of many sides, the walking undead, abominable creatures, and the worgens. The night before you arrived in town was a night with two worgens straying into our town… We managed to get by with just some injured by getting them to flee, the night before that a rabid wolf killed a little girl and injured a man, the night before a ghoul appeared…”

    “Uhuh? But what does this have to do with the two nights with no “attacks” or things wandering in here, Miss Ebonlocke?”

    The woman remained silent for a minute “This town had refugees from Raven Hill, I believe I told you that the day before yesterday, am I right?” the paladin nodded “We had almost three thousand people living here just 4 months ago, one week, we didn’t had any dangerous visitors, the next day it was the same and so on the following day…… a raid of almost 20 ghouls rained down from the hill from south west…. That night almost seven hundred people died or when missing…”

    Elizabeth covered her lips with her arm, perturbed by the news.

    “Then the same thing happened again…this time it happened on the second night. The first night was yet another peaceful night; nothing came nor was reported being seen from afar. The next night a giant spider invaded town, the thing was…. Incredibly huge. We didn’t stand a chance at all… it killed a couple of citizens…. I think 30 or so died that night and a couple hundred left town scared….”

    “So how exactly are you still here if such an unstoppable monster came visiting?” Floral popped out from the door, startling the two women inside. “Hey, it’s not my fault you speak to loud.” She entered and took a chair, the elf being a little bit too big for it but still none the less remaining on it.

    “Anyway like I was saying… before I got interrupted, the creature was fearsome, we didn’t had any hope of killing it at all…. But for some reason the beast just killed a few people, entangled them in cocoons and left… just like that, it simply left. Then it happened again, this time it was a few weeks ago…” the woman paused as she took a deep breath and let it out slowly. “This one was again two nights back to back of peace… then the third night we were attacked by a huge silver worgen… that thing caught us by surprise, killed so many people before running away back into the woods….”

    “So what bothers you is that tonight or tomorrow something like this might happen again?”

    “Yes… we’ve already started making preparations to barricade today, I’m not going to sit and wait until something comes to knock our doors to take the life of those that still stay here… but I’m concerned that we might not have the ability to repel another monster like the two last ones… Also the fact that we know nothing of the outside the town’s borders is creeping me out even more, we sent some scouts two days ago to the nearby graveyard southeast from here and they still haven’t returned… Some watchers also reported seeing the huge spider in a nearby cavern… it’s just too much.”

    “Then we’ll have to do some preventive work, eh? I’m pretty interested in seeing that so called spider!” The elf stood up from the chair, her head almost hitting a chandelier if she hadn’t stopped mid way as she realized it.

    “You can’t!” Commander Ebonlocke stood up quickly. “It’s too dangerous!”

    “I’ve lived through more dangerous things.” She then let out a whistle as she came out and Hummer came running to her side.

    “I’m going with her, I can’t let her jump alone into the wild!” said Elizabeth as she got up from her chair, Althea grabbing her by her arm. “Just…. Promise me you will return alive…” Elizabeth smiled. “Don’t worry about me, Miss Ebonlocke.” Elizabeth marched out of the Town Hall, running to catch up with Floral as she continued uphill. “Hey wait up, don’t go alone!!”

    “Stay home, child.”

    “The nerves! I’m 20 years old, I’m more than old enough.” She complained.

    Floral stares back at her with her bright eyes “I’m thousands of years old, mind you.” She then continued walking with Elizabeth remaining silent. “Don’t have anything else to say eh?”

    “No, my father always said not to talk back to my elderly.” She chuckled silently.

    Floral simply ignored Elizabeth having called her an old hag, maybe perhaps she didn’t understood were she was coming from. “So what are you going to do with this “preventive work” you mentioned before?”

    “You really are bent on following me…”

    “Well, YES.”

    The night elf sighed “Well, let’s see erm…. What’s your name again?”


    “Oh ok, didn’t remember it before since it isn’t an elven name.” the elf then scratched her head for a little, Elizabeth staring at her, waiting for the elf to continue talking. “Alright well, Elizabeth, what I have in mind is to simply scout around the village, and see what I find nearby…” the elf then sat down at the highest point of the road toward the east, with her lion laying down right beside her.

    “Shouldn’t we…. Scout a little nearby the village instead of over here?” The paladin gave a look down hill at the town, being able to see the roof tops of all the buildings but nothing beyond as the tree top obscured or blocked the rest.

    “You city dwellers will never understand the powers of being a hunter, even after having used them in your presence yesterday…” she sighed and closed her eyes.

    Elizabeth simply sat down in front of the elf and waited for her to do something, anything! “I feel a few of them… but they’re all small, nothing bigger than normal from what I can tell…” The elf stood up and began to walk again eastward, with both Hummer and Elizabeth behind her trail. For the next few hours Elizabeth followed Floral, occasionally making a stop and sitting down to “scout” around with her hunter abilities, unable to find anything resembling what Althea had previously spoken about.

    “How long have you been sitting around looking for spiders” Elizabeth a little bored asked, while lying upside looking at the ceiling of black leaves the trees of Duskwood created.

    “Argh, remain silent, I need to stay focus, and I can’t do that with your constant talking.” She returned again into her meditation state. “Still nothing… after so long, I should have been able to find at least a grown one, but by Elune…. Nothing but small, baby spiders.”

    “Baby spiders?”

    “Yes, most of spiders that I can feel around aren’t even a year old…” the elf woman sighed and looked at Elizabeth “Yeah yeah, you think this is just a waste of time an…”

    “No, not at all!”

    “Then why are you looking at me like that…”

    “Oh sorry for staring but I was just thinking, if all you can… “feel” are baby spiders…. Then couldn’t you follow them to their mother who might be the big one that attacked the town?” The night elf remained silent for a moment, her eyes seemingly looking around at nothing in particular as the elf thought for a moment. “That’s a great idea! Were you a hunter in another life or something? Never mind” she shook her hand and paused for a moment. “It’s a nice idea indeed, but the problem lies with finding a spider that will willfully take us back to the lair now… we can’t wait till dusk for them to decide to go back home, by then it could be too late!” She got up quickly and looked at both Hummer and Elizabeth who still sat at on the road. “What are you two waiting for, come on!” And with that the elf ran into the forest bushes, later followed by the paladin and her lion pet.

    Elizabeth ran behind Hummer, as he chased behind his master. A few minutes when by as they continued running, with no sign of the elf up front but still having Hummer chase. Eventually the woman stopped as she saw the lion go inside a bush with what seemed to be the ears and the pony tail of the huntress sticking out of the leaves. “Stop it Hummer, we aren’t playing hide and seek today.” Elizabeth approached through the hole Hummer hand entered, sticking her head in to see the elf crouching down looking the other side. “Ok Hummer, go and scare that baby spider.” The woman pointed toward the front outside the bushes. Hummer looked at her for a second letting out a grunt, then doing as she ordered as she pushed him out of the bushes. The lion walked slowly, seemingly uninterested by her master’s order. Elizabeth walked inside the bushes, sitting right beside the huntress while looking out the hole Hummer had left as he exit the bush “You treat him so harsh at times…” she began. “This isn’t a pleasure walk, he knows well he’s here to work just like I am…. Thought this isn’t exactly what we came here for…. Ops.”

    Elizabeth stared at her for a second, the elf clearing her throat a little. “Well I guess it won’t hurt to say it.” She said in a low tone. “We aren’t here on a pleasure ride, we’re actually on the search of an… old friend.” She let down her gaze to the ground. “Technically I’m here under official orders, but she was a friend of mine. She was a little too faithful to her job in my opinion, and many unfortunate events seem to have brought her here apparently looking for… HUMMER BY THE LIGHT OF ELUNE!” The huntress jumped out of the bush suddenly, Elizabeth poked her head out of the bush to see Hummer standing on the corpse of the baby spider with Floral standing nearby scolding him. “BAD BAD BAD! BAD!” the lion took a few steps back away from the corpse as she scolded him, moaning in sadness. “You not only killed it, but you also mangled it up badly! Bad Hummer, there’s nothing that can be used from anything mangled like this!” She walked closer to the carcass taking her knife and opening the abdomen of the spider in two, putting her hand inside and pulling out a mass of a white, gooey flesh. “Here eat this, it’s the only thing that can be used, and things can’t just be let to waste.” She nodded with the mass of flesh at Hummer, who approached quickly and took the meat, slurping the whole thing and then licking her hand clean. “There’s still more in there if you want….” The lion looked away uninterested by the offering, stretching and yawning.

    “So much for looking for the giant spider…”

    “I’ll find another, just shush.”

    “What will you do when you find it? I don’t think sending him would be effecting seeing what we ended up with after…” The paladin looked at the remains of the spider on the floor with disgust of the mess Hummer had left of it.

    “He’s just not used to let a prey go…” and she looked at him with a little bit of anger in her face “He’s also not supposed to kill things, he knows I’m the one who does the killing blow unless I say otherwise!” Hummer simply lay on the ground upside down like he so usually liked to be, seemingly ignoring what his master said of him. “Let’s go, there should be another one nearby.”

    The group continued on through the dark woods, searching for yet another spider. After a few minutes of walking aimlessly around, they finally stumbled with yet another spider just like the one from last time. “Ok….” The elf took out her crossbow and pointed at the creature, loading a bolt and taking good aim of, just before letting it fly off being stopped by the paladin “Are you really going to scare it off by shooting at it?”

    “Oh RIGHT, we’re scaring it off… how thoughtless of me….” She let out a long drawn out sign as she took her aim off from the beast and sat down on her hiding place inside the bushes.

    “Do you really call yourself a master of the wild without being able to simply scare a spider…” Elizabeth said, giving the huntress a look of doubt.

    “I’m more trained in hunting that letting something run away, it’s not my fault.”

    Elizabeth rummaged inside her bag, taking out a small Flint and Tinder. She then grabbed some fallen leaves and bundled them together inside a small piece of bandage and lit it up, throwing it out of the bushes near spider, who proceeded to run away from the place, startled by the fire. Elizabeth looked at the huntress with a smile. “I could have done that… Let’s go, follow that spider!”

    The two followed the startled spider closely for a few minutes, stopping as it began climbing up a rocky hill on the side of the mountain at the far east of Duskwood. “Well, the spider’s lair is finally exposed! What do you think, is the monster up there?”

    “That’s what we’re going to find out…” Floral gave a look at Hummer, the lion giving a grunt knowing she had something planned out. “Since you’ve been a naughty lion today, you’re going to get disciplined!” The Night Elf then sat down against a tree on her legs, “you, watch over me” after saying this to Elizabeth, she entered into a trance. Hummer’s eyes all of the sudden turned to glow the same as her master’s, letting out a loud roar before finally walking toward the hill.

    The animal moved cautiously, laying flat on the ground’s shadow cause it’s fur to blend in with the darkness, even to Elizabeth’s eye that could see deep into them. As it continued on ahead, the beast would come and go from it’s blended state when spiders were near him as he continued climbing up the hill. From the beast’s location, Floral could see everything clearly while also passing unseen. She, through controlling her lion Hummer, had reached the top of the hill and into an opening unharmed. She carefully prowled inside the great opening, noticing what seemed to be a small cave formed b y some piled up rocks. She carefully approached the opening, trying to maintain her lion as close to the ground as possible to stay concealed while attempting to gaze inside.

    In a split second, Floral came to herself back at her body, and a loud screech could be heard from the top of the hill, followed by the whimpering of a terrorized lion. “Damn it, my link broke, we got to hurry! My Hummer is alone up there!” She brandished out her crossbow quickly with a loaded bolt and ran toward the hill, Elizabeth following closely behind. As she approached the hill, the spiders resting in the stones surrounding the small dirt road up began moving toward her to attack, the huntress holding nothing back nor hesitating as she shot them all with brutal strength, while continuously loading her crossbow. The two quickly made it up to the hilltop where the elf had before seen the huge opening, this time thought a huge spider stood there, with it’s great fangs sunk on the body of Hummer, who was squirming as monstrous spider injected it’s deadly venom on it’s victim.

    “LEAVE HUMMER ALONE!” The Night Elf began to shoot relentlessly arrows at the beast, hitting it but not connecting any lethal hits due to her blind rage, her face turning a little bit red from pure anger.

    The spider let go of the lion and turned to face the hunter and her wrath, raising her fangs menacingly toward the two along with it’s frontal legs, trying to intimidate the elf, who continued to shoot rapidly and inaccurately. “Huntress! Snap out of it!” Elizabeth shook the elf, but she simply continued on with her rampage. “You aren’t landing any hits in your rage, snap out of it!” Elizabeth then looked at the huge spider that quickly made it’s ways to them, raising it’s fangs to drive them down on her. Quickly Elizabeth slammed herself against Huntress Floral, throwing her off balance enough to move her off the path of the fangs which Elizabeth attempt to block with her shield, but soon saw pass through the metal and being stuck on them, partially fractured due to the entrance through the steel. Floral looked at how Elizabeth struggled with the beast who began to drag the paladin behind as the beast shrieked in pain. “Come on, Huntress!”

    The huntress got up her from the floor, realizing she hadn’t done any real damage to the beast. She took out a special bolt like the one she had used before on the worgen, loading it on her crossbow as she jumped into action, passing by Elizabeth quickly toward under the Spider’s underside. The huntress pulled back the bolt as far as she could with all her strength and from point blank bellow the spider’s body, let go of it, the bolt spinning around as it was launched, going inside the carapace shredding it’s way out the other side, bursting from above the spider and splattering every weird fluid the creature contained all over the place along with carapace pieces, internal and external organs alike. With the gaping new hole created, the spider began to slowly limb around until it collapsed on the floor motionless, the huntress running toward her beloved lion while Elizabeth tried yanking her shield off the dead spider’s mandible, breaking off one of it’s fangs which caused her to bathe on a strange ichor which she quickly proceeded to wipe off in disgust.

    She then neared at the huntress who was crouched in front of her lion crying and sobbing while looking at the creature. “Hummer I’m so sorry, please forgive me for being so clumsy.” She sobbed as she stroke her hand over the beasts head delicately.

    “He’s poisoned, and badly…” Elizabeth said as she unwrapped the shield’s handle from her arm and discarded the shield on the floor.

    “I can’t do anything against poison! All I we can do is hope he naturally get’s better..” she continued to cry.

    “I can help him out, stand aside!” The paladin then took off her mail gloves and laid her hands on the beast’s wound trying to concentrate her agitated mind. “Please light, I know this may not be a sentient being, but this noble beast doesn’t deserve to reach it’s end here. Allow me the strength to see him out of this ordeal if only at least from the poison that endangers its existence.” Her hands filled with energy channeled by the light, purifying the creature of the strong poison used against him. The elf neared to see her pet, and how the magic that protected her creature began to take its effect on the animal’s wound, mending the lion back to health.

    “Oh Hummer, will you forgive me?” The elf picked up her lion from the ground and hugged him while crying, Hummer licking her ears. Elizabeth sat back to take a breath, looking at the scene for a few minutes until the elf finally let go of her pet as she then began to examine the great spider.

    “I think this is the third biggest spider I’ve ever laid eyes upon, but the biggest I’ve hunted down…” the elf then looked back at Elizabeth, who was still partially covered in the spider’s ichor. “You don’t look so well.” “I’m fine, thank you, I’m just relieved to have you around…. With what Miss Ebonlocke said about that monster, I thought we wouldn’t get out of here alive.”

    “To be honest these creatures have a very narrow weak spot between it’s carapace, the average person wouldn’t be able to land a hit in between them, neither pierce through the carapace like I did... though I wont be able to do that again until I get this thing fixed…” the elf took a look at her now busted crossbow, seems like the stress from her last Aimed Shot and the many other bolts shot before in quick succession had damaged several of it’s internal components. The elf then neared Elizabeth’s shield, which still had one of the spider’s fang stuck on it, pulling it out carefully and gazing upon it. “Spoils of war!” she then helped the paladin up from the floor “let’s go, we don’t want to stick here any longer than we should.”

    Both the paladin and the night elf along with her lion proceeded north over the rocky terrain. As they climbed up a little they realized their location was very close to the road toward headed east, and could easily return to Darkshire from there. As the two walked down the great hill, Elizabeth noticed that her gryphon had finally returned, as it was stationed exactly were it had landed the time it brought her over to the woods, being guarded by a couple of scouts that waved at the two as they came back from the woods.

    At town hall, a great mob of people stood at the steps of Town Hall’s entrance. “There’s a loud racket going on here…” Floral said as she lowered her ears trying to lessen the noise in her ears. Elizabeth approached at the mob, which in turn made way for her as Commander Ebonlocke saw the woman and called for her. “Miss Elizabeth, please come this way, our messenger has arrived!”

    “I saw the gryphon while I was making my way here, so what took you so long? Today’s the third day since you left!”

    “It’s been so long since I’ve been to Stormwind, I kind of got overwhelmed with all the sights… but anyway the report. First thing I did on my stay at Stormwind was to pay a visit to the church like you had instructed commander, I almost didn’t get to see the Archbishop that day. Once I handed him the report, he allowed me a place to sleep and requested more information of how things were over here. On the next day he sent a letter directly to the keep, and in no time his request was granted.”

    “Request to the keep?”

    “Yes commander, the Archbishop made a request to set a stronger presence of the crown in town. They sent an entire caravan with help; they’ll be here by tomorrow. The Archbishop was kind enough to request medicine, medics, and more experienced hunters to help out in town, as for protection, the crown didn’t have anything. The Archbishop said it was to be expected and he already had planned for this, so he apparently ordered some of the forces of the church stationed in Westfall to move over to the woods.”

    “This is all great news…” the commander said as the crowd broke into cheering. “… Though this isn’t time to rejoice.” And the people of town became confused. “Why wouldn’t it be?”

    “It’s very simple. Tell me, you said the crown sent help but couldn’t send soldiers, right?” “Y..Yes commander. They couldn’t afford to send anyone.” “But still, the Archbishop sent for his own forces, their coming from Westfall, didn’t he said that?” one of the town folk spoke. “Yes, and that’s exactly the point, the help from Stormwind comes from the north, the soldiers of the church come from the west.” “I don’t get it commander.” The messenger said.

    “It’s a simple, yet problematic thing… if I understood well, what the commander is worried is that the help that is being sent is spread around too thin.” Elizabeth spoke.

    “That’s exactly it, paladin. I’m concerned with the help coming from the north the most; they are ripe targets for the dwellers of the woods…. I’m also concerned with the people sent from the west, they might be trained soldiers of the church… but in the, the forest could overwhelm them. We must do something about it!”

    “But what can we do, Commander?” one of the members of The Night Watch asked. “We got two nights on our shoulders with no monsters, we can’t send out any scouts to keep an eye out for them to reach here safely, we all know what has happened before when nights are quiet here for more than once, that huge spider could be looming over our heads tonight!”

    “Oh, that…” Floral came over to the mob as she heard talking of the giant spider. The huntress had in her hand held the huge fang that had stayed impaled on Elizabeth’s shield. “… Won’t be a problem anymore.” The people as they looked at the huge fang and remembered having seen it before, gasped simultaneously. “I’d say send them out to receive them, there won’t be any spider, big or small coming here in a long time. Though I suggest you keep an eye on the local spider population, so you don’t get another gargantuan one like that one… I’ll be more than happy to mark the area were we found them later… ”

    “Very well then, people, we’ll need to get ready for tonight, you” she pointed at once of the member of The Night Watch in the crowd. “Rally The Watch, we’ll be in need of as much people as we can if we have hopes to safely receive the people that are coming from Stormwind with supplies.”

    “But commander, what about the town, even though the threat of the spider has been neutralized, it’s still night 2 of calmness…”

    “I am aware of this, which is the reason why I want every able man and women from all over town here, we’ll be merging the sub divisions into two groups instead of the 6 we have right now, and the bigger group will remain here while I will lead the mission into the woods. There will be a more formal briefing once everyone’s here.”

    “Yes ma’am!” the watcher saluted and went away quickly followed by other watchers.

    “Now, everyone else, I’ll ask you all please to do your best to prepare lodging, the tavern at this moment is full, we can’t expect to receive them without a place to stay. Now the two of you” she directed herself to the paladin and the huntress. “Come with me.”

    Inside Town Hall, Althea, Elizabeth and Floral, with Hummer waiting at the door, all took a seat. The commander had with her a map of the region, which she handed to Floral asking her more information on their earlier encounter. “I still am speechless after seeing this…” she had been given the fang Floral had taken with her, examining it a little bit relieved knowing the monster had been slain. “I’m starting to wonder what I would do without you two here…”

    “Oh don’t worry Miss Ebonlocke, just like the light brought us here, I am sure someone else would have given you all aid, right huntress?”

    “Hey don’t count me in your group, I told you already my reasons for being here…”


    “Well, I haven’t told you, but I guess… Let’s see” she finished with the map markings. “I’m here on the trail of an old friend. The last lead I have of her is some drunken goblin from Booty Bay rambling about seeing her in a caravan headed here to this very town…”

    “A caravan you say? It’s been very long since we had anything like a caravan visiting this town. Daltry, come here!” the commander called, and in a few seconds a man came to the room.

    “Yes Miss Ebonlocke?”

    “I’ll need your help finding someone for our guest here.” She then pointed at Floral. “Go on, miss, tell him what you need.”

    “I’m looking for a fellow elf that goes by the name of Velinde Starsong, do you have any record?”

    “Hmm.. With all the strange things that have been happening here in the last few years, I keep as good records of strangers as I can. Never know when it might come in handy… though it’s usually not pleasant business when it does. Not to suggest anything bad about this Velinde you’re looking for. Now what time you said she came over here?”

    “She said something earlier about coming on a caravan, maybe she’s talking about our last trade with that traveling band of goblins from the port.”

    “Ah yes, yes, that was but a few days before the woods turned upside down, back then I didn’t wrote down the faintest sound or the smallest detail like I do now, but I might have something.” Daltry then exited the room and in a moment came back with a book. The man then quickly searched for the last note of trades with the goblins in hopes of finding any clue of the woman Floral had been searching for.

    “It says here that the goblins arrived in town and stayed for a day until they left. They made quite the commerce that day, selling and buying many things before finally leaving north…. Ah here we go:” and he read aloud.

    “A beautiful being had come along with the goblins on that day. Some people though she was a slave for sale, but were disappointed to learn she wasn’t. Being a strange sight in our lands, I took the liberty of inquiring about her as soon as I knew of her presence. She spoke common very fluently, but had an accent I had never heard of before, most likely she was hadn’t been taught by another human. After that I gazed at her beautiful face and lovely b…. ”

    “Ok, Daltry, you can skip that and go right to the point of where she headed next.”

    “Sorry Commander.” He cleared his throat. “The priestess apparently didn’t stay in Darkshire from what I have written here, the last information I have is of her disappearing into the woods...”


    “I’m sorry, but I don’t have any more information… it says here that the information of where she had headed was provided by…. Jonathan Carevin, perhaps you should question him next. He’s the leader of the Carevin Family, lives in the manor front of the town hall.”

    The elf then ran out of the Town Hall without a word, Elizabeth and Althea staying behind with Daltry the Town Hall clerk. “Thank you for your help Daltry.”

    “It was a pleasure, commander, I’ll be returning to my work.”

    “Well, I’ll have to get this map filed in so we can keep a closer eye on the growth of these creatures… I have to again thank you for all the help you have given us Elizabeth. Since the day you came to us, we have been blessed with your presence.”

    “There’s no need to thank me, Miss Ebonlocke, my job comes from the heart.”

    “At least let me thank you with some food and perhaps a bath, you don’t look so well.” The paladin then looked at her stained clothing and armor, which still had the dried fluids of the spider in some areas of it. “I could also get the town’s blacksmith to take a look at that shield of yours, doesn’t look like it’ll take any more beating with those holes it got.”

    “Ah thank you.”

    Night quickly came down, Elizabeth took a well deserved bath and in the night had her shield delivered by at the tavern. For hours she hadn’t heard anything of Huntress Floral, all that was discussed was the rally of The Night Watch members around town, of the slaying of the spider mother, and the worries of the common folk about this night. While Elizabeth was getting ready to head to bed, Floral came into the tavern without hummer following her.

    “Huntress, have you heard any new word of who you are looking for?” Elizabeth quickly got up as she noticed her entering the room.

    “I have a small lead, but it’s something that most likely will end in a dead end… even though I’ll most likely give it a peek tomorrow, I’m spent for the day.”

    “Where’s Hummer?” the paladin looked around trying to find him as she rarely had seen the elf without him following.

    “He’s outside, I got him a nice place to sleep in, and he will need all the rest he can get tonight so he fully recovers tomorrow. I’ll be staying outside again keeping an eye on him.”

    “I understand… Do you think… tonight will be another peaceful night?”

    “To be honest I don’t know the whole thing behind these “peaceful night” this, “peaceful night” that. I think these people are just scared of the woods… but I don’t really think anything’s coming.”

    “If you see anything weird or feel the slightest thing, don’t hesitate to call me.” She smiled. “Good night Huntress, give my regards to Hummer.”

    “Good night to you… Paladin.” Huntress Floral bowed to her and then walked outside the tavern.

    “I just hope nothing like the town fear happens tonight or every again…” and she when to her sleep.

    END Entry 11

    Note: Sorry for the long wait, I hope everyone likes it!
    Elizabeth, Paladin of Stormwind, read the story of A Paladin in the Making.
    Featuring now: Agent Vanseph, human Rogue agent of SI: 7, and Floral, the mysterious night elf Huntress
    accompanied by Hummer, ex-lion Pridelord!

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    Sweet, this needs to be a book!
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    Sweet, this needs to be a book!
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    *points accusational finger*

    you stole my idea!!
    Elizabeth, Paladin of Stormwind, read the story of A Paladin in the Making.
    Featuring now: Agent Vanseph, human Rogue agent of SI: 7, and Floral, the mysterious night elf Huntress
    accompanied by Hummer, ex-lion Pridelord!

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    You put WAY to much time into this its not healthy to roleplay
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    Elizabeth, Paladin of Stormwind, read the story of A Paladin in the Making.
    Featuring now: Agent Vanseph, human Rogue agent of SI: 7, and Floral, the mysterious night elf Huntress
    accompanied by Hummer, ex-lion Pridelord!

    The Dog sheds its fur! It's actually a chick?!

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    You put WAY to much time into this its not healthy to roleplay
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    please refrain from posting if you can't resist to troll/flame
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    Sorry dident mean to offend just saying its kinda nerdy
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    If you can't appreciate art, get out of the museum
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    1st south park garots... now happy garots... next one must be overdramatic seinen manga garots...
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    I haven't read a word, but god damn that's dedicated. From the pure volume I've scrolled through I can sense that there is a lot of describing going on, alot of adjectives and adverbs. That points towards that this every sentence is weighed by itself to sound just right before it's left to stay in the text. This amount of polishing on every sentence probably means that the sentences themselves are formed into nice chunks of information suitable for the reader to take in at a time. This serious approach to sentence buildup could possibly in itself point to the notion that the story has been very thought through aswell prior to forming the actual text.

    This is what I've assumed by scrolling through all your text. I think it's accurate and I think you are worthy of praise, and hereby praise is given. I realise how it could be portrayed as rude when you make assumptions on something based on nothing but skipping through it, but I trust the wine in my body will lead me straight on this one.

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    Entry 12: Third Day: Night of the Worgen
    The dawn of the third day of Elizabeth’s stay had finally reached Darkshire. The night had been yet again been a peaceful and quiet night, with the city’s atmosphere growing more and more unsteady. Again Elizabeth had a horrible nightmare, one that had been recurring to her again and again in the past months, and she had gotten up earlier again.

    The town square was more lively than usual as she came out of the Scarlet Raven Tavern, noticing the return of Commander Ebonlocke along with The Watchers she had left with at night, right behind them slowly making its way into town a couple of caravans.

    “Help the ones from the 4th caravan with their things, also show them to their place to stay.” Ebonlocke spoke with one of the members of The Watch as Elizabeth approached from behind. “4th caravan?” “Oh, Miss Elizabeth, awake early yet again eh?” the paladin smiled, still with a little bit of sleep on her eyes and an empty stomach. “The 4th caravan had an… undesired visit from one of our unfriendly neighbors. After we slain the worgen, we had to… leave behind the cart and ask the men to help out. Hadn’t we been there who knows how many could have been killed.” The commander then looked at the crates being pulled down from the carts and dragged into the great building. She then neared to Elizabeth and whispered “You might think they could have been alright with some poachers in there… but by the light, they had all of their equipment locked under key… what kind of hunter comes into these woods like that….”

    “Well, Miss Ebonlocke, at least their alive and well, hopefully there’s enough medical supplies and able hands to help around town to make this town stand up and continue down the road of life.”

    “What we have to worry about is about tonight, paladin.” Althea Ebonlocke began to walk with Elizabeth toward the Town Hall’s entrance. “We’ll have to get prepared for the worst, that white worgen is still out there and could take a fancy to visit us tonight, or worst something else. We’ll need to do everything as soon as possible. Pick up what’s ready to harvest, help the caravan people, send some scouts to meet with the help from the west… hunt animals for meal”

    “Oh, the Huntress can help us out with that… though I haven’t seen her around.”

    “You’re talking about Huntress Floral right? She was sleeping with that lion yesterday around there.” The commander pointed at the side of Town Hall’s stairs, were some hay laid on the floor, but neither the Huntress nor her loyal lion could be seen in the vicinity.

    “She must have left early… she told me last night she was headed somewhere into a lead she was given.” Elizabeth looked down a little disappointed, having wanted to go with the Huntress and the lion yet again out into the woods. Even though she couldn’t go, she still had things to do at the town, and thus began the day at Darkshire.

    The people from the caravan moved into town fairly quickly. With medical supplies at hand, the citizens who still had wailings could now be treated correctly. With a dozen more hunters, along with food supplies brought from the capital, the people could start to eat better and have their fill at last since many days of survival. All seemed well as the town began to feed off the supplies and seemingly catch revitalization.

    The day when by quickly, and with the work being put into town, Elizabeth barely noticed how time slipped by. Being focused with her job made everything she heard, saw and felt as she work seem like a blur, until a familiar sound entered her subconscious and brought her back to the world. It was the loud roar of an incredibly dirty Hummer who had arrived running at an incredible speed into town. Its roar startled the people around, some of the hunters from the capital even thinking it to be a wild beast and drawing their weapons out to attack.

    “Wait, don’t shoot, it’s not going to hurt anyone. Hummer, you’re so dirty, where have you been!” Elizabeth crouched near the beast, which had leaves, seeds, dirt, and blood all over its pelt. She then began to things he had off its pelt as she looked at him, panting. “Get him some water please.” The paladin gave the beast some water as she looked around and wondered where his master was. As soon as Hummer finished drinking, he began to moan at the paladin, pawing her feet and looking at her with eyes of concern. Elizabeth thought, could it be possible that he had escaped and the huntress was in danger? Soon the lion became impatient at her, jumping around as if trying to get her to do something. “You want me to follow you? Then lead.”

    The lion began to run out of town with Elizabeth right behind it. The two ran and ran south, continuing up into the bushes and through what seemed to be the town’s cemetery. Elizabeth stopped for a moment as she took a gaze around the place, having a strange feeling from the place, but soon interrupted by the lion’s roar urging her to move. They continued until they were finally at the top of what seemed to be a small hill which descended to the left of a mine shaft opening. The lion quickly stopped and lowered itself on the floor, looking around the place. Elizabeth then looked around and saw the reason why he creature was laying down and also lowered her self to the ground. The whole area in front of the mine was filled with worgens. These creatures were aimlessly walking around the place, some of them fighting among themselves for meat scraps from wolfs they seemed to have killed and dragged to their hideout.

    “What are we doing here!” she whispered at the lion, even though she knew very well that the beast would not respond back to her. The creature simply began making its way toward the back of a fallen tree trunk, while still laying flat on the floor, Elizabeth slowly and quietly attempting to follow. The lion was incredibly cunning, as it would spy quickly at the creatures that kept on to their business, and then when he found the opportunity, began to quickly make it’s way to the entrance of the cave, waggling its tail for the Paladin to follow. She tried her best to move quickly and stay unnoticed as she moved over to the mine entrance, barely succeeding and taking a deep breath as she made it to safety. Once the paladin was out of sight from the creatures of the outside, Hummer got up from walking so low on the ground and quickly darted into the mine, leaving Elizabeth behind to follow in on her own.

    As she walked in, she could hear a faint familiar voice speaking to the lion, and as she got closer she could see from a corner the legs of Huntress Floral along with a small pool of blood flowing on the floor. As she passed by the corner and looked down, she saw a couple of worgen corpses not far away from the scene and the huntress laying back against the wall, with three fractured claws plunged on the right side of her chest.


    “I’ve seen better days…” she coughed up blood. “It’s true that curiosity is a dangerous thing… I wasn’t expecting to get ambushed that hard, hehehe” she coughed again. “Ugh, these things hurt more than what they look… these claws are really.. Deep in.” she took a deep breath with pain showing in her face. The paladin sat down right in front of her staring at the claws lodged in her, putting her hands on the claws as she’s about to pull them out. “Stop! What….. what do you think you’re doing!?”

    “I’m pulling them out, what else do you think I’m doing?”

    “That’s kind of obvious, but what do you intend to do with pulling them out?”

    “Is that seriously supposed to be a question? I’m saving you!” Elizabeth then pulled out the fang right out in one pull, the huntress’ face filling with anguish as the object was removed. Elizabeth looked at the long claw, almost a foot long (30.48 centimeter), discarding it to the side as she grabbed on to the second of the three impaled claws, though being stopped by the hand of Floral grasping her wrist, as she breathe quicker. “Be gentle….” “Fine, I get it, it hurts, just let me finish.” The elf held her breath as Elizabeth pulled the second one slower than the last on, discarding it to the side while the elf moaned in pain.

    Elizabeth grabbed the last claw but as she pulled it out, she only managed to extract a small fragment of the entire piece. “This is bad.” “What’s bad….” She then showed the fragment at the huntress who moaned as she realized it had snapped and most likely another fragment was still lodged deep inside. As she looked back at Elizabeth, she could see the woman already with her small sword on her hand, unsheathing it slowly. “You are not going to do what I think you want to do with thing…. Are you?” “I need to open the wound up or else that thing will stay in there.” “Oh by Elune!” The night elf looked away with her eyes closed for a few seconds, then looking back at the woman after a while as she heard some strange sounds. “And just what do you think you’re doing?” “I got to disinfect the sword first with a flame.” “You’re going to put a burning hot knife on my skin!?” “You know you whine a lot when you’re hurt…” “Just open up and get it over with!” And just as Elizabeth was about to enter the knife she stopped her. “Hey hey, now don’t go ruining my armor!” Elizabeth sighed. “Fine!” Elizabeth stood up and grabbed the chain mail the night elf wore by the waist, pulling it off until she removed it, the woman then unbuttoned the silk shirt the huntress had bellow her dress, exposing the wounds and finally returning to treating her. The small sword made the claw opening bigger, allowing the paladin to withdraw the last piece of the claw.

    “There, all the pieces are out, now to close these things up.”

    “Try not leaving a mark… the right one is just as valuable…. Ugh…. As the left one...”

    Elizabeth stared at the elf silently for a second, then brushing off the thought as she began to channel the light on the wounds. “The last one will most likely get infected thanks to your bravery over fire, but for the most part everything should be ok.”

    “Thank you paladin….” And as she said these words, Hummer bumped his head on her. “Thank you too, Hummer, I’d be dead if it wasn’t for you…”

    “I’d like to ask you, what kind of person goes around sneaking into a place full of worgens, the whole place outside is packed with them!”

    “I… I just wanted to make sure to check for a lead of Velinde… I just wanted to know where to look next.” She said a little bit disappointed.

    “Well then get dressed, we’re leaving!”

    “No wait, I can’t just leave when I’m so close… I need to go in deeper”

    “You just gotten almost killed by…” and she looked to the floor were a white and a brown worgen laid motionless on the floor. “… those things and you want to go deeper for more?!”

    “There aren’t any more inside, the only one’s here were the ones Hummer took care off… didn’t ya you nice little lion.” She smiled as she cuddled the ears of her lion. “Just bare with me for a little more Hummer, I know you must be tired by that bestial wrath you had, but I really need to get in there…”

    Elizabeth took a good look at the bodies of the creatures, noticing just how wounded the creatures had been before their lives ceasing. “I…. don’t think I want to know what happened with them.”

    “You should have seen him, he raged like a true lion, make’s me wonder why he whimpered back with that spider” The elf finally stood up and buttoned her shirt, putting her mail on slowly as her chest still hurt quite a bit then sitting down as she couldn’t take it.

    “You’re alright?”

    “Yes, it just hurt too much to get up…”

    “Just take a break and breathe some, I’ll see how to get you out of here.”

    “But I… I need to go in there.”

    “Well I’m sorry but you can’t even stand up yourself!”

    The huntress then looked at Hummer and had an idea. “Hey Hummer come here, I need you for something quick…” the lion approached and placed his head on her lap. The woman fell back against the wall signaling her control over the lion’s act, ready to head in deeper into the mine.

    Elizabeth and Hummer walked passed the corpses of the worgens and soon made their way to the end of the mine shaft. In it there was several unused equipment that appeared to have been still for a couple of years from now. The lion let out a roar as it entered, echoing through the small shaft but no one returning the call.

    “There’s nothing here, now let’s get out of here!” Elizabeth turned back and made it to the exit, when Hummer grabbed her by the leg, asking her to stay and help the beast. The two looked around for a bit but didn’t find anything, Elizabeth looked over all the mining tools that were covered with dust, while Hummer searched around in other containers, coming out incredibly dirty, his pelt looking grey with all the dirt he had on him. As he approached Elizabeth after searching around for a while, the lion gave a sneeze due to all the dirt. “You really need to take consideration of that body, huntress, you’re treating it horribly.” Elizabeth got near the creature and began to pad off the dust as it stretched and yawned. “We haven’t found anything, how long you want to keep looking?” She then looked around and noticed something strange. She padded Hummer on the head and then pointing at what seemed to be a pile of loose dirt in the corner, as if it was hiding something.

    Quickly noticing the pile, Hummer jumped over it and began smelling at it. “I didn’t know you could act like a dog while being a lion...” Elizabeth said as she approached and looked at the pile, Hummer pawing it wanting her to inspect it. She began to move away the dirt slowly, and as she did a vision appeared in front of the two.

    It was what seemed to be a lingering memory of a fully armored Night Elf woman. The being, although seemingly present in the area, was slightly see through like a specter, and didn’t react to the paladin or the lion’s presence in the area. “I have failed... I have failed in my duty... failed my people... The worgen run rampant, and the Scythe of my goddess is lost. This evil I have unleashed... In whose hand does the power my goddess granted to me now lie... By whose hand is it directed?” Once she said these words, the elf began to vanish, Hummer leaving out a roar as if calling for her, but the vision didn’t respond, it just when away. Hummer jumped over the pile and began clawing it trying to uncover something, anything, whatever was in there would most likely prove helpful. Hummer dig and dig, but didn’t find anything, there was nothing, nothing at all covered by the pile of dirt.
    Elizabeth, Paladin of Stormwind, read the story of A Paladin in the Making.
    Featuring now: Agent Vanseph, human Rogue agent of SI: 7, and Floral, the mysterious night elf Huntress
    accompanied by Hummer, ex-lion Pridelord!

    The Dog sheds its fur! It's actually a chick?!

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