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    Biography of Trepiloc the Manipulator

    Name: Trepiloc the Manipulator
    Age: ~50,000 years old
    Race: Nathrezim
    Gender: Male
    Class: Warlock
    Personality: Cunning, merciless, playful, and quick-tempered.
    Likes/Dislikes: Trepiloc enjoys interacting with the mortal races of Azeroth and sabotaging their inner workings. He dislikes repetition and the strong-willed.
    Dreadlord Form – Trepiloc looks much like Balnazzar does, however the gems on his bracers do not glow blue. They let off a purple light.
    Human Form – Trepiloc can take the form of both an orc and a human, however his humanoid forms share common characteristics. First and foremost, he wears a crimson robe with ebony cuffs, which is contrasted by his purple bracers. He generally wears a dark hood or mask in order to better disguise his face, for although he can change into any of the mortal races, he only has one form for each race.
    Strengths/Weaknesses: Trepiloc's strengths include shapeshifting, manipulation, and cunning. His weaknesses, however, are his quick temper, depression, and arrogance.

    Thousands upon thousands of years ago, when the Titans appointed Sargeras as their General, Trepiloc was one of the many dreadlords that took up arms against the Titan. Early on in the battle, however, Trepiloc was easily overtaken and captured. He was forced to watch as his homeworld was overrun...by nobility and courage. It was sickening. He was imprisoned with his brothers in a far corner of the universe by the titan Sargeras, however the Titan made one fatal mistake. The guards that he had left behind were incompetent.
    Trepiloc quickly learned of the guard's stupidity, and was one of the first to take advantage over it. Whenever a guard would draw near his cell, the cunning nathrezim would use his powers to make the titan sleepy, then, Trepiloc would practice his fel warlock magics. He eventually mastered these powers, but still he practiced until finally, he had become the incarnation of fel magic. Thousands of years passed while the Nathrezim wasted away in their prison, however as quickly as they had been imprisoned, they were freed...by the same Titan that had imprisoned them. Sargeras.
    Sargeras shared his vision of a universe without order, without good, and without the Titans. He then called upon the Dreadlords to swear their allegiance to his newly formed Burning Legion. All of the Nathrezim swore, including Trepiloc. Thousands of years passed as the Burning Legion grew into an unstoppable machine, and Trepiloc was in a mist of ecstasy. He would pass from world to world, corrupting those who ruled, and turned them against their kingdoms. The rest of the Burning Legion cleaned up what was left behind.
    At one point in the Burning Legion's limitless devouring of order, Trepiloc decided that he would stay behind on one of the many devoured planets to see the after effects of his power. This would prove to be the wisest decision that he had ever made, for if he would have joined the rest of the Burning Legion, he would have most undoubtedly died in The War of the Ancients. Eventually he grew tired of the people and their complaining. It's not like getting warped into a demon twice the height that you originally were is that painful anyway! So began Trepiloc's journey through the Twisting Nether.
    He traveled for many, many years, arriving at planets the Burning Legion had long since conquered. Each and every one, conquered. With each planet that Trepiloc reached, he realized that, even though the Burning Legion was virtually an unstoppable empire, set on carving a path of devastation through the universe and undoing what the Titans had striven to created, it had become boring. For the last thousand or so years, everything had been the same, the planets erupted into chaos in the exact same way...
    Trepiloc sank deeper and deeper into depression as he reached each planet, never moving backward, always forward. Finally Trepiloc reached the planet known as Draenor, and couldn't help but fall even farther into his depression due to the fact that this world too, had fallen into the hands of the Burning Legion, just as the others before. He quickly immersed himself in the shattered planet however, and learned of the resistance that a lone orc, Ner'zhul had put up against the Legion. This renewed a spark of hope in the lost dreadlord. Unfortunately, he knew how the story would end. The orc tore apart the planet and tried to escape. No one really knew what happened to him then, but Trepiloc had a faint idea...
    Over the next couple of months, Trepiloc traveled over Outland until he finally discovered The Dark Portal, the only functional portal on the planet. With no idea where it led, he shed his disguise and flew through, arrows and swords chasing him. When he reached the other side, he was discouraged. The land was just as it had been...ravaged. Seeing a small army starting to run towards him, he decided that enough was enough. This would be the place that he was finally killed. He prepared for death, but then, the army stopped.
    Realizing that the dreadlord was not going to put up a fight, the army quickly hit him in the legs multiple times until he fell down, then beat his head mercilessly with a club until finally, Trepiloc blacked out. He awoke in a small cell, and thought to himself, “It ended how it began...”. For the next few months, he was tortured and beaten for information by strange officials, but he could not tell them anything, for he did not know anything himself. Whenever he tried to use his powers to escape, however, he found that his powers did not aid him. 50,000 years of training, wasted in his time of need.
    However in his depravity, he slowly picked up the language of these strange people, and he learned that they called themselves humans. Over time, he even learned that these people had defended their world from the Burning Legion! These were the people that he had been looking for! Now, he determined, he had to find a way to escape from the cell. First, he tried to take the guise of a human, but it was to no avail. It appeared that these humans were smarter than he anticipated. So he waited...and planned.
    Finally, his plans came to fruition on the Day that Deathwing came. The entire prison shook, making rocks drop from the ceiling. One rock dropped on one of the runes that bound him, and he quickly took advantage of his new situation by using his half-replenished powers to annihilate the other rune of binding easily. Although Trepiloc didn't realize what was going on, he took on his human guise and made a break for it. He easily took advantage of the chaos and pretended to be a prison guard trying to escape from the devastation, and it worked. Trepiloc had entered the world, and he was going to play with it.
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    It is an interesting story, but parts of it may be a bit incorrect. As far as I can tell, sargeras is currently out of the picture. As well, no legion remained on azeroth after the first invasion. Small demons, and the avatar of sargeras came, through the overuse of arcane magics by the humans and high elves, but no regiment of the legion was actually there... Just isolated demons. As well, using current sources, there is no connection with the genocide of the Draenei and the opening of the dark portal. The massacre of the Draenei was a plot of revenge by Kil'jaeden, and after that happened, and he abandoned them, Sargeras, via Medivh, helped the Orcs create, open, and pass through the dark portal.

    And I would like to warn you, highly powerful demons (or any other powerful character, for that matter) are a bother to RP with in certain types of RPs, so be careful of what RP you enter with this character, once he is approved.

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    Alrighty, i'll get to fixing the inconsistencies, and thanks for the critique!
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    Very interesting and a nice read. Looking forward to RP'ing with you.

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    Alrighty, I fixed up all of the inconsistencies (hopefully) and changed the story a bit to reflect this, hope it's a bit better.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Vadoor View Post
    So he let himself be captured?
    Yes and no. He let himself be attacked (without fighting back) because he was depressed from the repetition the Burning Legion brought with them, however what he didn't realize was that they weren't going to kill him.
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    So hold on, was he in a Kirin Tor prison or something?

    Sorry, just curious XD
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    Not Kirin Tor, he was actually in the Stormwind Stockades, and when the Cataclysm struck, the Stockades were basically trashed.
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    So... the Stockades prisons now have magical barriers on them, alright.

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