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    Baron Vetrith

    Name ~ (Baron) Vetrith Kislav
    Race ~ Forsaken
    Sex ~ Male
    Age ~ Died at 19, now 26
    Class ~ Assassin, Rogue, Scout

    Affiliation ~ The Forsaken
    Alignment ~ Chaotic Neutral

    Appearance ~ Vetrith stands and weighs about the same as most Forsaken, with pale blue skin, glowing amber eyes, and a nigh perfectly preserved human face framed by locks of dirty blonde hair. He has several bones showing at his knees, arms, ribs and spine. Through a certain alchemical concoction of his invention, his appearance is not hideous like most Forsaken. Scary, but not unnerving. He is slightly hunched and moves naturally quiet and stealthily.

    Equipment ~ For armour, Vetrith is often seen in full leather attire, died black and dark lavender (eggplant), covered with silver embroidery. A black hood hangs low over his face, and a similar coloured scarf covers his mouth and nose. Only his glowing eyes can be seen from the confines of his hood. For weapons, he has two daggers that he acquired at Mount Hyjal during Archimondes invasion, the Tracker's Blade, and Boundless Agony. They both look identical, save the colour. A thorium hilt wrapped in black leather with a large gemstone secured at the base. A horned skull make up the guards of the weapons, with diamond canisters filled with liquid attaching the blade to the hilt. The blade itself has vicious barbs running up its length, a hook near the top, and two gemstones on each side. The colour of the liquid and the gemstones in the Tracker's Blade are a deep crimson, and the ones in the Boundless Agony are a venomous green. Each canister is filled with a different poison, and these poisons are where the blades get their names from. Boundless Agony is filled with a poison that causes immense pain when it enters the enemies system. The poison stays in the body of its victim for hours, fading away eventually, but terrible pain plagues whomever so has the poison within them. The Tracker's Blade's poison is a vile brew that thins the blood where it strikes home, and keeps the wound open and bleeding for days on end, only the greatest magics can subdue the flow of blood. The canisters are apart of the blade, and stay there. Vetrith can place more poison inside of them when they run dry. The canisters secrete their poisons throughout the blade, causing them to be covered in the venom they contain at all times.

    Personality ~ In life, Vetrith was rather shy and didn't talk much. In death, he is morbid, cynical, and talks alot more. He speaks very pessimistically and sarcastically, often annoying people around him. He often tries to ignore the fact that he is a Forsaken, and while not on a mission, he lives his life as he did before death. He is a rash thinker, and lives on a spur-of-the-moment attitude.

    Strengths ~ His strengths would be his skill with alchemy, the obvious advantages that come with undeath, and his agility, cunning and guile.
    Weaknesses ~ Weaknesses are lack of strength, often short-sighted thinking, and his arrogance.

    History ~ Vetrith Kislav was born to wealthy land owner Petr Kislav, who was one of the nobles in the court of king Terenas. Petr wore the title of 'Baron', due to his nobility, and was a greatly respected man in the eyes of the king. His mother's name was Angela, and he lived with his parents and brothers in a manor on the outskirts of Brill. He grew up in the luxurious lifestyle provided to him by his aristocratic father, and because of his families wealth, he spent almost all of his time at home, if not accompanying his father to his work in Capital City occasionally. He was quite shy to strangers and had poor social skills. His birth took place one day before the Orcs invaded Azeroth through the Dark Portal, and his father was often away on diplomatic missions to the other kingdoms of the newly forged Alliance later in Vetrith's life. His mother was caring and took literally the phrase 'tough love'. He always got a good smack when he did wrong, in contrast to his father who spoilt him tremendously when they were together (which wasn't often). His brother was always out with his friends, playing in the streets of Brill and the nearby forests, and he and Vetrith hardly got on well. He was lazy with his studies, and finished his schooling with below average results. When he was 12, the family cook noticed Vetrith's lack of direction in life, and decided to teach him the art of Alchemy. He enjoyed this immensely, and spent his leisure time experimenting and creating potions and poisons, which he experimented on various rodents he found within the forest.

    One day when he was around 14, his father came home from Capital City, looking drunk. Vetrith had never seen his father drunk before, and he was shocked to see him in such a state. That night, when sleeping, he heard a scream from upstairs. He woke quickly and dashed up, to see both his mother and father lying on the floor, a pool of blood spreading steadily across the carpet. He stood there, stunned, when his brother, along with the servants who took up resident in the manor, burst through the door. But then Vetrith noticed something, the blood was coming from his mothers head, there was none where his father lay. Then he saw it, a shattered bottle in the hands of his now groaning father. There was a scream, and snores from his father. Blood boiling with rage, Vetrith stood there shaking, he was about to leap forward on top of his father, but a hand grabbed him on the shoulder. He was steered roughly outside and downstairs into the kitchen, where he was confronted by the cook. The manor was busy, people running everywhere. They had tied his father up to a chair and were calling the guard. He was calmed by the cook, and hardly slept that night. When he awoke, the guard had taken his father away and the cook became the guardian of the two Kislav children. The orcs had started to invade northern Lordaeron, and in light of this, the cook revealed that he knew a thing or two about weapons and the art of combat. Vetrith soon found out that it was a bit more than knowing a thing or two. As it turned out, the cook used to be a full time assassin for the rogues guild in Ravenholdt. Apparently he had had enough of killing and decided to retire as a cook, seeing as it was his fathers profession. Vetrith became a formidable fighter with two daggers, and was tutored in stealth and sleight of hand. He never actually fought with orcs, but on his 19th birthday, a grain shipment was about to change his life forever.

    There had been rumours of a new darkness falling over the northern kingdom, and a grain shipment to Brill arrived on Vetrith's birthday. That night, when he consumed some of the grain, he felt immense pain momentarily, and fell unconscious. For an eternity, he was awake. Awake, but unable to control himself. He remembered everything he did, all the atrocities he committed, but he was helpless to stop himself. He knew hew as dead, but alive, nothing in hell could rival to the torture he went through. It was hell in itself. He was forced to kill his family, his friends, his kin. He was a mindless slave to the Lich King, and his skills as an assassin were noted. After a few months, he gained control of his actions. He could move freely, he could think, he could do more than act on savage, animalistic urges. He was brought to sentience again by Kel'thuzad himself, and was granted a portion of free will. He still was watched by his masters, and he had to obey their commands, but otherwise, he could still choose where to go, what to do. He was sent to Mt. Hyjal to help the Burning Legion take the world tree. He fought as an assassin and saboteur, going behind enemy lines, poisoning and assassinating key targets. He was granted his two blades before the fight, Boundless Agony, and the Tracker's Blade. After Archimondes defeat, he was teleported back to Lordaeron by Kel'thuzad to assist Arthas in escaping to Northrend. Upon arrival, he sensed something in his head lift away. Suddenly, a voice in his head told him of his liberation, and that his savior, lady Sylvanas Windrunner, was gathering all the newly freed Scourge to make a stand, and put an end to the Lich King. He fought with Sylvanas, fighting off the human survivors of Lordaeron and the Scourge.

    After the construction of the Undercity, Vetrith went to his old home, the Kislav manor. Here he stayed, alone, taking on his fathers title as 'Baron', answering the call of his Queen, usually on a scouting or assassination mission. His skill with alchemy was known to Sylvanas, and he was ordered be part of the Forsaken vanguard who went to Northrend, and to work on a new plague to destroy the Scourge. Here he fought the Scourges minions all the way from Howling Fjord to Icecrown Citadel itself. He took part in the taking of the Citadel and putting an end to the Lich Kings reign.

    He now stays in his estate, and has been ordered to depart to Silverpine Forest within the month.
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    No comment until history, but it's headed in the right direction.

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    I'll get onto it right away.

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    You know what... This character is perfect in his simplicity. You only missed one thing. How did he get his "Baron" title? Apart from that... Perfect. You have learned a very good lesson, not attaching your character to any major lore character or making him too godly, as most new Rpers do. As well, the lore fits pretty well, almost perfectly and I can't see anything that does not stray in the realm of possibility. Your grammar is also a much appreciated bonus Apply now, we need more Rpers like you!

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    Thanks heaps for the critiquing

    All patched up, and i'll apply right away.

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    Any other tips for improvement anyone?

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    I like it, hope he gets the chance to RP with us!
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    Yeah, we've had quite alot of trolls here recently. Just ignore them.

    If the only thing they can do with their lives to have fun is to come here and insult us then i'm pretty sure they're the sad ones.

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    My own troll!
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    1st south park garots... now happy garots... next one must be overdramatic seinen manga garots...
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    This is one of the best backstories I've read, and not just on this forum. You have all the earmarks of a great role-player. Good job, sir. Good job indeed.
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    Jolly good thread folks. Too bad that it was locked.
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    i love it! espacily the cook character :P

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